Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of the Last Energy Bender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Legend of the Last Energy Bender
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The plot is about one of the adventures that take place after The Gaang's first two. On the day Pakku leaves back to the Northern Water Tribe to train students and Hakoda and his fleet move out in the seas looking for danger to drive off, Katara is stuck with taking control of the Water Tribe. After leaving to collect supplies for her tribe she stumbles into a kid falling off a cliff, and rescues him just in time. After meeting him and a hidden tribe in the caverns of glaciers, the boy, Aang, Katara, Sokka and the boy's friend leave to let the boy master the element energy. Along the way he is told of a special mission that could help him become one of the last energybending masters. During the long travels and the missions, a resistance of benders have started a rebellion against the peace and want to make the world like it was when the Fire Lord's declared War on the other nations.


  • tenaga - Male, one of the last energybenders, main character.
  • tahun - Female, a waterbending failure, main character.
  • Aang- You know the rest, Aang plays a smaller role in this fanon, main character.
  • Katara- In this fanon Katara is a happy and optimistic... Well you know.
  • Sokka- Still a sarcastic meat dude.
  • The Skull Rebellion- a scary group rebelling against the current form of the world. The masks they ware are made from the killed energybenders and airbenders.
  • The Skull Rebel's Leader: An unknown firebending prodigy.

There is still more to come as the story continues (don't want to spoil) :)


  1. The Lost Art
  2. The First Destination
  3. The Energybending master
  4. The King Thrown From His Throne
  5. The Spy
  6. The Burnt City
  7. Training Day
  8. The Secret
  9. fire to ice
  10. The war


  1. a spring warning
  2. The Search
  3. Meeting Toph
  4. Training Day
  5. The Arena
  6. the man in the shade
  7. The Negative Part 1
  8. The Negative Part 2
  9. The Oasis
  10. battle at the library


  1. The Block
  2. The Air Field
  3. Under Cover
  4. The Blue Spirit Reborn
  5. The Infiltration
  6. The Lord of Fire
  7. In Hiding
  8. hellfire
  9. The Skulls
  10. through the smoke

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