Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of Hiro in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The Legend of Hiro
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Avatar: The Legend of Hiro is a fanon series written by Beyondtheavatartale. The saga tells about a Fire Nation-born Avatar named Hiro, the latest reincarnation after the Avatars Aiko, Korra and Aang. Angarah, the evil spirit of the planet has escaped the prison he was caged in. Specifically speaking, the Avatar Spirit herself, Akira, defeated him, thus creating the Avatar Cycle as guardian of Earth. Being a more powerful threat, a spirit, Hiro must unite the other nations against his terrible army, the problem is however, the nations themselves have divided within.


Every Avatar brings balance to the four great nations, such as Aang, who resolved a world war, Korra, who resolved a revolutionary war and more recently Aiko, who finished her Avatar duties after resolving a civil war that divided sectors between nations. The new born Avatar, Hiro is without a doubt facing a much more greater threat.

Though the world has advanced such as ours, a new enemy is about to break the laws of nature, an enemy so powerful, it could defeat the Avatar in battle. A spirit named Angarah, the spirit of all evil within the planet in human form. Ever since the great civil war, there have been divisions in the world based upon the sub-skills of each element. The Sand Zones have been against their rulers for ages, so as the Static States, the Plant Jungles, Sound Spheres and the Gem Realm. Only true unity of the nations would bring it to an end, and that is what the Avatar shall do to save the world again!



Aang's storyline is based on epic fantasies such as the Lord of the Rings. Korra's was based on superhero, sci-fi and epic fantasies such as Amon being a reference to Batman's Bane, his revolution to destroy Gotham is similar to Amon's attack on Republic City.

There are many superhero themes in Korra, but the few examples mentioned below shall only be a guide to my point.

Mako is like the brooding Batman, who witnessed his parents die in from of him and start a new life out of the darkness by being responsible and caring. Lin's abilities and skills are famously compared to spiderman, and her personality is a little similar to J. Jonah Jameson, who hated spiderman and called him a threat just like how Lin hated Korra art first.

This time, Hiro's adventures shall be styled with a "James Bond/Indiana Jones" flair merged with the superhero and epic fantasy themes. He will have gadgets at his aid during his so-called "missions'.

Aang had the Chinese-epic inspired soundtrack, Korra had the Chinese-jazz-superhero-epic inspired soundtrack, and now Hiro shall have the Chinese-jazz-agent/spy-superhero-epic inspired soundtrack. The thought just popped into the flow of the story.

As an additional note, the theme for ATLH shall be this. Thank you Sungha Jung. He actually used a Ukele but the music sounds very Asian. It's the mission impossible theme. If only there was an Erhu version.

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The Modern Avatar World

The Modern Avatar World.

It has been 230 years since Korra defeated Amon, and with those generations passing, the world has evolved greatly. If Korra was set in the real-world's 1920's, the Avatar world shall be more advanced than ours, since it is set 230 years later. The internet would have been invented, entertainment would be in 3D and all that. However, the Avatar world is still a fantasy world, full of mystery, spirits and enchantment and because of bending, pollution, world hunger and extinction of animals is scarce.

Also, the clothes, cuisine and the rest of the cultures in the four nations are still mixed with the Asian origin. Like hip-hop, hood jackets, and LV was invented in China. Surviving high school is now a common thing in the Avatar world.


Korra's time was already full of wondrous devices such as the Satomobiles, radios, microphones and all kinds of things. The present generation however deals with greater advancements such the internet and holograms, but don't worry, despite the advancement, the ancient culture lives on. Technology has greatly built the beauty of the four nations and its divisions.


The New Team Avatar "The Hiros/Heroes"



Avatar Hiro.

AVATAR HIRO - Though already a fully realized Avatar, the Avatar State and his bending skills are no match to the most ancient evil spirit, Angarah. Besides his terrible army invading the world, the four nations and its divisions are in a state of a cold war. The only way to defeat Angarah is to unite all the internal divisions. Also, mastering the other subskills might turn in the tides. He has the "Indiana Jones/James Bond" personality. A flirt, adventurous, humorous and swashbuckling hero who has a phobia for Spidersnakes. He was born in the Radar Region and uses radarbending as a means to create laser beams, and explosions. Could he defeat Angarah in time?

