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A list of chapters of Avatar: The Last Energybender book 1 Hunted

Prologue Peace is Fleeting An age of peace is coming to an end. Coinciding with the birth of an energybender named Genesis, the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation have entered into an alliance as the Air Nomads and Water Tribes make one of their own. Only the nation of Energybenders, now greatly dimished, are trying to stay out of the coming war.
Chapter 1 The Sanctuary Years after the war began and the energybenders have all nearly been hunted down. Only one place in the world is safe for enegybenders. The last sanctuary for energybenders, the home of Genesis and his family.
Chapter 2 The Recruiters The sanctuary has been discovered by the Earth/Fire alliance and they wasted no time in sending their "recruitment" officers to persuade the small group of energybenders to join their cause.
Chapter 3 Crystal Night Genesis', along with the rest of the energybenders refusal to join the Earth/Fire alliance has caused them to resort to plan B. Force them to join, and kill the ones who resist.
Chapter 4 The Firebender The recruitment officers notice Genesis is missing. So they send their best tracker after him, a firebender named Choy
Chapter 5 War is Kind As Genesis travels through the land he notices how the war is affecting it.
Chapter 6 Fear Choy allies himself with Onaga, a fallen spirit who specializes in using fear against his enemies in order to get Genesis.
Chapter 7 The Companion Genesis finally finds an ally, a young earthbender named Fut. He offers to assist him in fleeing the Earth/Fire alliance.
Chapter 8 Escape Choy confronts Genesis and Fut in Omashu.
Chapter 9 Advisaries Another hunter is tracking Genesis and Fut, and he has an old score to settle with Choy as well.
Chapter 10 Air Nomads Genesis and Fut arrive at the Eastern Air Temple, and are treated as honored guests... until Genesis refuses to join the Air/Water alliance.
Chapter 11 On the Road Again As Genesis and Fut continue on their journey they discover that they are being followed by someone other than Choy and Ryu, an airbender named Lay.
Chapter 12 Avoiding Capture... It's Harder Than One Thinks While traveling through a recent battle field Genesis, Fut and Lay attempt to avoid the notice of the few survivors
Chapter 13 How to Escape part 1: The Easy Portion Lay and Fut hatch a plan to get Genesis out of prison as Choy tries to get in himself.
Chapter 14 How to Escape part 2: The Hard Portion Lay and Fut succeed in getting Genesis out of his cell. Now they all have to get out of the prison.
Chapter 15 How to Escape part 3: The Near Impossible Portion As the three get near the end of their escape, the guards notice Genesis is gone.
Chapter 16 Stand and Fight Genesis gets tired of running, much to the ire of Fut and Lay.
Chapter 17 The First Plan Never Works Genesis, Lay, and Fut learn the hard way why you shouldn't stop running while being chased by an army of angry fire and earthbenders
Chapter 18 The Dragon King Genesis confronts the root of all his problems, Dragon King Lao.
Chapter 19 Spirits are Fickle The Spirits can't seem to come to an agreement over an important matter
Chapter 20 One Thing Led to Another Lao defeats Genesis, but the defeat opens the door for the young Energybender to become the most powerful person on the planet.

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