Sad Azula
The Thief and the Princess
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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Dai-Kon Hal

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The Bei Fongs

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The First Dragon Warrior

The seventh chapter of Book 4: Air.



The author's illustration of Kaizen.

In Fire Fountain City, a fourteen-year-old boy named Kaizen, who has a birthmark on the right side of his face shaped like a dragon's foot, runs from the guards for stealing a piece of bread. After escaping them, Kaizen gives the loaf to two orphaned children when he notices them. After that, Kaizen saves them from being trampled by a rhino, leading to Kaizen being captured and sent to the Boiling Rock. At the Boiling Rock, Kaizen ends up sharing a cell with Azula, who has had her sanity restored at the asylum and transferred to the Boiling Rock. During lunch, Kaizen admits to Azula that Kaizen was born on the streets and was made unaware of some things like as the Boiling Rock. Kaizen's then thrown into the freeze when he uses Firebending to warm his food. That night, the mysterious woman who freed Long Feng and Hama arrives and frees Azula, who also asks for Kaizen to be freed as well due to slightly becoming attached to him. After this, the woman reveals herself as Malu of the Eastern Air Temple, and she has recruited Kaizen and Azula to have their revenge on the Avatar and the Fire Nation.

Author's Notes

Cardgame Malu

The basis for Malu.

Malu is based on the character of the same name from the card game. Also, Kaizen's status at the beginning of the story is inspired on Aladdin, particularly giving the bread to the two children who were worse off than him. The main purpose of this chapter was to reintroduce Azula into the story and introduce Kaizen.


  • The events of Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang are referenced by Kaizen when he's captured.
  • It's also revealed that Azula has regained her sanity, though she's still bitter about her defeat at the hands of Zuko and her imprisonment.

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