Avatar: The Legacy of Umi
Otab vs. Umi
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Avatar Series

Avatar: The Legacy of Umi

It starts out as a little girl in the Southern Earth Temple. 3 of the Green Hawks come in and ask Umi's parents something.

Green Hawk #1: Are you sure YOUR daughter is the Avatar?

Umi's Mother: Hopefully, you'll be assured that she is.

Green Hawk #3: How are you sure?

Green Hawk #2: Yes, we must find the Avatar, quickly.

Umi's Father: Umi, can you come out here please!?! (Yelled)

Umi crushes the wall open and yells.

Umi: I'M THE AVATAR!!! (Yelled)

Umi shot water out of her chest, blew a gust of air from her mouth, and lifted a rock with her pinkey. And then, dropped the rock and bowed in front of The Green Hawks.

Then it goes into the present where Umi is 16 years old. Then Umi's mother yelled.

Umi's Mother: Umi! Uncle Tynsen is here!

Umi sprinted one hundred feet until she yelled.

Umi: Coming Mother!

When she got to her mother she ran up and gave her uncle a big hug.

Umi: Hi Uncle Tynsen! How is the fire temple going? 

Tynsen: Oh, Hello Umi. Yes, things are going great at the fire temple.

Umi: Hey Uncle Tynsen, can I come to the fire temple and train for my firebending. I still can't but if I could I think I have a few moves down.

Tynsen: As long if it is okay with your Mother.

Umi turned to her mother and begged to go with Tynsen.

Umi: Mom... Can I please go with Tynsen to the fire temple? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

Umi's Mother: Go, sort it out with your father. Me and your uncle have a lot of catching up to do.

Umi runs away while yelling to her uncle, Tynsen.

Umi: Bye Uncle Tynsen, good to see you.

Umi runs up to her father.

Umi: Can I go to the fire temple and train with Tynsen? Please?

Umi's Father: Is it safe their?

Umi: Dad, you say that about everything. Please, Please, Please?

Umi's Father: What did your mother say?

Umi: She said to make sure with you.

Umi's Father: Fine, you can go. But, You still have to work a little on your Metalbending, your wirework is a little sloppy.

Umi: Fine, I'll do it.

Umi's Father: I love you. Do not forget to pack, sweetheart.

Umi: Okay, Okay! Bye! I love you. (Excitedly Yelling)

Umi ran to her mother and said it was okay.

Umi: Dad said it was okay.

Umi's Mother: Okay pack your things. 

Umi: Already did. See.

Umi's Mother: Okay, bye I love you.

Tynsen, Amep, Aronij, Immi, Miji, and Umi: BYE!!! (Yelling)

The family and Umi rode away on Tynsen's Sky Bison.

Tynsen: Now, Umi, if you are coming you need to train a lot.

Umi: Whatever you say Tynsen.

The whole family and Umi landed and ran to the fire temple. There were children and adults bowing in Umi's appearance. Umi asked Tynsen a question.

Umi: Why?

Tynsen: You are the AVATAR.

Umi: Okay.

Tynsen: So... Is everything fine so far?

Umi: Yes. It's like I'm in a whole different world.

Tynsen: Good, since this is the fire temple, you need to act differently. 

Umi: Ummm, How different?

Tynsen: Very different.

Umi: Still not answering my question. 

Umi met a deaf girl named Ushy. Ushy was terrified to make a bad impression of the Avatar.

Umi: Hello, I'm Umi. What's your name?

Ushy: I am, Ushy. I'm deaf but I can read lips. 

Umi: You seem troubled, are you okay.

Ushy: Yeah, I'm okay, I just don't want to make a bad impression on you. Cause well, you're the Avatar.

Umi: Ha. It's fine you don't need to be afraid. I won't lock you up or chop your arm off.

Ushy: That's what the last princess did with my father.

Umi: Oh. I'm sorry. Huh. (frightened)

Ushy: It's okay now, he's better.

Umi: Okay, well, um... Why don't you come over for dinner tonight, I bet my uncle and his family would be fine with it?

Ushy: Wait, are you Tynsen's niece.

Umi: Yep, why. (confident)

Ushy: Okay, well, I'll get ready for dinner see you later. (excitedly)

Umi: That didn't answer my question. (frowningly sensitive)

Ushy sprinted away while Umi was sitting there with her finger pointed up saying that Ushy didn't answer her question.

