Aunt Wu
Fortunes and Training
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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WU, Meng

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Dai-Kon Hal

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Crossing the Desert

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Fortunes and Training

The ninth chapter of Book 4: Air.


Ty Lee walking on her hands

Ty Lee just before she's called in to see Aunt Wu.

The gang stops at Makapu Village to rebuy supplies and to double check to make sure Ursa isn't there.

Meanwhile, Malu has Kaizen meditate as he spiritually fights the manifestation of his Dragon Warrior powers.

Meanwhile, the gang goes to where Aunt Wu is and are invited in with Meng. Mai is asked to see Aunt Wu, which she does, after asking Katara to watch Tom-Tom.

Meanwhile, Kaizen concentrates on what he wants to do with his life, he and his Dragon Warrior self merge, making him ready to practice using the Dragon Warrior State.

At Aunt Wu's house, Mai comes out, saying Aunt Wu said she'd marry a powerful Firebender, making Zuko and her smile. Ty Lee is then called in.

During practice, Kaizen prepares to use the Dragon Warrior State, but he can't access it, only getting a vision of his mother. Malu then sends Kaizen and Azula on a mission to look for their parents, not allowing the two to return until Kaizen can use the Dragon Warrior State.

When Ty Lee comes out, she explains that Aunt Wu says that she'll meet a family member she never knew she had. Zuko is called in next but declines the idea of knowing if he'll find his mother, but he does learn that Ursa was there getting supplies for her trip to Ba Sing Se, which Team Avatar prepares to do before leaving.

Meanwhile, Kaizen and Azula prepare to go to the Sun Warrior Temple to begin their search, due to a gut feeling of Kaizen's.

Author's Notes

This chapter sets up several story points that will be revealed in following chapters, for both groups of people.


  • Aunt Wu was last seen in "Bato of the Water Tribe", and Meng was last seen in "The Fortune Teller".

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