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The plot follows the members of Team Avatar a week after the end of the Hundred Year War, as they decide to take a day off and spend the day alone, on their own adventures.



It was a sunny morning in Ba Sing Se. The sun started to shine into Sokka's room, filling it with energy and warmth. Sokka slowly woke and got up, got dressed and went down to the kitchen. He wondered where everyone was. He looked everywhere and finally found a note.

"I and Toph decided to take a day off. Don't wait for us and have a great time!" Said the note, which Katara left on the table.

"They left without me," said Sokka, at first a little sad and jealous. "They left WITHOUT me!" Said he, knowing, that finally he had a day to himself. His mood got better as he realized that he could do anything he wanted, as he had no duties to attend to. The Gaang left, the war was over and he could finally relax. He sat next to the table, thinking what to do with his day off. He thought and thought, but couldn't figure out what to do. He decided, that after he ate his breakfast he would just go out and explore the city. He stepped out of the house and started walking towards the Middle ring of the city. Finally, he arrived to his destination, not knowing, what to do next. Then, he smelled a strange, but very pleasant odor, coming from a nearby house. He sneaked up to the house and look into it via the open window. What he saw was just magical to him. Dozens of cakes, cookies and other sweets. Slowly he grabbed one with his hand and slowly started to reel in the prize. He just got it out of the house when he heard a voice.

"STOP stealing my sweets!" Said an old woman as she started to throw various kitchen utensils at him. Sokka ran as fast as he could. He barely got away from that crazy old lady. But at least he got his sweets. He started walking once again and in a few minutes got to a Weapons Emporium. He couldn't lay his eyes off of the weapons in the front shelves. He had to look inside. But soon, he did more that looking. He tried various nun-chucks, spears, hammers, axes and various other weapons, but no one fit him. He was still bummed since he lost his boomerang and sword.

Just then, an elderly man came to him and asked him if he was from the Earth Kingdom or not. Sokka replied, that he was from the Southern Water Tribe and that he was looking for a weapon, that would remind him of his past and roots. "Well, I don't have any Water Tribe weapons, but I just got something I've never seen before. Do you want to see?" The Shop Keeper asked and Sokka agreed instantly. They went to the back room, where Sokka saw a wooden box. In it lay a dagger. At first Sokka didn't understand why the dagger was so important, that it stood in a box, well hidden from plain site. "This dagger belonged to a Fire Nation officer that was captured in the Southern Water Tribe at the beginning of the Great War. At first it wasn't anything special but the Water Tribe soldiers carved the name of their village on it. It is very historical," said the Shop Keeper.

Sokka couldn't believe what he saw. The inscription was of his own village. Sokka was thrilled. He was so thrilled, that he instantly bought the Dagger, no matter of the price. He was happy. He finally got a souvenir, that would always remind him of his family and heritage. So, after looking at the dagger for quite some time, Sokka started walking back to the Gaang's house. A single tear of joy went down his cheeks as he wondered back home.


Toph was, as usual the last one to wake up. Even Sokka got up earlier than her. She slowly went out of bed and down to the kitchen. She already knew, that they all had a day off, since Katara told her that yesterday. She went into the Kitchen and slammed her foot into the ground, causing a bowl to land on the table. She used her Earthbending to bring the other things she needed to the table. After she ate she knew, where she was going. To the Lower ring of the city, where fights for money are usually common.

She went to the nearest train station and went to the Lower ring. When she arrived she instantly knew, where to go. She could feel the vibrations caused by the men fighting. She came into a small tavern. The Innkeeper asked her what she wanted and as soon as she said it, he opened a secret doorway, behind the counter. Go down those steps and you'll get to the biggest, illegal fighting club in Ba Sing Se. There were many stairs and she walked for quite some time. When she finally came down she could feel the scale of the room. There was room for hundreds of spectators, but she wanted to fight, so she signed up at the Sign in both. She then waited for her turn. She quickly heard the man in the both shout "Beifong, you're next!"