Umi walks into the door and jogs into the living room asking Tynsen if Ushy can come over.

Umi: Hey Tynsen. Can this like really nice fire peasent, deaf girl come over for dinner, she's really nice?

Tynsen: Do you mean Ushy that little girl who plants tons of flowers? (calmly)

Umi: Yeah so...wait, wait, wait. How do you know her?

Amep: It's because he's a BBIIIGGG stalker! (yelling from kitchen)

Tynsen: No its just, I am the person in charge of this temple and need to know people. (decrescendoing and tidily speaking)

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. Umi sprinted to the door and opened it, then saw a little 13-15 year old girl carrying a very rare flower named the Flame Pylessian Chrysanthemum. 

Tynsen: What a lovely flower Ushy. (frightened)

Ushy: It is the Flame Pylessian Chrysanthemum. They only bloom once a year. (extra tidy)

Umi: Why don't you come in, Ushy. (fancily elegant)

They all sat down for a nice, cooked dinner when Amep asked Ushy a very solid and strong question.

Amep: Ushy, um, how do I put this. Um... Is your father okay?

Ushy: Um...well, he has a synthetic arm and is in jail so...I'd guess he's fine. (fake happiness)

Ushy was going to talk about some type of flower but then was rudely interrupted by a large amount of questions from Miji.

Miji: What's your name? How old are you? Why do you smell like honey, and are you working with the Shadow Sneak? (suspicious)

Tynsen: Excuse his lack of manner it's just...

Tynsen was just then interrupted by Ushy.

Ushy: It's fine, I think I could answer this.

Ushy then speedily answered Miji's weird questions.

Ushy: Um...How do I put this.

She then rocketed the answers out of her mouth.

Ushy: Ushy, 14, I don't know, and no.

Miji: Okay then. (baby voiced)

Miji suddenly went straight to his food, spooning the food into his mouth like an Earthen Barbarian.

20 minutes later they finally finished dinner and Ushy left.

Tynsen: I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo full.

Umi: Me too.

Amep: Me three! 

Aronij: I want the forth spot!

Then, Immi quickly said her feelings too.

Immi: Meeeeeeeeee fifth.

Then, everyone looked at Miji and he finally said something after about 8 seconds.

Miji: I'm still hungry. (sophisticated)

Then, Umi asked about the Shadow Sneak.

Umi: What's the Shadow Sneak? (suspicious)

Amep: It is a secret clan of firebenders that plan to end the treaty of all four element.

Tynsen: It is ludicrous. Umi, promise me you will not get in with that. You need to focus on the training. Not boys, or war, or government... Okay?

Umi: Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah...Who's the leader of The Shadow Sneak? (underlined means air quoted)

Amep: No one knows except the Shadow Sneak members themselves. 

Umi: So, is it the four-element treaty they want to stop or is it the firebending rulers?

The news suddenly flashed on and said something very newsworthy.

News Reporter: The Shadow Sneak leader has finally shown himself on camera, here is a picture of him showing on the screen. People say his name is Otab. But, some people do believe that Fire Princess, Zuli, is in on it too. Now, back to your regular television appearances. 

Umi, Amep, and Tynsen dropped their jaws for about 1 second and talked about it.

Tynsen: Oh my word!

Umi: So what, the guy finally shows his face, or mask, or whatever he's wearing on T.V. What's wrong?

Amep: The Shadow Sneak had begun since 27 years ago.

Umi: I don't get it then, why show his face, or mask, or whatever he's wearing now?

Tynsen: Because he's trying to lure the police, government, and council in on this so they can be tricked, and die in front of his eyes for his joy.

Amep: Well...Zuli could be in on it too, you never know.

Tynsen: Okay then, we'll have to investigate.

Umi: But you just said they're trying to lure us into this, and kill us.

The news flashed on again.

News Reporter #2: Thanks, and we just heard some breaking news from some citizens that are against the Shadow Sneak but saw what Otab can do. They say he can bend all four elements, but he's not even the Avatar. More on this story at 10 o'clock tonight.

The camera view goes back to Tynsen, Amep, and Umi.

Tynsen: This---this---this is horrible! 

Amep: I know! Such a shame, Otab isn't even cute. 

Tynsen: I'm your husband.

