The Fire Nation Ambassador
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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New Ozai Governor, Governor's wife, Bumi

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Dai-Kon Hal

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The New Recruit

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Return to the Swamp

The fourth chapter of Book 4: Air.



Mai's mother asks Mai to watch Tom-Tom.

At Omashu, they plan on visiting Mai's family, the new Fire Nation ambassadors for the Earth Kingdom, after checking to see if Bumi knows where Ursa might be. Momo also hides in Sokka's shirt for fear of meeting Tom-Tom again. At the palace, Zuko asks Bumi if he's seen Ursa. Bumi says she did, and she headed north after spending some time there. Grateful, the gang heads off to visit Mai's family, There, Zuko checks on how being the ambassadors is going, Mai greets her parents and coos at Tom-Tom, having allowed herself to be more open with Zuko as her boyfriend. As the gang's about to leave, Mai's mother asks Mai to take Tom-Tom with them to have him see the world, and as practice for when Mai and Zuko have children, greatly embarrassing Mai. They then head north... Which leads to Gaoling, Toph's home town.

Author's Notes

King Bumi

Bumi says where he saw Ursa.

This chapter's main purpose was to give the gang an actual clue to where Ursa might be, and it also shows what happened to Mai'S family after Bumi retook Omashu.


  • Momo's nervousness of being around Tom-Tom refers to when they met in "Return to Omashu."
  • Also, the only time Mai's family appears in the series is "Return to Omashu."
  • Bumi also appears after retaking his city in the finale.

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