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Chapter 2
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Avatar: The Highlanders



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May 16, 2013

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Avatar: The Highlanders Chapter 1

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"Ohhh dammit it hurts," Luag groaned, putting a bandage over his wound. The scene from atop of Appa was amazing; he could see for miles and could even see the borders between the clans. "So you just fly anywhere you want to go?" Luag asked as he admired the scenery.

"Pretty much," said Sokka from the other end of Appa.

"So how much longer?" asked Katara, clinging onto Appa's fur.

"Inver Garvin is at the top of the glen, over there," yelled Luag, pointing towards a massive glen. Aang guided Appa down and they landed outside of the village.

"Luag? Who are these people! And why have you brought them?" asked the chieftain pointing towards the group of people behind him.

"Sir... this is the Avatar," Luag explained. The chieftain's eyes widened with surprise.

"The... the Avatar!" He went down on one knee, the others followed and Luag joined them. "Welcome to our village, what brings you here?" asked the chieftain standing back up.

"I want to learn to waterbend." Aang said.

The next morning Luag woke up from an uneasy sleep. He was back to sleeping on his uncomfortable ground mat and inside a tent. He quickly got dressed and went out into the courtyard. Few people were up, a few guards patrolled and a few clansmen were sharpening their swords. Luag, half asleep, walked to the courtyard where he trained waterbending. Minutes later the clan's master entered the courtyard. Luag went down on one knee, waiting for his master to speak. "Ahhh... where are your friends?" asked the old man.

"No doubt they're sleeping. I think I should practice some more... before their arrival," Luag said taking off his coat, exposing himself to the snow. The man quickly threw water at him, and Luag threw it back... just barely. "Sir, why did you?..."

"To test your reflexes... they're not that good, young one."

"Sorry, sir, I'm tired."

"Well wake up!" snapped the old man. Luag despised his master, but he was the only one who could teach him to waterbend and how to fight.

An hour or so later Aang and Katara arrived.

"Hey there," Aang said, but Luag quickly held him back.

"Bow first," he whispered.

"Okay..." Aang said as he went on one knee. Katara followed in hesitation.

"So what do you desire to learn?" asked the man.

"We know some waterbending, but I know the highlander's have some unique techniques," Katara said with a smile as the old man paced forwards and backwards.

"Well, we should begin then." They went through different techniques, most were new to Aang and Katara but they caught on quickly. Luag struggled to keep up though.

"Excellent work, Aang!" Said the old man, praising Aang for breaking through his guard; if it were a real fight, Aang would have won. "Katara, you are also doing well." Luag's head was filled with jealously as he was being showed up by strangers.

"Sir... I can do that too!" He said, trying to catch his master's attention. He tried to copy Aang's stance and pulled the water from the air. As he formed the weapon of water his thought was broken by his master's voice.

"Too slow!" yelled the man. Luag dropped the water in frustration.

"I had that!" he yelled at his master.

"You are an apprentice, stay to what you know!" Luag was furious, his face showed it.

"Why do you always do this!" Luag yelled back.

"Because you are weak! I never chose to teach you, they made me. If you want to learn... learn like a man!"

Luag walked past his master, pushing him out of the way. "Forget this I don't need you!"

"What's his problem?" Katara asked, Aang shrugged.

Later that day Luag was standing by the village's walls. He was admiring the scenery of the glens, "Hey." A soft voice caught him off guard. He turned round to see Allak climbing up the ladder.

"How long have you been up here?"

"Long enough..." She walked up beside him.

"So I heard you stormed off from training."

"How did you know?" Luag asked in surprise.

"Word spreads quickly..."

"So... how are you doing?" he said changing the topic.

"Good, missed you when you were gone though." Luag blushed slightly.

"Really?" She nodded.

"Yeah, it's not the same here without you." Luag gave her a warm smile, but his eyes drifted to behind her where the sea lay.

"Ohhh god!" He yelled pointing towards the sea. A fleet of ships were approaching the beach of the island.

"Ohh... God! Are they Fire Nation?" Allak asked in surprise.

"Yeah, we have ten minutes, maybe... before they get here!" Luag quickly climbed down and ran into the chieftain's tent. He threw open the tent flaps and ran to the chieftain who was eating a massive piece of meat.

"Sir! There's a fleet of Fire Nation troops coming our way!"

Luag and the clansmen stood by the gate as the sound of marching soldiers drew closer. The Avatar and the waterbenders stood behind them, waiting for the gate to burst open. The marching stopped and the gate began to creak. The air was in an uneasy silence and Luag's hands became stiff from waiting in the snow. A young man next to Luag was shaking with fear...

"How long are we going to wait for?..." Sokka asked as he lowered his shield.

The gate stopped creaking and went flying back with a fireball. "Now!" yelled the clansman in front of Luag and they charged towards the Fire Nation soldiers. Luag was constantly being smacked in the back by another man's shield. The two sides clashed and Luag was met face to face with one of the Fire Nation troopers. He quickly bashed him with his shield throwing him off balance. He then raised his sword for the finishing blow.

Meanwhile Aang stood watching, ready for the signal. He could see Sokka and Luag, fighting the troopers. Sokka, with an uneasy look... but Luag had a face red from his efforts and from the blood of the Fire Nation.

"Now!" Yelled Katara.

Aang threw up his glider and flew over the marching fire army. He landed behind their lines and began to throw them in different directions with his airbending. The clansmen quickly broke through the lines and caught up with Aang. Though they were met with a deadly surprise, as Aang looked towards the sky he could see balls of fire raining down.

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