Amep: Just joking honey, go on, go on. (jokingly)

Umi: Do you know why they are just showing their faces after 27 years?

Tynsen: I've got no idea, but we have to investigate some more.

Umi: Investigate some more? We haven't even investigated yet.

Tynsen: I thought of something while you were talking Umi. We dress up as citizens, go to their next rally, then know what we are really up against.

Amep: That's a great idea Tynsen! You're such a good thinker.

Tynsen: Please, Amep, I'm a grown man. I don't need to be treated like a dog or a 7-year-old.

Amep: Fine. (angrily & sadly frowning)

Umi: So can we get off this you guy's problem and actually go to the rally?

Tynsen: Fine. When's their next one?

Umi: I don't know, I'll go find a poster outside.

Umi sprinted outside and went to go get a poster.

She came back and showed Tynsen and Amep.

Umi: It looks like the next one is tomorrow at 7 o'clock p.m.

Amep: Okay, we'll leave at 6:30.

Tynsen: Get your disguises ready tonight.

They all got their disguises ready that night and woke up in the morning.

Umi: Good Morning everyone! (enthusiastically)

Tynsen: How ya doing this fine morning Umi?

Umi: Good, in you?

Tynsen: Just amazing.

Umi: How are you Amep?

Amep: Just fine, how are you?

Umi: Good.

Umi walked over to Aronij, Immi, and Miji to ask them a good morning.

Umi: Hey kids, how ya guys doin'.

Aronij: Immi and I are fine, but Miji is mad about something.

Umi: Ahhhwww...Miji, why are you mad?

Miji: MOMMY WON'T GIVE ME PANCAKES!!!! (super angrily)

Umi: Hahahahaha!

Aronij: How are you Umi?

Umi: Good, just really tired.

Miji: Give me pancakes!!! (angrily)

Umi: You have to do want your mother wants you to do, okay Miji.

Miji then expressed his words very calmly.

Miji: Never in my whole 5 years of life have I not gotten a morning without a pancake. I will not start today. (calm & settle)

Miji then fire bursted out of his chair and sprinted to his room.

Tynsen: Are you ready for today, Umi?

Umi: Yep.

Aronij: Oooooo. Are you guys training. I want to practice my ring of fire. (underlined means air quoted)

Tynsen: Umm. We're doing some,

Tynsen then was interrupted by Umi's answer.

Umi: Mountain racing. (quickly)

Aronij: Ugggh, I hate mountain racing.

Immi: But I LOVE it!!! (enthusiastically)

Umi: It's a perssonal race for the, ummmmm... Fire Olympics? (fire olympics is said very slowly)

Immi: Darnit.

Immi then gestured an over-angry frown. 

Aronij: Woh woh woh woh, Why does mom get to mountain race? She's pregnant.

Umi: Your mother wants to watch.

Immi & Aronij: Fine then. (mad)

Umi, Tynsen, and Amep walk out of the house and to the boil factory.

Umi: Is this the place? (in a man's voice)

Tynsen: Hopefully.

Amep: I don't want to be a fat guy. People might laugh at me. And what kind of fat guy is fat only in the stomach for like 2 feet? (whispered in her own voice)

Tynsen: It doesn't matter Amep just go a long with it. Okay?

Amep: Fine.

The three walk into the boil factory and see a stage with a gentleman in a blue dragon mask. All three of them gasp.

Amep: So, that's...Otab? (man's voice)

Tynsen: Apparently.

Umi: He looks so different on the television. (Man's voice)

Tynsen: That's because the television has a sepia-tan colored effect to it.

Umi: Fine. (1/2 anger with the man's voice)

Amep: I think we should leave. (man's voice)

Tynsen: We have to see him bend all 4 elements though.

Umi: What do you think his real face looks like? (curious man's voice)

Tynsen: I don't know, but I bet it looks wretched and disgusting. (horrified)

Amep: I have to pee. (in her regular voice, whispered)

Tynsen: You have got to be kidding me. Um, Umi can you please take your aunt to the restroom? But, remember to take her to the men's restroom, because you two are men. (underlined means air-quoted)

Amep: My bladder is going to explode. (man's voice)

Umi: Just hold it...Um, Uncle Fernando? (Gold means questioned for herself)

Umi pushed the door open and saw guys at urinals, but Umi and Amep ran to the stalls and the camera went back to Tynsen.