KIMIKO - She is one of Aang's airbending descendants. A beautiful woman hailed from the Air Nomad division of the Sound Spheres, her charming, fashionable, deceiving, and daring personality makes her soundbending a booming voice to the new Team Avatar. She is secretly a member of the Order of the White Lotus and a top agent. Also, she has the perkiness of Ty Lee, the flair of a California girl and the spice of an agent/spy.

NORI - As a child, Nori had always loved music and dance. With waterbending, his moves go with the flow in his life. He is usually a lazy guy, but with skills like swinging in vines, and controlling plants as back-up dancers, he has become a capable candidate for Team Avatar. Don't try to mess with this guy, once angered, he'll perform all the plantbending moves at the victim. His origins are based on the Plant Jungles. He has the "Hancock" personality. A person who believes in living with an easy lifestyle but a soon as he meets Hiro, his life has become out of this world. Don't worry though, he has that honorable loyalty at his side.

SHIN - Limosines? Diamonds? Mansions? He's got them all. Besides the Satos, Shin here is the world's richest teenager. With the use of gembending, he and his family run Gemma Incorporated, which has sold millions of stones in different structures. Despite enjoying his luxury, he has a caring and warm personality just like his parents. However, they have a family rivalry with the Jinbu's. The reason? Their family took over Jiminy's after the "creeping the Crystals inside" incident. With his sharp skills and ingenious strategies used in the business, he has become the game planner of the team.

KEI AND REI - The brother and sister twins have always battled each other everyday. Kei's cool and irresponsible attitude conflicts with Rei's nerdy yet inventive personality. Though a shy and a loner, Rei is a skilled metalbender capable of creating the greatest gadgetry ever seen. He has a constant jealousy towards his sister Kei, but little does he know that she is jealous of his bending abilities because she is an ordinary non-bender. Together in harmony, they become a powerful duo for Team Avatar.


SUZUME - He is a rare dragon phoenix who can shoot/ lit its body with fire, give a loud squawk and transport people if possibly trained. Hiro is the first person to befriend and ride it. It is a new species of dragons after their near extinction. Suzume has a cranky attitude to strangers and is paranoid because of their endangerment. Only trust and Flaming Fire Flakes might calm the hotheaded beast.

NARU AND MIRU - These mischievous creatures are the pets of Kei and Rei. They are a mix of a squirrel, panda and a toucan. They also constantly fight for food but share a loving personality as well as trying to make Suzume's day a mess by constant pranks. Their speedy flight, sharp teeth and puppy dog eyes make them a tricky threat to enemies.

Other Characters


RYO - Ryo is the current White Lotus. Codenamed 001, he has become a legend by disabling a device that could shut down the planet's electrical devices. Takeo, a static bender, was finally sent to prison because of his heroic deed. This makes him the greatest agent of all time. Though a non-bender, he has become the master of a majority of top agents, such as Kimiko, whom he trusts the most.






AKIRA - In the era before the Avatar, people bent the energies within. For a millennia, spirits were the guilding guidance of the world. Throughout any evil, they were the protectors of the world, and almost every rock, tree or creature, there was a spirit. Because of this fact however, the spirit of all evil was formed. A battle between spirits and humans was created. Angarah started conquering every nook and cranny. So in return, a selected group of spirits shared their power and knowledge, this art became known as bending. As a result, the planet was divided into four nations. The original were known as the Sun Warriors, the Moon Clans, the Di Qiu Dynasty, and the Zephyr Monks. Akira, the spirit of the planet, was soon born. With the power of the four elements and the spirits, she defeated his army, and locked him in the deepest parts of the Spirit World for all eternity. To the coming generations, she became a host to chosen benders commonly known as the Avatars.






YUE AND LA - These are the two spirits which reside in the Spirit Oasis in the Northern Water Tribe's capital city at the North Pole. They push and pull so that the ocean and moon may result in perfect balance. In the Hundred Year War, Yue replaced Tui as the moon spirit after her death. Tui and La were the original waterbenders.


RAN AND SHAW - They were two ancient dragons, revered by the Sun Warriors as the original masters of firebending. They are the last surviving dragons. Just like the moon and ocean spirits, they were originally spirits who sacrificed their immortality to the world.


Koh, the Face Stealer.

