Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Legend of Ani in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Legend of Ani
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January 4, 2014



The Legend of Ani begins when Ani is six years old and chronicles a lot of her life to the point of her twenty fifth birthday. But most of the story is set when she is twenty three and twenty four.


We all know the story of Korra and the Harmonic Convergence but Korra is not where the story ends. Ten thousand years have passed since Vaatu merged with Unalaq and Harmonic Convergence approaches once again. As Vaatu grows within Raava the new Avatar, Ani, must prepare to take on the dark spirit. Ani isn't a fool though; she understands the evils and the good in life more than anyone ever could. On top of that Ani must bring balance to a destroyed world and cope with constant fear of being discovered. Can Ani save the planet like her spirit tells her to, stop Vaatu from obliterating the remnants of once great societies and handle the growing fear which plagues her heart or will she succumb to evil? Vaatu is a great threat, but perhaps he could be a bit more than that.


Ani (ah- nee) is the 24 year old Avatar born in the Lightning Sector, former territory belonging to the Fire Nation. She is a complex person, there are lots of problems in her past but she never strays from duty though she imagined her life much differently. But having to hide yourself out of fear can take a toll; as a result she is a tad eccentric. She is a perfect combination of Aang, Katara, Zuko and Azula, minus the crazy.

Kida (kay- da) is 17 years old. Born to the King and Queen of the Healing State, a territory not completely ravaged by war, Kida knows her princess duty. She is warm and charming and not to mention a bit awkward.

King Ulva (ull- va) is 40 years old, Kida's father and King of the Healing State. He is not particularly interested in fighting in a war but should you get on his bad side the Healing State is a force to be reckoned with. Ulva is nice jovial man who loves his family very much, but most of all he loves money.

Queen Malina (ma-lee-na) is Ulva's queen and 37 years old. She is fair of face and is endlessly tired of her nation being a refugee camp. She is a waterbender and the best in the city but would much rather be out researching history than trapped in the city healing the critically injured.

King Kassuq (kas-suk) is Ulva's twin brother, an airbender and King of the Cloud Sector, a nation the borders the Healing State. Despite being Ulva's twin the two are almost nothing alike. The only commonalities they share are their love for money and fearsome military capabilities. Kassuq has harbored anti-Avatar sentiments since he was a young boy. Of course his father was mostly to blame for that.

Queen Ademia (ad-eem- ia) is Kassuq's 30 year old wife a waterbender and a cloudbender. She married her husband out of political need but the two could not be any more opposite, like her sister in law Ademia is very beautiful and sweet. She harbors no anti-Avatar feelings, and would never stoop to the levels her husband has. Her only joy is her daughter, her turtle ducks and her eagle dove named Demos.

Arlia (are-lee-a) is Ademia and Kassuq's 20 year old daughter. Arlia is a no nonsense kind of girl and a princess of utmost decorum and grace. She is a bit of a hard ass but there is a sweet side to her, she gets if from her mother.

Saba is a pygmy badger mole that Ani met in a cave she hid in as a child. Like the badger mole the pygmy badger mole has the capabilities to earthbend and taught a very young Ani to do so. That way she could keep her Avatar identity secret.

Lali is a giant otter lion Ani met one day after a tragic event. Sitting beneath a waterfall the baby otter lion swam up to Ani to snuggle. The two have been inseparable since that day. (More Coming Soon)




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