Foggy Swamp
Return to the Swamp
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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Kya, Yue, Huu

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Dai-Kon Hal

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The Fire Nation Ambassador

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The Bei Fongs

The fifth chapter of Book 4: Air.



Katara's second hallucination of Kya.

On the way to Gaoling, Team Avatar flies over the Foggy Swamp. Due to having the returning feeling of the Swamp calling to them, Aang suggests landing, which Sokka objects to. However, once again, the gang is pulled into the Swamp.

Meanwhile, at the Capital Prison, Iroh talks to Ozai, but Ozai, still bitter about his defeat, tells Iroh to leave him alone, with Iroh agreeing, after he finishes his roast duck, handing Ozai some roast moose lion that Ozai barely nibbles before setting it aside.

Back at the Swamp, the gang is separated, with Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, Toph, and Tom-Tom in one area while Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki, and Momo are in another.

Zuko's group goes on and eventually, Zuko believes he sees Ursa, but it turns out to simply be a log. Also, Mai momentarily sees Azula before she disappears.

Aang's group ends up chasing a shadowed figure that blames Aang for the near extinction of the Air Nomads when she disappears, and Katara believes she sees Kya when she rushes to her, and it turns out to just be the same stump the others are at. Sokka then believes he sees Yue on Appa, and Yue tells Sokka she's glad he moved on, and she also says that someone wants to talk to Zuko before they go. Just then, Huu arrives. Zuko questions if he knows where his mother is, and Huu explains that she was there six years ago.

Ursa is walking around the Swamp when she hears Zuko's voice before Huu approaches her and helps her leave, explaining the swamp to her.

Hearing this, Zuko decides to continue on the road to Gaoling.

Meanwhile, in the prison Hama is in, the shadowed figure from Aang's vision in the Swamp arrives and frees Hama with Airbending, promising her revenge on the Fire Nation and the Avatar.

Author's Notes


Hama in her appearance in the series.

This chapter's main purpose was to help give the search more hope in that Ursa has actually appeared in a flashback. It also introduces the main villain of the story, Malu.


  • Huu appears again and is still shown to be as spiritual.
  • Yue not blaming Sokka for her death is in stark contrast to when Sokka saw Yue in the swamp, which lends support to the idea that it was the real Yue talking to Sokka.
  • Iroh's insistence to finish roast duck before doing something is done previously in the very first episode of Avatar where Zuko orders to be taught the advanced Firebending set.
  • Hama has only appeared once in the series, "The Puppetmaster", and was still in prison from that episode.

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