The Storm
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Avatar: The Last Two Airbenders



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April 21, 2012

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Chapter 1: The Children in the Iceberg

"Aang, where are you going?" Almia asked her friend Aang as he rushed past her and she grabbed his arm.

"Almia you need to stay here, I'm going away." He told me, brushing off her hand.

"No, I'm going with you," Almia argued. "Ever since I came here to finish my Airbending techniques you have been my best friend. You even promised that if you ran away you would take me with you.." She looked at him pleadingly and he stopped. His eyes full of worry, sadness and anger.

"All right," he sighed, but we're going now." Aang jumped out of a window on his glider with Almia following closely behind on hers, they landed in the bison stables.

"Which bison should we take?" Almia asked. "Appa or Ava?"

"Appa." Aang replied.

"Then let me say goodbye to Ava," Said Almia. "Ava? You here?" she asked, Ava roared in reply. "Ava, I'm going away for a little bit, if anything bad happens when I'm gone, get yourself out of here. Goodbye." Almia said sadly, stroking her Bison's nose.

She ran until she reached Aang's sky bison Appa. Grey storm clouds were gathering above, darkening the cerulean blue sky. Almia climbed on next to Aang and held onto him.

"Yip-yip!" Aang said, making the bison fly into the air and away from the Southern Air Temple. The clouds began to pour with rain, soaking Aang, Almia and Appa. As they got further away from the Air Temple the storm got progressively worse with lightning and thunder rippling across the grey sky.

Aang began to lose grip of Appa's reins against the harsh blow of the winds. He and Almia screamed and Appa growled as they were swept down into the stormy water. They sank into the water and Aang's hands drifted from the reins and Almia's left his shoulders. Aang's eyes and tattoos began to glow and he encased them in a ball of ice. Suddenly, everything went quiet in their ears. They were frozen...

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