KOH - Koh the Face Stealer was one of the most ancient and knowledgeable spirits of the Avatar universe. Nearly as old as the Ocean and Moon Spirits, he was the only individual to remember them crossing over to the physical world. He was a malevolent entity residing under an ancient tree in the Spirit World. Possessing the body of a gigantic centipede-like creature, Koh could change the appearance of his face to that of any in his collection at will. Upon seeing anybody or anything express emotion, Koh could steal its face. Koh had a tragic past with Angarah because the evil spirit was the reason why he became a hideous and terrifying creature.







Hades and persephone

Angarah and Akira

ANGARAH - After so many years being caged in the Spirit World, he returns to destroy the world as revenge. He must first however, destroy the one who caged him, Akira, the Avatar Spirit. Hiro is obviously Akira's current host after thousands of reincarnations.


The Earth Kingdom Divisions

Sand City

The Sand Zones

SAND ZONES - Ages ago, the land was dominated by thieves known as the Sand Tribes, but as time passed over the desert, the tribes became one ruling system. That system grew into a city, and that city became the pride of the Sand Zones. During the Civil War, Avatar Aiko was born here and she took the responsibility of ending the battle between the divisions. Besides harmony and order, love from another division caused her to end it. The Sand Zones hold a grudge against the Metal District based on a tragic past. They have also rallied against the Earth Kings, for they were the main reasons why the Great Civil War began.
Legends of Oz hall

Inside the city hall of the Gem Realm

GEM REALM - During Korra's time, a company known Jiminy's was the world's greatest Geminite candy manufacturer. The workers bended tons of the stone everyday. Soon the company expanded on creeping the crystals to carve them into beautiful structures. The practice soon evolved into Gembending. A crisis over the company led to the downfall of Jiminy, his company was taken from him. Jim soon took his revenge by expanding the crystals to people who ate his candy. When the company was shut down due to the incident, Gembending workers came closer together and created the Gem Realm. Besides Geminite, they have used other stones such as Harmalite, a gem famous for its poisoning effect and Ramirah, a gem that can act as a power source and as an explosive.

Future city final high resolution desktop 2048x1103 hd-wallpaper-571096

The great advancement of the Metal District.

METAL DISTRICT - Toph Bei Fong and her metalbending academy started it all. From almost every nation, metalbenders used their skills to create various inventions and structures. The police of the United Republic soon became a great agent to Future Industries. The Satos later created a district near the capital, but as generations had passed, the numerous metalbenders soon became a powerful division in the Earth Kingdom. Gadgetry was at their side during the civil war, and these advantages feared the rest of the divisions. The Metal District has been famously called as the Future of the Present for it's highly advanced structures.

The Fire Nation Divisions


The brightest land of all, the Static States.

STATIC STATE - For years, the source of all electricity around the world came from firebenders. Everyday, they would shoot lightning until it would run out or they would pass out. Firebenders have been abused due to these processes, and people had second thoughts in using natural electricity instead. The world disagreed to this fact because it would soon become a lead to pollution. Luckily, an inventor named Yuri created a pill that could not make the firebenders stressed or run out of lightning. It was a success, but the firbenders bending evolved into something unexpected. The lightning stored into their bodies, making them conductors of electricity. They became known as Staticbenders, they are able to manipulate the forces, levitate things if they must and magnetize. The base of operations soon became the brightest land in the world, the Static States.

Lava city by kukubirdwei-d3ed27w

Mt. Visiro of the Lava Lagoons

LAVA LAGOONS - Lava has always been a mystery whether to become a sub-skill or not. Only the Avatar has been able to bend the liquefied heat, until a famous discovery. In the United Republic, the Kimiko family was started when a waterbending father and a firebending mother gave birth to a firebending prodigy. At age 6, she was already a master as well as a ballet dancer. The mixed heritage caused her to firebend in graceful movements. During a dance concerto near Mt. Visiro, she unknowingly caused an eruption. This volcano soon became the base of a new form of bending, Lavabending.


The Radar Region, homeland of Hiro.

RADAR REGION - The massive region is the homeland of Avatar Hiro. When combustion was invented during the Hundred Year War, firebenders all over the globe sought out a new sub-skill for it. Eventually, combustion evolved into radarbending. It is the manipulation of nuclear forces to produce laser beams and explosions. The technique has also evolved into glowing one's chi. Be wary of this division, the nuclear facilities might launch the greatest bombings the world has ever seen.