Otab: Now, I will show everyone here my true power of all four elements, even though I'm not the Avatar!!! (amplified through speakers)

People started to applaud and Otab settled down. Then, the crowd got quiet.

Tynsen: Oh no. (whispering to nobody)

Otab then stomped his foot on the ground when two rock columns came up. Then, he punched the air and fire flew out of his fist. Next, he blew a gust of wind like Umi when she was little out of his mouth. Finally, he had ice spears come out of the two traditional Water Tribe buckets and threw them at the doors.

Otab: Now, you all know my true power! (amplified through speakers)

Umi and Amep walked out the bathroom very casually, and then walked to Tynsen.

Umi: We have to go. Now. (whispering and freaked out)

Tynsen: Why?

Umi: Um, Amep peed sitting down and the vandal guys got mad and there they are right now.

Umi pointed at the vandal men.

Tynsen: Now I agree.

Amep, Tynsen, and Umi sprinted out of the boil factory and hid in the dumpster.

Umi then popped her head up and said to Tynsen.

Umi: Why couldn't we go in the empty dumpster? (angrily)

Amep then popped her head up and agreed.

Amep: I totally agree. (angrily)

Tynsen then popped his head up and said something.

Tynsen: Gosh. Now I now where Miji gets those muddy apples and brown banana peels.

Miji then popped his head up.

Miji: FINALLY!!! My family agrees with me on dumpster food for lunch. Hahaaa! (enthusiastic)

Umi, Amep, and Tynsen sighed.

Everyone went back to the house when Ushy came over to hang out with Aronij, Immi, and Umi.

"Knock, Knock, Knock"

Ushy: Hello Mr. Tynsen, are Aronij, Immi, and Umi here today?

Tynsen: Actually, yes they are. Immi is playing some type of dolly world with Aronij, and Umi is watching television in the guest room. You can come on in if you like.

Ushy: Oh, no need for that. I was just dropping off dinner for Amep and you guys.

Tynsen: Oh, That is very kind of you Ushy. But please, do come in.

Ushy: Actually, I don't think I can. I have to go eat with my family. Huhuh. Um, bye.

Ushy sprinted away to her hut.

Ushy: Hi mom, I'm home!

Ushy's Mother Syh: Oh, hello honey. Did you drop off dinner for Umi's family?

Ushy: Yep, just did it.

The camera goes back to Tynsen's home.

Umi: Who was that at the door?

Tynsen: It was Ushy. That little deaf girl.

Amep: Still a BBIIIGGG stalker! (yelling from her bed room)

Umi: Okay then?

Tynsen: Sometimes I do not get your aunt.

Umi: Hahaa.

Aronij and Immi walk into the room.

Aronij: Who was at the door?

They waited a few seconds.

Immi: Why isn't dad answering, Umi?

Umi: It's because if he mentions Ushy one more time, your mother will call him a BBIIIGGG stalker.

Aronij: Can you at least just tell us who it was?

Umi: Um, Tynsen, wasn't Ushy at the door?

Tynsen: Yes. (sighing)

Amep: BBIIIGGG Stalker!!! (yelling from her bed room)

Immi: Okay then?

Umi: Yeah. Hey, Um, do you two wanna go play fireball outside?

Aronij: Just one problem.

Umi: What is it?

Aronij: You can't firebend.

Immi: Yeah, (quickly)

Umi: Fine. Let's play air ball.

Aronij: Just on problem, again.

Umi: I know, I know, you guys can't airbend. That's the only reason why we're playing, so I can school you two.

Immi: This is gonna hurt, isn't it? (talking to Aronij)

Aronij: Yep.

Umi was running outside when she ran into a boy named Saygo.

Saygo: Oh, My bad. I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Umi was gonna yell at him but she realized he was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen in her life.

Umi: Yeah, watch where your going bub, oh what. Oh, oh, oh, that's all my fault. I'm soooo sorry. Yeah, um see ya later.

Then Umi ran into the house and slammed the door behind her, and then ran into her room.

Umi: Oh my gosh that boy was-was-was so HOT! :) (Soooooooooooo happy)

Aronij showed up behind her and asked her a question.

Aronij: Are you daydreaming about boys like mom does, because dad doesn't like it.

Umi: Whaaaaaaat. Noooooooooooo. (pretending like she's not)

The scene goes to next morning.

