Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Last Earthbender in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: The Last Earthbender
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

In this world, the Fire Nation assimilated the Water Tribe, court alliances are more complex than chess, Princess Katara finds the Avatar in an iceberg and gets him on her side, and the world's only hope is a small group of rebels lead by Toph, the only Earthbender to survive the siege of Gaoling.


In the year 0 AG, Fire Lord Sozin began the attempted genocide of the Air Nomads. The Fire Nation sent the Southern Raiders to destroy the Western and Southern Air Temples and the Northern Raiders to destroy the Northern and Eastern; after the Western Air Temple had been destroyed, they began their siege on the one in the south.

Meanwhile, Avatar Aang was to be sent to the Eastern Air Temple. He was reluctant to leave his father figure Monk Gyatso, but negotiated a date of departure that satisfied him. Unfortunately, this date turned out to be the day that the Fire Nation attacked the Southern Air Temple. Aang managed to find Appa and begin flying away, but soon Fire Nation soldiers caught sight of him. They successfully struck him with a fireball and he fell off his air bison, but at the last possible moment Aang entered the Avatar State and froze himself in an iceberg. Appa flew away and the Fire Nation did not bother to pursue, since they weren't concerned with destroying Airbending animals. Appa reached the Northern Air Temple, where the monks decided to hide the sky bison in hopes they would survive the Air Nomads.

Once the Fire Nation had annihilated the Southern Air Temple, they realized they still had the Southern Water Tribe to contend with. There was a short skirmish between the groups; in the end, the Southern Water Tribe lost. The Fire Nation was surprised to have unexpectedly gained land, and there was some disagreement over how exactly to handle the situation. While the discussion was going on, Admiral Kai surprised everyone by proposing marriage to the daughter of the Tribal Chief, Anke. He explained his rationale thus: If the Water Tribe saw there was more to be gained by accepting the Fire Nation (like marriages to high-ranking officials), they might be more receptive to the Fire Nation's influence. The Tribal Chief and his closest advisors realized that the influence of the Fire Nation could end up giving them more power within their tribe. Within the next year, the Southern Water Tribe became the crown jewel among the Fire Nation's colonies and had special privileges, the Tribal Chief and his children having similar rights to the lower-ranking nobles of the Fire Nation's own court.

Soon the Fire Nation and the Southern Water Tribe went to lay siege on the Northern Water Tribe. The Tribal Chief was initially reluctant to take this action, but the Fire Nation convinced him that this was only a temporary measure, and the Northern Water Tribe would, if they complied, be granted the same status that the Southern Water Tribe had. The siege on the Northern Water Tribe was much easier with Waterbenders to circumvent the complex defense measures surrounding the central city, and the Northern Water Tribe quickly surrendered.

Under the influence of the Fire Nation, Water Tribe society slowly became more political and modernized. The Tribal Chiefs answer to no-one save the Fire Lord, but the young men of the tribes are drafted into the Fire Nation Army. The Fire Nation's war on the Earth Kingdom has lasted for 100 years.


The Boy in the Iceberg

In the year 100 AG, Katara, princess of the Southern Water Tribe, discovers a peculiar looking iceberg. She brings it to the shore, melts the ice and discovers inside a twelve-year-old boy dressed in Air Nomad clothing. He introduces himself as Aang, and as he is an Airbender Katara comes to the conclusion that he is the Avatar. They begin to talk, Katara filling Aang in on what he has missed for the past century. She tells him the government-approved version of the past 100 years: The Earth Kingdom taking over the world, or trying, the Fire-Water union as a result, and the Airbending Avatar destined to save them all. He asks her to go penguin-sledding with him.

The Refugees, of Gaoling and otherwise

Meanwhile, the Fire Nation has just destroyed Gaoling by their usual technique: Flooding by Waterbenders followed by conflagration by Firebenders. Only one person survives: Toph Bei Fong, hiding under the ground. She comes out several hours later to find the city destroyed; she goes by way of her own underground tunnels back home, where she gathers a few possessions in a wooden chest and leaves the city to walk through the forest. After two days, she meets the Freedom Fighters. Jet offers to let her travel with them, and due to her near total lack of food and destination Toph accepts the offer. They spend the next week on the way to Ba Sing Se, but Toph grows increasingly uncomfortable with the situation, especially with Jet, who gives her the nickname "Hawkeye" and seems to consider her one of them. As she learns more about the Freedom Fighters' past ruthless conduct, Toph tells Jet when they reach Ba Sing Se that she cannot travel with them any longer, although she expresses great gratitude for their generous help.