She slowly and casually went to the ring and stood on her side. It was the final match of the day. She could hear the man in the both say to the audience. "You've all been waiting for him, you've all been screaming for him, and without further ado, I present you the undefeated champion for two months, the crusher of the orient.. I give you, The Boulder!" As Toph heard that an evil smile appeared on her face. It was pay back time, part two, for the man, who kidnapped her and Aang. The Boulder slowly came onto the ring and started his routine;

"So who is today's victim. Who has the guts and foolish brain to fight the Boulder, the strongest man in Ba-Sin-Se. The Boulder spares no one." The Boulder said. As the dusk settled The Boulder could see Toph standing at the other side of the Ring. He became white with fear and just started running and shouting; "I surrender!"

The crown couldn't believe it and the man in the both had no choice, than to say: "By default, today's winner is Toph." Toph cheered as she exited the arena with the small sack of prize money, she earned and started walking towards the train station to take her to the Gaang's house. As she walked she heard screams coming from an alley. They were screams of children. Toph rushed to see, what was going on an, from the vibrations in the earth, felt, that the children were attacked by two thugs. She used her Earthbending and quickly defeated the two thugs. She then went to see if everything was alright with the children. "Why were the thugs chasing you two?" She asked.

"They wanted to steal our money. We earned it by working all day in the market," said the little girl.

As Toph could feel the grief of the two sibling she easily handed them the money she got from the fight. "Here, It's your's," said Toph.

"But, we can't take it, we haven't earned it.« Said the little boy.

"Oh, don't worry," said Toph. "I won't be missing the money. I'm sure that The Boulder will be in the ring tomorrow." She said with a smile on her face, as she started walking towards the nearby train station.


Aang was the second one to wake up. He quickly got dressed and rushed downstairs to get some breakfast. He used his Airbending to create small vortexes under the food so, that he wouldn't have to stand up to get some food, instead the food would come to him. Like always he ate light. The only thing he ate was a couple of fruits, a few cookies and drank some Beecow honey milk. Then he went out of his house, threw his staff into the air, which transformed into a glider, and started sailing above the city.

He wondered what he would do today. He soared above the city, thinking what to do. He finally landed on a small hill in the Lower ring of the city. He sat down and just watched the hustle and life in the city. So many voices and sights to see. He laid down onto the grass and just thought about many things. He felt a little lonely. He had no one but the Gaang, as he lost everything he ever loved during the war. He had nothing to remember his people by.

Suddenly a familiar sound appeared. It was made up by different tones. It sounded like the flute, but several melodies were played at the same time. Aang could remember hearing a sound just like that, but he didn't know from where. He just couldn't remember. So he decided to follow the sound. He slowly went down the small hill and into the streets. He couldn't hear the sound anymore. He walked from house to house but nothing was to find. Well, except for the delicious Egg Custard Tarts, which he found at a nearby bakery and both. With the tarts in his hands he walked down the street. He searched every ally, but couldn't find anything. Then the sound appeared again, but this time from the direction he just came. He started to follow the sound again, which led him to an alley behind the bakery; he just passed a few minutes ago and bought the cakes from. Then, he remembered, from where he remembered the sound. It was the sound of the Air Flute, an Air Nomad instrument. It was similar to a regular flute, but had several flute like bodies stacked together and was played using Airbeding. Aang couldn't believe it. Only an airbender would be able to create such sounds from the instrument. He thought that he found an Airbender! He hid behind a large crate and watched someone dressed in Orange and yellow clothes, but he couldn't see more, because the person was faced on the opposite side. He was sure, that he was an Airbender. Aang decided to go around the bakery and confront his fellow Air Nomad up front. He slowly came to the other side of the bakery, used his Airbending to form an Air scooter and rushed to the man.

"Hi there, fellow Airbender!" He Shouted.

The old man on the colorful clothes was startled and fell at the site of Aang, as he was floating in mid air. "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU!" The man shouted. " YOU'VE COULD HAVE GIVEN HE A HEART ATTACK!"

