The Thief and the Princess
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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Dai-Kon Hal

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The Thief and the Princess

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Fortunes and Training

The eighth chapter of Book 4: Air.


Katara holds Tom-Tom

Katara, Sokka, and Tom-Tom shortly before Malu's attack.

As Team Avatar continues their search, Mai suggests finding a place to rest for the night as it was getting close to five.

Meanwhile, Malu's team prepares for their first attack on the gang, where Malu reveals she was descended from the Air Nomad survivor, Malu the Ghost Witch, who instead of dying went into hiding. Malu suggested waiting until they were unaware and striking using surprise and fear.

At Team Avatar's campsite, the gang has some casual conversations, with Tom-Tom learning to say Zuko's name.

Meanwhile, Malu's team is about to attack. Once they do, Zuko and Aang protect the team with a fire wall that's dissipated by Azula and Kaizen. Azula and Zuko had a fight, with Azula shouting at Zuko for locking her in the asylum. Toph fights Long Feng and easily keeps in control of the fight. Katara and Hama fight with Hama reprimanding Katara for not destroying the Fire Nation with the end of the war. Aang and Malu fight, with Malu believing if Aang had stayed at the Southern Air Temple, the Air Nomads wouldn't have been killed. Kaizen fought everyone else, easily knocking out Ty Lee and Sokka. When Zuko's got Azula down, Kaizen's eyes glow gold, and his birth mark glow blood red. Kaizen, acting more like a monster than a man then easily knocks out everyone except Toph, Mai, Aang, and Zuko, for some reason choosing not to actively fight them. Eventually, Kaizen's knocked out when Zuko tosses Sokka's boomerang at his head. Malu's team then retreats. The next day, Zuko presents his theory that Kaizen is the Dragon Warrior, a warrior chosen to protect the dragons and the innocent if they become endangered.

Back with Malu's team, Kaizen realizes he has to gain control over the Dragon Warrior's power, so he doesn't hurt someone on his own side, promising to learn from Malu.

Author's Notes

Dragon Warrior Kaizen

Kaizen in the Dragon Warrior State.

Kaizen's status as the Dragon Warrior is a way to have an opponent that can match Aang in the Avatar State, at least for a while.



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