The Jasmine Dragon

In Ba Sing Se, Zuko and his uncle Iroh are running a teashop, "The Jasmine Dragon". Business is slow today, and Zuko expresses dissatisfaction with their fate: Iroh could have been the Fire Lord and he himself was once the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, but they are now serving tea in the Middle Tier. Iroh chastises Zuko for his bitterness, saying what's done is done and there's no purpose to crying over spilled tea. (Immediately after he becomes very upset over the spilling of the jasmine tea he was preparing, but he remains firm on the point.) They are interrupted by the arrival of a customer: Toph, still lugging around her wooden chest. She begins to order but realizes that she has no money. Iroh says that she can eat for free, and when Toph asks why, he says that food for pretty girls is aways on the house. Zuko rolls his eyes and tells her Iroh says that to every girl he lets eat for free. Toph is amused, and they begin to have a conversation. As they talk, the two children discover that, although they are both too cynical to say so out loud, they share a deep desire to save the world from the Fire Nation. Zuko explains how he was once the heir to the Fire Lord but was later exiled and sent on a mission to find the Avatar. Iroh helped him realize how futile this mission is, so they started a new life in Ba Sing Se. By the end of the meal, Toph and Zuko have decided to leave Ba Sing Se and see if there is anything they can do to stop the Fire Nation.


Soon after beginning their adventure, Zuko and Toph come across a village occupied by Fire Nation troops. They try to evade them and leave the town as quickly as possible, but when Toph is ecstatic to find Haru, another Earthbender, she learns the hard way that in that town Earthbending is illegal. Her enthusiasm lands them both in prison, but Zuko manages to orchestrate a prison break. Zuko and Toph leave the town as quickly as possible.

The Northern Air Temple

Toph and Zuko have been traveling together for a few weeks when they come across a path that leads to the Northern Air Temple. There they meet Teo, the Mechanist, and the other people of their village. After a couple days spent with them, they thank them for their hospitality and leave, but as they are going they discover a flying bison in the forest a few miles from the temple. Toph names him Oji, and Zuko suggests they fly to the city of Omashu.

The New Ozai Governor's Daughter

When they arrive at the city of Omashu, they are shocked to discover that the Fire Nation now controls it. Zuko manages to get himself and Toph a lodging for the night, saying Toph is his cousin and only lacks golden eyes because of her blindness. The next day, in the streets they encounter Mai; she and Zuko are shocked to see each other. Toph observes that their heartbeats are racing, and Zuko blushingly explains that he knew her in their childhood. Mai casually adds that they were sweethearts, then explains that her family was given the "honor" of governing this city when it was discovered that her father's mother was of illegitimate birth. Toph tells her that they want to save the world, and Mai decides to go with him due to a lack of anything better to do.

The Meeting

Meanwhile, in the Southern Water Tribe, Katara has spent a few weeks teaching Aang Waterbending and declared him a master. Now that this is done, they spend a few minutes discussing what to do next. Aang suggests that maybe an active approach to learning Firebending would be better, so that he and Katara and a Firebending friend and maybe a sidekick could go on an adventure in the Earth Kingdom. (Aang seems to have taken the view that the Earth Kingdom itself is evil, and once this evil is non-lethally quelled, he can go back to mastering all four elements and peace and harmony. Katara has decided to let him persist in this belief.) A few messenger birds later, Azula and Yue have come to the palace to coordinate their trip to the Earth Kingdom. While they are discussing, news arrives that a small band of rebels in the Earth Kingdom is causing trouble.

Katara wonders what they could possibly do, but suddenly their meeting is interrupted by a loud clattering from the nearby hallway: Sokka was walking through carrying an assortment of delicate objects, and when he tripped, they broke. This gives Katara an idea: Sokka can pursue the rebels and presumably bring them down. Yue gigglingly wonders if Sokka can even do that; the girls all laugh, and Azula makes a few even more mean-spirited jokes relating to how his proposal of marriage to Yue last year was dismissed by her father in favor of the relatively hapless Hahn. Aang is a little depressed by this, but lets it stand. Sokka becomes very indignant and insists he can do it. Sokka and the four both leave the South Pole that day, on two separate boats.