"I'm sorry" Said Aang. " But look, I'm a fellow airbender just as you. I saw you playing that instrument."

The man looked at Aang with a sad face, knowing he would have to tell him the truth. "I'm not an Airbender and I was not the one that played the instrument. My name is Kui. I found the instrument a few years ago. From the beginning I didn't know what it was, but one day, when I was sitting here, behind my son's bakery I placed the instrument here, by the ventilation shack. The air from the shack caused the instrument to play not me. I'm sorry, young avatar."

Aang looked very sad and frustrated. For years he's been searching for air benders, and just as he thought that he'd found one, he didn't. The old man looked at Aang and saw the tears in his eyes, just waiting burst. "Here" The old man said, giving the instrument to Aang. "You take it."

Aang couldn't believe the generosity of the old man. He thanked him and headed back to the small hill, where he started his little adventure. Aang was happy and sad at the same time. He still didn't get to talk to an Air Nomad like himself, but he knew that the memories would live on in him. Aang sat down next to a tree and started playing the Air Flute. All sadness faded away, as he started to realize, that he finally got something to remember his people by.


Katara was the first one of the Gaang to wake up. She slowly went out of bed, eager not to disturb Toph, who was still sleeping. She went down to the kitchen and ate her breakfast. Then she wrote a note titled to the boys. She wrote that Toph and her decided that they should take a day off and that everyone should do whatever he or she wanted. She wrote one message for Aang and one for Sokka. Then she quietly opened the door and went out o the house. She decided to go to Lake Laogai, a popular tourist destination this time of year. She went back into the house and grabbed her swimming wear and headed to the train station, where she bought a ticket and boarded the first train, which was headed to Lake Laogai.

The trip didn't take long and Katara was soon on the beach, which was filled with families from Ba Sing Se, enjoying their free time on the beach. She found a small and empty gulf, in which she practiced some new Waterbending moves, she read from some scrolls she brought with her. It took her a few times, but then she mastered the new moves. She practiced for half an hour, before she was interrupted by the sight of what she saw. There were people hovering over the massive waves of the water. She thought they were Waterbenders. She rushed to the large beach and saw them come in. She was disappointed as she saw that the Waterbenders were simply using wooden boards to help them float on top of the waves.

"That was quite impressive," said Katara.

"Yeah, I know," said the arrogant surfer. "It takes a real man to be able to surf on the water like that"

"Right..," said Katara, not knowing what to think about her new friend. "So, mind if I try?"

"Yeah, I don't think you'll be able to do that. It's a hard sport and only strong men like me are able to do it. You just sit over there, in the shade and watch me do my moves," said the evermore arrogant surfer.

Katara walked away in disgust. She had to teach him a lesson. She sat on a nearby hill and looked down towards the beach. She quickly thought of a plan. Later that day, when the beach was full the surfers bragged the most, showing their moves to other people, who even weren't interested. They rode waves only a few feet high, but for them that was the "bomb", as they said. Suddenly, while they were surfing the wave started to increase in size. Suddenly, only a few moments later the wave was several feet high and the surfers couldn't believe what happened. All of the surfers couldn't control their wooden boards and fell into the water. When they got to shore, the people on the beach cheered, but not at them. They saw a girl, Katara riding the waves easily, and on a board made out of ice. The young Waterbender easily controlled the surroundings around her, manipulating the water as she rode it. Then, she turned towards the beach and jumped of the board. The massive wall of water came tumbling down on the surfers. They were all soking wet.

"So, a small, puny little girl accomplished what you strong men couldn't," said Katara, teasing them.

The boy, that mocked her before came to her and said; "You were just lucky. If me and my boys knew what was going to happen we would have stayed on our boards," said the surfer, angry at Katara for showing him off.

Katara just started walking away. When the surfer wouldn't stop talking about how she cheated, Katara used her Waterbending to lift the filthy water soaked sand of the ground and on the surfer. Katara then changed her clothes and happily went on the train, back to the Gaang.

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