The Water Tribe Divisions


The Banyon-grove tree, evolved into the city center of the Plant Jungles.

PLANT JUNGLES - The foggy swamp tribe was known for their "hippie" and no worry lifestyle. They believed that everything is connected and that life must be always at peace. With generations passing, the swamp has evolved into a beautiful kingdom, with waterbenders transferring to the city with the feeling of a mysterious attachment. The banyan-grove tree has evolved into the city center of global peace as well as a base for the protection and conservation of mother nature. Some witnesses say that the spirit of the tree makes various appearances to warn the people that evil is trying to invade the world. This is Nori's homeland, that is why he believes that life must go with flow.


The Blood Ward.

BLOOD WARD - The most horrifying place in the world lies in a separate island near the coast of the north eastern Earth Kingdom, the Blood Ward. Years ago, it was a hospital for people who had mental deficiencies. People who practice the illegal art of bloodbending were sent here because they were opening themselves to homicidal madness. Soon, the number of bloodbenders went bersek in one night. The people running the hospital were eventually reported missing, so as the other patients. The island is now forbidden to be visited, unless one wants to commit suicide, go.

The Air Nomad Divisions

FFXII RW city in sky

The magnificent Cloud Sector.

CLOUD SECTOR - This division is the most unique of them all. One of the reasons is the "land" itself. This sector is located everywhere and can be seen in the horizon if one is lucky. The Cloud Sector is literally located in the clouds. They are the pride of the skies, with the use of modern day technology, they roam around the world and live out as "Nomads". So be careful in piloting your plane, you might crash into the city. Another unique feature of this division are the benders. Despite being an Air Nomad division, there are waterbenders living in the city. The waterfalls surrounding the kingdom make it even more beautiful. The history of this magnificent city was of weather control. There have been massive storms devastating regions of the Avatar world, and so, airbenders and waterbenders united to shape the clouds. It formed a new way of bending, Cloudbending, the ability to control weather.

266237 gorod nebo letuchij-korabl 1920x1080 (

The Eastern Air Temple, rebuilt as the Sound Spheres

SOUND SPHERES - Soundbending was discovered by a famous airbending master, Meelo. The concept first began with the unpleasant technique of "fartbending". Meelo noticed that booming sounds were produced while performing the "art". Based on the definition that Sound is just vibrating air, he sought out learning it. He also learned that blowing large amounts of air into whistles could cause great waves. Soon he was able to vibrate the winds to create massive sound waves. Together with his family, he rebuilt the Eastern Air Temple as the Sound Spheres.

Other Places

Pionen Data Center

The Order of the White Lotus Headquarters

ORDER OF THE WHITE LOTUS HEADQUARTERS - When it was built, its purpose was to keep Korra safe during her training as the Avatar. The Southern Water Tribe compound soon expanded underground, in secret however. For centuries, the order sought the philosophy, beauty, and truth of life. They have believed in unity between the nations and have helped protect the Avatars after Aang. As the world evolved into a modern setting, so have they. They are currently an organization selecting various benders and non-benders all over the world to become as agents/guardians/keepers of the balance of the four nations. Advance gadgetry has always been a mark of aid. Examples are laser lipsticks, jetpack backpacks, and the newly made transpo Resuvious 9000.



Fanon:Prologue for Avatar: The Legend of Hiro

Book One: Summer

Book One Summer

Avatar Hiro: Book One Summer


  • Avatar: The Legend of Hiro was originally going to be set in OUR world. What would have happened if Korra failed to defeat Amon? Benders would have been hunted down and forgotten and the governments would have forbidden the people to speak about the benders. It turns into our modern time when Hiro discovers he is the lone Avatar, master of all elements and ready to save the world from a maniac who could kill the non-bender's (us) establishments. The four nations are still existing, but hidden. The Air Nomads would be in the skies, the Fire Nation would be hidden under a volcano, The Earth Kingdom would be underground while the Water Tribes would be in an underwater complex.
  • Avatar Aiko, the Avatar before Hiro, might get her own fanon if this is successful.
  • When the saga ends or when book one ends, the Air Nomad Avatar after Hiro shall be continued by AvatarCorin34
  • The Sand Zones are based on Arabic and Indian cultures.

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