Umi: Awwwwwww, hey everyone.


Tynsen: You ready for training today Umi?

Umi: Yes, um, why not.

Amep: Okay, I made everyone pancakes with chocolate dobs and okayra syrup. I hope you guys like it.

Miji: YESSSSSSSSS! We hit the jackpot Umi, WE HIT THE JACKPOT! (very very enthusiastic)

Umi: Hahahahah! (laughable)

Next Scene goes to Umi and Tynsen flying in a fire plane to fire hyke island.

Umi: Is that really, the, Fire Hyke Island?

Tynsen: Yes, m'am.

Umi: Oh my gosh.

Tynsen: Yep, she's a beauty.

Right when they landed there was a robbery and explosion. The explosion came from the doors and Otab flew threw the smoke with airbending.

Otab: Hahahaha! (yelling)

Tynsen: Oh no you don't. (ready to fight)

Tynsen threw three fireballs at him but still missed. Otab got away. But then, Umi used a water spiral to freeze Otab. He still got away.

Umi: Darnit.

Shadow Sneak Member/Robber#1: Oh yeah, we hit the jackpot! (yelling happily)

Umi: Put those bags of money back where they belong or I will unleash air's fury on you.

Shadow Sneak Member/Robber#2: Try and stop us.

Umi: Oh...I will.

Umi used tons of air knots to tie them up. She accomplished that but then Tynsen was accidentally stuck in the air knots. Umi had to let go of the air knots to let him go, but she knew that the criminals would get away.

Tynsen: Let us go, this air knot is killing us.

Umi let go of the air knot so Tynsen could breath, but then the fire and earth benders started throwing rocks and fireballs at her.

Umi guarded herself and Tynsen with Ice and Water. She proceeded with the process, and then she shrugged her shoulders and let go of the water. The water turned into tides and floated the criminals into the lake.

Umi: Woooo, how about that Tynsen?

Tynsen: That was excellent.

Umi: What's wrong?

Tynsen: Nothing, it's just my lungs hurt really badly.

Umi: Let me take you home.  

Tynsen: That would be nice. (softly)

Umi takes Tynsen away to home in Tynsen's airplane. They walk inside and Amep asks what is going on. 

Amep: Oh my gosh, what happened? (worrisome)

Umi: Tynsen and I were trying stop some criminals, but I accidentally got Tynsen in an air knot.

Aronij: Oh my gosh is he okay? (worrisome yelling from the hallway running toward them)

Umi: Um, I guess so, Yes, no Maybe so.

Made a frown and walked into the kitchen and started doing the dishes.

Immi: What's wrong with daddy?

Miji: Yeah, is he okay? (baby voiced)

Umi: Yeah, just go play something in your rooms.

Tynsen was laying on the sofa when Umi started to talk to him, even though he was in a coma.

Umi: I'm so sorry Uncle Tynsen. This is all my fault. Just coming to the fire temple was my mistake.

Tynsen woke and quietly talked to Umi.

Tynsen: It is not you fault. I love you Umi, and do not want anything to happen to you. You are the best niece I could ever wish for. (tired and quietly)

Umi: Oh my gosh. Your awake! YaY! Everyone come here. He's awake.

The children came running down the hall, while Amep walked smoothly from the kitchen to the family room.

Amep: Oh, Tynsen. Are you okay?

Tynsen: Yes. I'm okay. "cough, cough". (quoted means actioned)

Amep: Feel...The baby's kicking.

Amep put Tynsen's hand on her stomach, and Tynsen felt their baby, kick.

Tynsen: I sense another firebender in our family, Amep.

Amep: Great. I just want one kid like me. A non-bender. As simple as that. Well, only because my hair won't get toasted with one of those non-benders. 

Tynsen: This might be a firebender. But, he will be an adorable baby boy.

Amep: How do you know he is a male?

Tynsen: I could sense it.

Amep: Ha.

Umi: Hey, sorry to undo this little moment, but the television just said that Otab destroyed a building. Does the Avatar have to do this one?

Tynsen: Sadly, yes. But, you will be fine. Trust me. Okay?

Umi: I trust you.

Umi bolted out the window and flew into the air, using airbending.

Aronij: Hey, dad. 

Tynsen: Yes?

Aronij: Um, do you think I could ever become an earthbender like Umi?

