Avatar: The Legend of Max
The New Bender
General information

Adventure, Drama


Max Pauzner





Original run

Decemeber 2014


Max Pauzner


The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Legend of Max (or Avatar: The New Bender) a fanon of Avatar, Spin Off of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

The fanon will air after the finale of The Legend of Korra, until then the fanon will change.


Soon the plot will be new...


Max- The next Avatar of unknown, he's the Crown Prince.

Bella Belle- originally Miki but she wants that everyone will call her Belle, she's the maybe the granddaughter of Hou-Ting but maybe she's the granddaughter of Korra, and the sister of Amaya.

Nicolette- Firebender, sister of Max, she's Tribal Princess and Crown Princess.

Irene- Waterbender, mother of Max, Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, she is a member of the Fire Nation Royal Family (daughter of Iroh and grand-granddaughter of Zuko).

Mikael- The chief of the Northern Water Tribe, father of Max, he's the grandson of Sokka.

All can be change...

Book 1- New

Chapter 1: Pilot/Reborn

Book 2- Nature

Chapter 1: How

Book 3- Balance (not sure)

Book 4- Time (not sure)

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