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Avatar: The Legend of Ani



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January 4, 2014

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Avatar: The Legend of Ani

Ten thousand years of darkness, even after Avatar Korra pacified her uncle and the dark spirit Vaatu, chaos gripped the beautiful world where we live; destroying the most ancient things we have known. The nations fell apart, split and new nations rose in their place. The Avatar became hunted like an animal and great atrocities plagued the land. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me explain to you where this began, where everything went wrong.

In 503 AG, Avatar Corin was abducted from his home as a child. His mind poisoned by the very people who should have protected it. Before he knew he was the Avatar, before any of this happened, the world was in a radically different age. I hear stories about these things called Satomobiles, you got in them and you rode away to your destination, there were colossal buildings called skyscrapers and there were only four nations. Corin is not to be thought of as a villain, he had a plan but his plan turned out very different than his brilliant mind could have foreseen.

In his time, the world was in distress. There were plagues and disease, and no matter how hard the healers worked hundreds of people died by the day. Corin blamed it on the infested world, a world where machines took priority over the living and our own origins were tossed aside. Corin wanted to reshape the world to its original function, spirits, bending, four nations and the Avatar all living in perfect harmony. He was right, you know, but unfortunately his successors were not so brilliant. They caused this mess; they thought tearing down the old regimes was the right thing to do. But they were wrong, they made things far worse than they could imagine. They created the world I described earlier, because of their actions the nations fell apart, history was forgotten, and the Avatar was hunted and killed, some of my predecessors never even reached their adolescence.

I heard stories when I was a young woman from my friends of the atrocities that were committed by our ancestors and I have firsthand knowledge of some of them. The scarred earth being one, all that remained was charcoal stubs of mighty trees, people dying along the roadside and families ripped apart with war and destruction. We are still healing from the Great War but the Avatar suffered the worst fate. I am plagued with constant burden from our past; I carry the weight of the dead. The people that died because of that war rest on my shoulders. I carry on as best as I can, but you don't want to hear the depressing rants of an old woman. I will tell you the real story, the story of how the Avatar saved everything.

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