Baby Aang
"The new airbender
is Comming"

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of Pallus in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Legend of Pallus

The Story of the New Airbender Avatar.

Long Feng scheming


Older Aang
Avatar: The legend of Pallus
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December 17,2012


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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Legend of Pallus is a fanon series on Avatar Wiki, The author is Airbender17, The story is about an Airbender avatar that will surround the world to make peace, man named Pallus, he is a young Airbender has the power to save the world.In this story he will be saved from the Fire Nation Water Tribes, and reconcile the earth kingdom.

to save the world, Pallus must master all four elements and around the world to keep the peace. He also needs his friends to help him make the world a peaceful, his friends come from different countries, from the south, north, east, and west. they will save the world from the threat of war.

Avatar: The Legend of Pallus Chapters
Book One: Water

The New Airbender - Coming Soon

Avatar: The Legend of Pallus Characters
Pallus - Terra - Wulong - Sagu - Ghasa - Sohi

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12/18/12 - New Episode ! ,
The first episode of the new season was made on December 18, 2012, entitled "The New Airbender," written by Airbender17 in Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal.
12/17/12 - New Main Page !
The New Fanon Main Page is Ready to be Start,titled "Avatar: The Legend of Pallus", which will be made 3 seasons and 60 episodes, and will make the first episode of "The New Airbender" will be made on 18 December 2012 at the Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal.


This is the status for this series ! di Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal,This is the status for this series !
Chapter Production

  • The New Airbender - 35%

Character Page Production

  • Pallus - 75% Done
  • Terra - 35% Done
  • Wulong - 10% Done


Want to get a message every time a new chapter of Avatar: The Legend of Pallus is released? Just message Airbender17 and he'll add you to the list of subscribers below:

The author says

Never Changed Home, this is the effects of the author, please to not mess this Fanon, because it takes a long time to make. and for character issues, ask the author, and for episodes that have not been written, we apologize if you can not see, and remember, do not change the main page of this, because it takes a fair amount of time to make it.and do you also to add categories that are not important, then will make it ugly.unless the admin who will check this page for security updates on this page.


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