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Air, Water, Earth, Fire, in a dying and infested world people have lost sight of their true nature and that of the planet. It is my duty to correct this abomination and restore balance to the world.

When I was a young boy growing up in the Cloud Sector I was a prince. My father, king of the Cloud Sector, taught me airbending and by the age of nine I was a master. Only a year after my airbending training concluded I made a frightening discovery, I am the Avatar.

One night beneath a crescent moon, as the stars hung in the sky, my sister and I practiced our extraordinary bending abilities on each other. Lyra was a waterbender and my twin. She was a master too, having studied under our mother the queen, the greatest waterbender the world had ever known. It was a typical habit of ours to practice on each other during the hours our parents spent discussing financial affairs and other worldly matters with the rest of the aristocracy; like our dreaded aunt and uncle. They were the financial viziers of the Cloud Sector; together they were in charge of the entire wealth within the city and next in line for the throne should something happen to my sister and me. Lyra was just as much of a proficient bender as I was and her style of fighting was incredibly unique. Her movements were elegant, deadly and precise, almost like those of a firebender. On that night she became a little too angry that I had bested her in a duel and she sent icicles hurtling towards me. I spun around to knock the icy daggers away from my tiny body with a rushing gust of wind. However, when I turned and extended my hand, fire of the most brilliant red and orange I had ever seen shot out, melted the ice and went straight for Lyra. She fell to the ground to dodge the inferno I had produced. Our parents walked out of the glass double doors and into the courtyard where we were playing the exact moment when I sent the blaze flying towards my sister. My father stood there in awe, starring into the night just like I was. My mother ran to my sister's side to make sure she was okay and heal her if necessary. There was silence. My father and I just looked out into the yard. My mother, now sitting on the ground in her regal blue robe, coddling my sister on her lap looked to my dad when he broke the silence. He looked down the yard towards where I was standing transfixed on the empty sky around the palace. His mouth that had been a gape just moments ago worked its way into a big toothy smile and in his eyes a small fire twinkled, glittered and danced with excitement. He looked to my mother whose face had become elated and panic stricken all at once.

Still smiling, he looked back at me and in his low, jovial voice said very solemnly, "You my son are the Avatar."

I said nothing, but looked into his fiery eyes and asked him countless questions in my head. I wish I could have asked them out loud but my mind refused to move my mouth at my silent request.

My father walked over, picked me up in his arms and carried me down the halls of the palace and into my room. As he walked he began forming plans. He intended to announce me in the morning and make an official press release.

The morning came too soon and as my father promised the night before he had arranged to announce me to the world. I wore my favorite and most elaborate robes and walked out of the upper balcony with my family. My father spoke with thundering tones, his voice amplified by the microphones which stood on the rail of the balcony. I could barely see over the top of the microphones. To get a better view of the terraces below where the public occupied I stood on my tip-toes and peaked down to the ground.

My father's speech concluded as I rock myself back onto the rest of my feet. Even in the canyon where the waterfalls produce a constant roar the words boomed, "My son, Prince Corin, is the Avatar!"

Applause and cheering broke out across the city. I stood smiling and waving as everyone else, even my own father and mother, fell to the ground in a customary bow.

Hours after the announcement, press releases came in from around the world. Every district was talking about their new Avatar. That night my mother, a fair faced woman, took me by the hand and brought me out into a different courtyard of the palace. In this one there was a large pond and several trees and shrubs. She told me that I must begin my waterbending training immediately and that she wanted to be my teacher.

She went over the basis and origin of waterbending, as she felt it was prudent to my training and showed me the most basic of moves. I picked them up quickly. I had endured the first four hours under my mother's caring but vigorous tutelage. I went to my room and starred at the ceiling, my mind trying to cope with my new found identity and responsibilities.

In the three years that followed I grew to be proficient at waterbending, just as good as Lyra. Our duels became much more interesting as I could now counter her moves with my newly acquired skills in waterbending.

That evening as I lay in my bed nearly asleep I heard a great commotion out in the hall. I jumped out of bed and opened my door. I ran into the grand hall where the skylights made the white floors shine like silver. At the end of the hall a small group of six persons were running towards my room. My father and mother must have heard the noise of their footsteps as they came running down the large staircase that led to their room. Their robes blew in the wind sweeping up the corridor. My father saw me standing in the middle of the hall just outside my door and yelled for me to go inside. I did as I was told and ran into my lavishly furnished room. I slammed the door, locked it and ran to the window. I heard a great battle being waged outside my door. I heard firebending, airbending, waterbending and earthbending. I heard groans and grunts from men and women alike. I heard my father shout and then thuds, people hitting the ground. I stood near the window with my arms ready to fight. Whoosh! A burst of fire went through my door and the intruders came in. I threw a couple of punches and kicks, gusts of wind coming from each. But before I could act I felt a few quick jabs to my arms. I fell to the ground, hitting my head on the windowsill as I collapsed. The last thing I remember seeing before blacking out were the Order of the White Lotus insignias on the shirts of the assailants.

That was the last time I saw my family, or the Cloud Sector. It was nine years ago that The Order of the White Lotus broke into my home and stole me like they were thieves in the night. But I shouldn't complain there are others here that are about my age. They were stolen from their homes too and have been trained alongside me. The six of us have grown up together and we have become a family. The White Lotus told us that we were being trained to save the world and that if the planet is to survive it depends on us working together. In our years here we've learned everything we can. We learned the history of the worlds, physical and spiritual. We've become masters of our respective elements, but in my case I've become a master of all the elements. I've even leaned the sub skills of each element, due to their tireless efforts, and I am the first Avatar to do so. Finally, they taught us what we must do to ensure the future of our world. Today is my last test before my friends and I am set free to fulfill our destiny. They have completed their tests and now wait for me to finish mine. Today I will face the sixteen masters that have trained me from my childhood. Today I will step before the sixteen of them, just me, alone, unaided, and expected to prevail over some of the greatest master in the world. This shouldn't be a problem.



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