Tynsen: Considering Otab has already done all four elements...I bet you could do the same. But, he is an adult. You will have to learn each element by one.

Aronij: Okay.

Scene goes to Umi.

Otab: So, Avatar. We finally meet.

Umi: Apparently.

Otab fired two fireballs across Umi's shoulders and burnt her. Then, she kicked water at him and froze him. He turned it into waves and washed her away to the nearby pond. She got back up and gusted him with wind. He did a counter-attack with a lightning bolt and shocked her.

Otab: You are on your knees, like you will when the Shadow Sneak takes over. 

Umi: Uggggh...

Otab flew away using fire and air.

Umi got back to the house and talked with her family.

Umi: I went one on one with Otab.

Tynsen: How was it?

Umi: Not good. He burnt my shoulders and then washed me into a pond. Then, he electrocuted me and got away.

Aronij: You are the Avatar. Probably some spiritual guidance will help you.

Tynsen: That is a wonderful suggestion Aronij. Umi...I urge you to meditate on the past Avatars for guidance. Talk to some past earthbenders so they know where you are coming from.

Umi: I will talk with everyone I could get.

After dinner...Umi walks into her room and meditates. She got nothing. Then, she went outside to relax and ran into Saygo again. They actually talked to each other this time:

Saygo: Oh, hey. Umi, right?

Umi: Yeah, and Saigo?...Daygo?....Saygo?

Saygo: That's it. It's Saygo. So, um...How ya doin'.

Umi: Uhhhh...Not very well, my uncle is like forcing me to meditate with the past Avatars, and find my inner-self to help defeat Otab. So, are you?

Saygo: Haha. Good.

Umi: What's funny?

Saygo: Nothing...It's just we haven't really got to know each other and your already talking to me about your personal life. Haha.

Umi: Har, har, har. (sarcastic)

Saygo: So, you wanna go get some dinner or something?

Umi: Sorry, can't. I have all of this stuff to do with my uncle, and Otab, and my family. So, um, sorry, not tonight.

Saygo: Okay then. Catch ya later?

Umi: For sure. Bye!

Saygo walked home while Umi sprinted home. 

Umi walked into her room and finally connected with past-Avatar Korra.

Umi: Hello, I'm Umi. Oh, well, you probably already know that. 

Korra: Yes, I do. You are me, and I am you. So, what do you need help with?

Umi: Well, my uncle keeps changing his mind about things. At first, he said that I should not get into government and boys, and all of that stuff. But now, he thinks like I'm actually the Avatar. But...I'm not. I can't even fire bend.

Korra: I had the same trouble with  air-bending, and I learned it by caring for a loved one in the time of need. For example, your uncle, Tynsen, was about to be killed from Otab, You would care enough for him that you would put all of your might into firebending, just like I did airbending. Do you get what I am saying?

Umi: Sort of, I really don't get it how you cared for a loved one so much that you learn it in a snap of a second.

Korra: You got me wrong. You love that person so much, that you put all of your might into learning it that you actually do it.

Umi: Now I get it. So, I would learn firebending in the time of a loved one's death?

Korra: Yes. That is correct. I think you should talk with Avatar Kyoshi, she knows where you are coming from. She is an earthbender like you.

Umi: Okay, thank you Avatar Korra.

Korra: You're welcome.

Korra's spirit then vanished and then came Kyoshi's.

Kyoshi: Hello Avatar Umi. I'm Kyoshi.

Umi: Do you have the reason to why I can't firebend?

Kyoshi: I'm so sorry, but the 4 elements came naturally to me. There's someone that I'll send that went through your situation. One moment please.

Kyoshi's spirit vanished and then came Aang's.

Umi: Avatar Aang, it is an honor to see you.

Aang: And you Umi. Apparently you do not realize that you are saying it is an honor to see yourself. I am you. You are a reincarnation of me. Anyway, what can I help you with?

Umi: I cannot firebend, just like you couldn't do all 4 elements. Can you help me on this.

Aang: Have you trained before at this so called temple?

Umi: Actually, now that I think about it, the reason I may not firebend is because I wasn't at the fire temple training. All this time I've been at this temple, we've just eaten, talked, and fight. I might be able to firebend...Only at this temple though?

Aang: Has anyone told you that the temple you are at is birth place of fire bending?

Umi: I don't think anyone does know that.

