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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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Lao, Poppy

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User:Dai-Kon Hal

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Return to the Swamp

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The Thief and the Princess

The sixth chapter of Book 4: Air.


Toph wins

Toph smiles at being able to stay on the team.

While approaching Gaoling, Tom-Tom says his first word, Mai. After landing, the team decides to go to the Bei Fong's residence as Aang got the idea that they were well connected. At the Bei Fong residence, the gang is captured and brought before the Bei Fongs. After Ty Lee leaves to use the bathroom, Lao insists that Toph shouldn't be gallivanting around the world, so Zuko proposes a competition. Lao and Zuko will ask two questions, and if the gang answers one wrong, Toph will return to the estate for good, but if Lao gets an answer wrong, Toph is free to choose. Lao ends up losing the game, and Toph gets to stay with the team. Afterwards, Zuko shows Lao and Poppy the picture of his mother, and Poppy reveals that Ursa used to be a nanny to Toph before leaving for Ba Sing Se five years ago, via the Si Wong Desert route.

Meanwhile, in Long Feng's cell, the mysterious figure approaches him and promises freedom and revenge on the Avatar and the Fire Nation if he joins her, which he agrees to.

Author's Notes

Lao wants his daughter back

Lao confronts Team Avatar.

The riddles used in this chapter are from the Hobbit, the sphinx riddle, and The Cat That Looked at a King.


  • Lao and Poppy's only appearance in the series was "The Blind Bandit", where Toph joined Team Avatar.
  • Also, Toph's note to her parents from "The Runaway" is referenced indirectly by Toph and her father.
  • The open-ended part of Toph's story is finished as she has confronted her parents about running away.
  • Long Feng was last seen in the series in "The Crossroads of Destiny" when Azula forced him to bow down to her.

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