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Avatar: The Highlanders Chapter 3
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Avatar: The Highlanders



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May 27, 2013

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"Get down!" Luag yelled as he threw Aang behind a boulder. The fireballs landed all around them, smashing off of the rocks. "Over there look!" Luag yelled as he pointed towards a group of oncoming troopers.

"What now?" Asked Sokka as he slid behind the rock next to Luag and Aang.

"We'll push forward!" Yelled Luag as he ran from cover, swinging his sword.

"Aang look out!" Sokka screamed as a fire bender threw a fireball at him. Aang ducked, narrowly missing the ball of flames and could feel the heat of the fire. Luag quickly kicked the man in the gut, sending him to the floor. He raised his sword and prepared to stab him. 

"Stop!" Yelled Aang. 

"Are you joking?" Luag said lowering his sword. 

"He doesn't need to die!" Aang said as he moved Luag aside. The man kicked Luag in the knees and stood back up. He threw another ball of fire towards Aang, knocking Aang flat on his back. Luag in rage planted the sword in the man's head. 

"Look I know your a pacifist... but this is a war!" Luag yelled as he stabbed another man running towards him. "If you can't handle this, wait in the village!" The clansmen began to run down the hill towards the approaching Fire Nation army. Luag gave Aang a pat on the shoulder and ran with them. Aang looked at the two men who were just killed before him, feeling sorry despite them being his enemies. 

"Katara!" Aang yelled as he ran through the gate. She was tending to a wounded Clansman, trying to heal him with water.

"Are you okay?" He asked as crouched down next to her.  

"I'm fine... is Sokka not with you?" She asked with a worried face. 

"I thought he was with you!" Aang said worried for his friend.  

"Aang.... I know it's hard for you to go out there... but please find him!" Katara said as she worked away at the bleeding man.  Aang quickly ran outside of the gates, trying to not pay attention to the dead bodies. He spotted a young boy in blue robes, down the hill lying still.

"Sokka!" He yelled as he ran down and rolled the body over. It was not Sokka, the boy was to pale and had a shaved head. "Sokka?" Aang yelled, hoping for a reply. "Aang?" Asked a boy, holding his side and sitting on a tree trunk. "Sokka? Oh no... what happened?" Aang barely recognized him. His clothes were burnt and his chest red with blood. 

"One of them caught me with a fireball!" He said gritting his teeth. 

"Come on, Katara's worried... and so am I!" Aang said as he put Sokka's arm around his shoulder and helped him to his feet. Half way up the hill Aang could a thousand footsteps from behind him. "What is..." A man ran infront of Aang, fleeing. They paused and looked behind them. The clansmen were running away from a larger group of fire troopers. "Hold on tight!" Aang said as he sprung himself up in the air. Then landing and springing again into the village. Moments later the clansmen poured through the gates and made a barricade.

"What's going on?" Aang asked Luag who was trying to catch his breath. 

"It's the...Fire Nation. There's too many! We'll hold em off from here." Luag said as he sat down in relief. "Get some rest... they'll attack again. No doubt."                 

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