Aang: They must have been tricked. Asked your master or trainer to teach fire bending only for one minute a day, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Make sure to tell him or her to train you at the Retter Gates part of the temple. Okay?

Umi: Yes sir. Oh, and thanks again.

Aang: You are very welcome, Umi.

Aang's spirit vanished, and then Umi's eyes opened. She saw Aronij and Miji at her door with their jaws dropped. She asked them: 

Umi: I was only meditating. What was wrong?

Aronij: That seemed really cool.

When Miji talks, he is jumping in the air with his fist punching the air yelling: 


Immi walked by and asked what happened.

Immi: What happened? Did Umi do a cartwheel or frontflip?

Aronij: Nope.

Immi: Then what happened?

Aronij: Umi spiritually meditated.

Immi: I'm telling dad. :)

Aronij: Immi it's not even a bad thing.

Immi: Well, you could've said that.

Umi: That was a lot of a doozy. I spoke with three different past Avatars.

Aronij: Oh who? I wanna see if I know them.

Umi: Um...I talked to Korra, then Kyoshi, then Aang.

Aronij: Let's see...Korra was a waterbender. Kyoshi was an earthbender. Finally, Aang was an airbender...So, yep I know all three of them. I'm totally gonna ace my test for school tomorrow.

Umi: Good for you.

Aronij: I know right.

Umi walked into the kitchen where Tynsen was eating lunch.

Miji: Daddy, daddy, Umi medicated.

Tynsen: Umi, is this true?

Aronij: Umi did not medi-cate, she medi-tated.

Tynsen: Oh, okay.

Umi: It's all true. I talked to Korra, Kyoshi, and Aang.

Tynsen: What did they all say?

Umi: Korra said that if I care enough for a loved one, I would learn it in a snap. Kyoshi said that the 4 elements came easier to her, so she didn't have anything for me. Then, Aang told me that you should train me one minute a day at the Retter gates. He also said that the people that've lived here didn't even know that this was the place where firebending was invented.

Tynsen: All amazing news. Well, except Kyoshi, but literally, that is amazing.

Umi: Aang said for you only to train me at the Retter Gates, one minute a day, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, so this is gonna be hard.

Tynsen: It might be, but we'll have to do the hardest for the better.

Immi: That didn't make any sense to me.

Tynsen: Umi, what time is it?

Umi: It's 11;56.

Tynsen: We have 4 minutes to get to the gates and train you for a minute.

Umi: Okay then.

Umi and Tynsen were sprinting up the stairs to the gates when it hit 12 o'clock.

Tynsen: Ready for your first lesson?

Umi: Yes sir!

Tynsen: Follow my moves. You want to punch the air with all force and pretend you veins are popping out of your wrists.

Umi punched the air but only made a little singe of flame. The clock hit 12:01 and they went home.

Tynsen: We have to do that everyday for now on, Okay?

Umi: Okay. (wiping the sweat of her brow)

Aronij: How was one-minute training Umi? Haha, I can't even get through that with a straight face.

Umi: Let's see you try it Aronij.

Aronij: Well, I also would like to be an earthbender so probably you can train me for one-minute at night, everyday.

Umi: Okay then. You got it hot-shot!

Aronij: We get to the Yelli Woods at 5:55 okay?

Umi: You got it. (threshingly breathing)

Aronij: YaY! (excited)

The news flashed on.

News Reporter #3: Thank you, and I am Yimiki Omakaua, with the citizens of the local fire temple, learning that there is a NEW secondary for the air element of bending. Citizens have seen about 3 different people doing the so called animalbending. Apparently, this type of elemental bending tames animals to do what the tamer wants. Now, back to your regular television shows.

The camera went back to the family. 

Umi: Oh my gosh. There has never been a secondary element for air over millions of years until now.

Tynsen: I know. This is horrible. If Otab gets his hands on this new bending type, he can take over the temple.

Aronij: Is everything gonna be okay daddy?

Tynsen: Fortunately, Otab has not got that much power yet, so we should be fine for now. Okay Aronij?

Aronij: Okay.

Amep: We need to escape.

Tynsen: That is a ludicrous suggestion Amep.

Amep: What's wrong with it?

Tynsen: Leaving behind all of our friwnds and neighbors, just for the good of us. That is an abominable suggestion!

Amep: Fine! (mad)

Umi: Tynsen is correct. We cannot leave Ushy, Syh, and your humble home behind. 

