Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of Yuki Part 1 in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Jin looking down

Avatar Yuki in Earth Kingdom clothes.

Yuki was a powerful Avatar, yet nobody knows much about her. Yuki was born in the Northern Water Tribe. As a young girl she enjoyed lots of activities but wasn't able to take part in any of them because she was a girl. On the night that she was announced the new Avatar, her mother had died. Since her father was at war with the Earth Kingdom, she was left to defend for herself. Not knowing how to do this, the Order of the White Lotus took her under their wing.

Over the years, Yuki had learned all of the elements from her teachers, who all happen to be masters at what they do. Even though she was the Avatar she was still taught how to defend herself with a sword. At age twenty-one, when she became a fully-realized Avatar, she left her home. She wanted to travel the world. She only packed three extra pairs of clothing for her journey. Yuki wanted to leave the Northern Water Tribe and travel toward Ba Sing Se. After she reached the Earth Kingdom she would see if her dad was still alive. If he was, Yuki would stay with him, but she knew the chances weren't too good.

After arriving in Ba Sing Se, she was arrested by the Earth King's guards. The guards where new, when the past Avatar, Avatar Sud, had given the Earth King special trained guards. The guards had thought Yuki was there to kill the Earth King, since the war was still ongoing and everybody in the world that the Avatar was in hiding.

Tyro during the invasion

This is a closeup of Avatar Sud, the Avatar before Yuki.

In the dark blue horizon, shined by a brightly sphere of full moon, in the moist-dity cold jail, Yuki freed herself with her powerful earthbending. As she escaped she realized that her father was working as a guard for the Earth King. Yuki tried to talk him into going with her, but said his duty was to protect the Earth Kingdom. Yuki knew that something was wrong because her father had just left to fight the Earth Kingdom years ago, and she wondered why had he changed sides like that.

Yuki made herself look like an Earth Kingdom girl. She bought new green clothing. Although it made her feel out of place, she knew it had to be done.

Two days had passed since the last time she seen her dad. She didn't want to go back until she knew what was wrong with him.

She studied like she never studied before, which she hadn't. Looking through book after book because she knew that something was seriously wrong with her father. Somebody had brainwashed him. Yuki knew that this was possible, but to everyone else, brainwashing was a thing kids made up.

The next day, Yuki went to the market and bought some new clothes. She had gotten bored of all the research and wanted to sew again. She had always like to sew. Sewing released all the stress in her. She felt like a normal person when she did. And she needed this because she knew that she was far from normal.

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