The Warriors of Kyoshi

Toph, Zuko, and Mai have come to the Island of Kyoshi, where they meet the Kyoshi Warriors, lead by the charismatic Suki. The residents of the island offer the three children lodging, but Toph opts to sleep outside. (This causes a brief but quickly resolved awkward moment between Zuko and Mai.) As she is falling asleep, Sokka shows up. She greets him cheerily, and Sokka realizes his advantage in that she cannot see his enemy clothing. He subtly probes for information a while, and they both like the other's sense of humor. However, Suki happens to be taking a walk, and her reaction ("Prince Sokka!") causes Toph to attack him. Suki and Sokka begin to fight while Toph supports Suki with Earthbending. Sokka manages to get out unscathed, and the next day the group decides to leave the Kyoshi Warriors, though on good terms.

The Red Spirit

The three children decide to head towards Ba Sing Se on hearing news of the city's impending invasion. At night, Commander Zhao kidnaps Zuko to a Fire Nation outpost on an island off the coast of the Earth Kingdom. Azula comes in and taunts him a lot, but then leaves. While she is out of the room, the Red Spirit, a mysterious man in a red demon's mask and black clothing, comes in and rescues him. Zuko notes by his distinctive sword that he is Prince Sokka. Once they have left, the Red Spirit takes out a bouquet of panda lilies and uses evocative gestures to ask Zuko to give them to Toph. Zuko expresses shock at the enemy wanting to give her flowers, at which Sokka drops the flowers and runs off. The next day, Mai sees Toph enjoying the flowers and wonders if Zuko could have given them to her instead, and he vehemently insists that he wasn't responsible for the flowers.

The Drill

Aang, Katara, Azula, and Yue are at the head of an expedition to attack Ba Sing Se with an enormous phallic drill. However, the three heroes show up and a violent battle ensues. The Fire Nation is winning, but at a critical moment Yue falls unconscious, and it turns out that in her childhood she was saved by the Moon Spirit, and her life was always going to be taken by it eventually. She gradually turns into the moon spirit, distracting everybody with how beautifully animated her transformation is. Toph, Zuko, and Mai start to gain the upper hand; then Katara strikes a blow on Mai's throwing arm, so they retreat. Aang tells Katara that he's realized how fleeting life can be, and he isn't entirely sure he'll survive this war. Katara points out how Yue's death had nothing to do with the war; Aang insists that just a few months ago, he couldn't have saved Katara from Zuko's Firebending. Katara smiles and says she's proud of how much more mature Aang has grown in those few months, and Aang kisses her. They retire from the scene where the battle was fought holding hands.

Sokka got lost briefly in the desert while pursuing Toph, Zuko, and Mai, so he reaches the city about two days later. He gets in by elaborate disguise and forgery, and when he sees the news he discovers the events of the battle on the drill. He is shocked to discover Yue's death, and realizes that he really feels very little loyalty to the Fire Nation. After serious thought, he decides he would be better off joining the group.

The Circus

When the group wakes up the next day, Sokka is standing around waiting for them. Immediately they are suspicious and battle ready, but Sokka explains he is here to help. Toph decides to welcome him with open arms, though Mai and Zuko are still skeptical. However, Sokka's information about Sozin's Comet and the Day of Black Sun is much welcomed.

To celebrate the new addition to the group, they go to the circus. While Toph and Sokka are mostly focused upon the clowns, Mai and Zuko fixate upon one of the acrobats: Ty Lee, who lived in the Fire Nation Palace in their childhood. After the show, the group goes to talk to Ty Lee, and when they tell her what they have been doing, she decides to join their group. She admits her loyalties once lay with Azula, but as she puts it, "I didn't really want to be her girl friend anymore anyway." Toph and Sokka innocently welcome her to the group, and the three of them go to sleep as it is already evening by that time, but Mai and Zuko stay up talking. They heard girl friend as girlfriend, and this revelation disturbs them. They start talking about the childhood memories of Ty Lee and Azula that make much more sense now. This quickly turns to memories of the adventures the four of them had together, which turns to memories of Mai and Zuko. They admit that the feelings for each other they had as children haven't gone away and end up falling asleep in each other's arms.

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The Eclipse

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