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Republic City
The Legend of the Green Firebender
The Adventure of Kenji
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The Legend of the Green Firebender takes place about twenty years after the War; it follows the adventures of Kenji, a young firebending prodigy who stumbles upon the Sun Warriors' ancient city. He is judged by the masters Ran and Shaw at a young age, improving his firebending beyond that of his friends and even his teachers. His firebending father is proud of him and his power, whereas his Waterbending mother prefers his younger sister with her waterbending abilities. However, they are killed in an incident with the rising Equalists, and his sister is nowhere to be found. With his quest to find his missing sister, Kenji travels to the famous Republic City, where with the help of the children of Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, he hopes to solve the secret behind his parents' demise, help unravel the mystery of the Equalists, and finally find his long lost sister.

However, there will be several twists and turns are on his path, as he is chosen to be the legendary warrior who will vanquish an ancient evil twice as deadly as the Fire Lord. He refuses to believe that he is the one, and believes that finding his sister is his only goal in life, and his only destiny.


Major Characters

  • Kenji : The seventeen year old protagonist of the series. He is smart, cunning, agile, brave and aloof. However, despite his good qualities, Kenji is a man of few words; he rarely speaks unless spoken to and is a radical thinker. He keeps to himself and rarely shows emotion, instead remaining level-headed and calm. However, when provoked he can be aggressive. He is overprotective of his sister and although he may not show it, he is caring about his friends. He loves to play mind games and is a strategic battle expert, enjoying being underestimated in battle before showing his full combat abilities. His hobbies are drawing, painting and practicing firebending.
  • Juan : Kenji's fifteen year old sister, not much is known about her and why she chose to disappear, but as described by Kenji, she is beautiful, mysterious, cunning and curious. She is a very capable waterbender and fighter, possessing great speed and intellect. A bit hot-headed, headstrong and stubborn, she always wants things her own way, and is the yin to Kenji's yang. Her hobbies are reading, freezing objects, and ice sculpting.
  • Tenzin : Avatar Aang's youngest child, he is dynamic, optimistic, cheerful and mischievous. He always has something planned up his sleeve, and has a tendency to land his friends into trouble, which doesn't upset him one bit. As the only airbender out of his three siblings, he loves to have fun and enjoy his day, using his airbending to give him an edge over others.
  • Xue : Tenzin's older sister and a waterbending expert at sixteen years of age. She is always contradicting Tenzin's troublesome ways and is always the first to turn down her brother's ideas. Being the mature and sensitive one, she maintains a high standard and is always calm even in the most frustrating situations. She has a slight tendency to act the most mature and also has slight control problems, but above this she is the most helpful member of the group.
  • Lu Ten : Crown Prince to the Fire Nation and son of Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai, Lu Ten was named after Iroh's son as a mark of the respect and love that Zuko had for his uncle. Being Crown Prince to the Fire Nation, Lu Ten has a slight problem with his pride, being proud of his accomplishments despite the fact his firebending is nothing compared to Kenji's, although he would beg to differ. However, he can always forget his pride when he needs to in troubled situations to help his friends.
  • Lin Beifong : The twelve year old daughter of Toph Beifong. An experienced earthbender, she inherited her mother's earthbending prowess. She is cheerful, young, childish and enjoys having fun. Being the youngest member of the group she rarely has anyone to relate to except Xue, her closest friend. She is often underestimated by others, but her abilities rival those of even the greatest earthbenders. She also learned to use her seismic sense, thus allowing her to metalbend. She is the joy bringer of the group.
  • Li Yong : The seventeen year old son of Sokka and Suki. Lacking any form of bending abilities like his parents, Li is a master of hand-to-hand combat; he learnt chi blocking from his mother and sword fighting from his father. He possesses many of his father's traits and is exceptionally brilliant. He is not only skilled in several brands of swordsmanship but also other weapons such as bow and arrows, staffs, and dual swordsmanship. His hobbies are painting and sharpening his weapons.
  • Saru : Lu Ten's fifteen year old younger twin sister, she inherited all her mother's characteristics, and cannot bend any element. However, she doesn't need to. Skilled in throwing, hand-to-hand combat and an all round weapon specialist, she is twice as deadly as her brother. Highly acrobatic and lacking remorse for her actions, she is often a greater threat in battle than her bender friends. She developed a crush on Li Yong when they were younger after he saved her life and taught her chi blocking. Her hobbies are knife throwing, darts, sarcasm and teasing.

Minor Characters

  • Sai Hu : Kenji's pet falconbat, who is actually a seven thousand year old spirit sent to guide and train Kenji. He is Kenji's guardian and has secret connections to the slowly uprising Equalists.
  • Toph Beifong : The metalbending chief and founder of Republic City's metalbending cops. She has a personal assistant who makes sure she doesn't go astray, and punishes law-breakers legally.
  • Avatar Aang : The hero of the world who founded Republic City with his friends. He rarely has much left to do and spends his time in the company of his children or his wife at the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Fire Lord Zuko : The Fire Lord of the Fire Nation who founded Republic City along with the Avatar. He struggles to maintain peace and order in his Nation and always seeks out his uncle's advice when things go wrong.


Book 1

Prologue: Genesis of Reality
1. Arrival in the City
2. Royalty and Loyalty
3. Prince Vs Pauper
4. Foes and Allies
5. Tales of Adventure
6. Blasts From The Past
7. The Healer and the Patient
8. Condescension Pt. 1
9. Condescension Pt. 2


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