Ty Lee as a Kyoshi Warrior
The New Recruit
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air





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Dai-Kon Hal

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The Journey Begins

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The Fire Nation Ambassador

The third chapter of Book 4: Air.


Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee, Kyoshi Warrior.

During a pit stop at Kyoshi Island for Suki to get her gear, Zuko questions Oyaji, but he doesn't get anywhere with it. Ty Lee then rushes up and greets everyone. Ty Lee then expresses her wish to join Team Avatar. While Aang and Katara agree at once, as long as Ty Lee promises to do her share of the work, Zuko waits for Aang and Katara's assent while Ty Lee has to give Mai puppy dog eyes for her to agree. Soon afterwards, Sokka and Suki come out, after a make-out session, and Toph welcomes Ty Lee to the team with a punch to the arm, which Ty Lee reciprocates after understanding why Toph did that. The gang then heads off.

Author's Notes

Ty Lee's induction into the team allows for an additional source of comic relief and will later prove important to the story.


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