Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Last Earthbender.

The Boy in the Iceberg

[Katara has found an odd-looking iceberg]

Katara: Strange. [She uses Waterbending to get the iceberg to the land's edge and melts it. There is a boy inside. She shakes him.] Hello? Kid?

Aang: [regaining consciousness] Huh? Who - who are you? Where am I?

Katara: I'm Katara, princess of the Southern Water Tribe, and that's where we are - the South Pole.

Katara: Woah! You made an iceberg? How could you do that if you're an Airbender?

Aang: Well... I... see.. I'm...

Katara: Don't tell me. The Avatar.

Aang: How did you know?

Aang: So, I've been thinking. Would you like to go penguin sledding with me?

The Refugees, of Gaoling and otherwise

The Jasmine Dragon


The Northern Air Temple

The New Ozai Governor's Daughter

[As Toph and Zuko are walking through the streets of Omashu, they bump into Mai.]
Mai: Zuko!
Zuko: Mai!
Toph: Your heartbeats are racing! Both of you are lying! How could you have lied to me about your name, Zuko? [Zuko and Mai blush; Toph smirks.] Ohhhhhh. It's not that, is it?
Zuko: [sheepish] I kind of knew her back in the day. You know, when I lived in the palace.
Mai: [with her trademark apathy restored] We were a sort of sweethearts. So, I'm here because my family fell out of favor faster than a comet when it was discovered that my mother's mother was of illegitimate birth. What brings you?

The Meeting

The Warriors of Kyoshi

The Red Spirit

[Zuko and "the Red Spirit" have stopped briefly for sleep while escaping from Commander Zhao. Zuko wakes up first and, getting a closer look at the Red Spirit, realizes that the sword is Prince Sokka's. Then Sokka awakens and takes out a bouquet of panda lilies.]
Zuko: I appreciate the gesture, but I don't swing that way.
Sokka: [shakes his head and stands up, moves hands in the shape of a little girl]
Zuko: ...Toph?
Sokka: [nods, then gives Zuko the flowers]
Zuko: You want to give flowers to Toph? Ew! She's, what, twelve years old! And you're with the Water Tribe and you've been following us!
Sokka: Damnit! [He drops the flowers and runs off.]

Toph: These are some really nice flowers.
Mai: [to Zuko, with detached bemusement] What, you couldn't have given me any?
Zuko: Believe me, I didn't give them to her... [looks meaningfully at the nearby river]

The Drill

The Circus

Ty Lee: I don't see why not? You know, I didn't want to be Azula's girlfriend anymore anyway.
Sokka: I've met her. That's understandable.
Zuko: Uh, do you mean, like, a girl friend? Or-
Ty Lee: No, I mean [she puts her right hand in a curved shape] girl [she puts her left hand in a curved shape] friend!

[She puts her hands together; they make a heart. Beams. Zuko and Mai gape for a moment, trying to form words but failing.]

Toph: Hey, the intermission's almost over! The third act has lions and tigers and bears.
Mai: ...oh, my.

The Invasion

The Eclipse

The End

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