Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Last Bender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Last Bender
"In my hands, I hold the fate of four races"
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Equalists burning a village of Earthbenders

e Last Bender is a story set after the events of The Legend of Korra, but instead of winning whatever conflict Korra has against the Equalists, she fails to defeat them and they succeed in conquering Republic City. As they have proven that non-benders can be superior over benders, more and more soldiers join their cause for world domination until almost every non-bending soldier in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation has joined them. They also become so technologically advanced that they make weapons such as rifles, tanks, even fighter planes. With a large enough army, they eventually conquer the Water Tribes, Fire Nation, and Ba Sing Se. In the process of their conquest, they round up and exterminated every bender they found, until the bending arts were all but extinct. Although a large rebellion on non-benders who disagree with the Equalists rose against them, all hope seems lost. Although, from a ravaged and nearly extinct Sandbender Tribe, there has been one sandbender born there, a man Named Sian, and he is the very thing that the Equalists fear most, the Avatar. He will soon bring hope to the unbalanced world, and restore peace.


  • Sian: A Sandbender Avatar who has lost almost his entire culture to the Anti-Benders. A cocky, hotheaded teenager who is determined to avenge his people.
  • Xaosing: A fellow desert nomad who has excellent skill in stealth and knife throwing who joins Sian in his quest to free the world.
  • Leng: A tonfa-wielding General in the Equalist army who is hunting down Sian in order to prove himself and to others that he is superior to all benders.


  • Waterkai and Vaznock, the writers and creators of Kyoshi Revolts, the fanon that gave me the idea for such a fanon.
  • The Bos, he gave me many tips when I was new to here, and helped me out on many things on getting used to the wiki, I am in his debt.
  • Twilitlink, the author of Wanted, my favorite story on the wiki, and he too gave me a lot of help when I was new to the wiki, a hero and a great friend.

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