Amep: Well do you wanna die from Otab?

Umi: No! We will not die, but we will defeat him. Together.

It goes to later in the night.

Aronij: We need to go to Yelli Woods Umi. It is 5:54. Let's go, let's go. 

Umi: Okay, okay.

The camera goes to Umi and Aronij in the woods.

Umi: Okay, Aronij, pretend you are going to get hit by a boulder. Get a spider-horse stance, and put your hands up into terrier-crab pinchers.

Aronij: Okay then?

Umi tossed a rock at Aronij but it hit her in the stomach. 

Aronij: Ow! Stop, that hurts.

Umi: A traditional Earth-bender doesn't say ow, or bleed their own blood. An earthbender can take the pain and use it against their opponent.

Aronij: Fine then.

The timer ringed and they walked back to the house.

Tynsen: How was training Aronij?

Aronij: Awww...Painful.

Umi: Ha.

Tynsen: What did you do Umi?

Umi: I toughened her up. Punch her arm.

Tynsen: I will not punch...

Tynsen was interrupted by Umi.

Umi: Do it!

Tynsen punched Aronij in the arm and Umi asked:

Umi: Aronij, did that hurt?

Aronij: No. It didn't hurt.

Umi: That's the beginning.

Aronij: Oh brother.

The scene goes to next morning when Umi walks into the kitchen and sees Miji gobbling on pancakes.

Umi: Of, course.

Aronij: What's wrong Umi?

Umi: Nooo, it's just Miji's eating pancakes.

Miji: PANCAKES, PANCAKES, PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (awesomely excited)

Immi and Aronij: Hahahahahahahah! (laughable)

Umi: Ha.

Tynsen: Are you ready for training today?

Umi: Nope. I'm gonna meditate today, sorry.

Tynsen: Okay then.

Umi grabbed a pearnana and bit it. Then, she tossed it into the trash can and went to meditate into her room.

Umi: Please Avatar Kuruk, come to me.

Kuruk's spirit appeared and asked what she needed.

Kuruk: Would you need any help or assistance from me Umi?

Umi: Aang was correct on the 12 o'clock thing but I only made a singe of flame in the air. Do you have a solution to this firebending problem?

Kuruk: I may have two solutions. One, you are not putting enough effort to it. Two, you have to do it at the exact time. 

Umi: I'm sorry but I'm not understanding this, I have to cut this connection.

Kuruk: Sorry I have disappointed you, Avatar Umi.

Umi: It is okay. (forgivingly) 

Kuruk: Good bye.

Kuruk's spirit vanished, but then Tynsen walked into the room.

Tynsen: Umi, there is someone here I would like you to meet.

Umi: Who is it?

Tynsen: Come and find out.

Umi ran into the room and saw the two co-chiefs, smokebender Siya Chi, and co-chief napalmbender Yin Kasaid.

Yin: It is an honor to meet you Avatar Umi.

Siya: Yes, such a pleasure.

Umi: The pleasure is all mine...So, Tynsen, why are they here?

Tynsen: I do not know. They came on such short notice.

Yin: We are here because of Otab. He is on a rampage and cannot be stopped.

Siya: Have yoou gone face to face with him Avatar Umi?

Umi: Yes, but he has burnt my shoulders and washed me in a pond, but I'm okay.

Yin: Good. Have you two heard about this new secondary for air, um...Animal...bending?

Umi: Yes, we have seen it on the news a couple of times.

Siya: Well, if Otab gets his hands on this, he can send an animal to kill you in your sleep.

Tynsen: No he will not.

A tiger dragon then bursted threw the wall and tackled Umi.

Umi then air bursted the dragon away and executed it with an earthen boulder.

Umi: What the heck was that?

Yin: A tiger dragon...Otab, is already after you Umi.

Umi: How could this be..I-I-I'm perfectly fine.

Siya: We have to go, see you two later.

Tynsen: So you're goin' to leave without cleaning up the mess of crumbled wall?>>> (Rhetorically)

Umi: I've never felt so-so threatened.

Tynsen: It is okay. It is just the beginning of his attacks.

Umi: Well, apparently he is afraid to face me mano e senora so that doesn't prove that he has any strength. (Underlined means air quoted)

Tynsen: I urge you to get some rest. You have to sleep on this.

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