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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Heir of Ban.

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This page is for users to ask questions about the fanfiction series Avatar: The Heir of Ban. Responses given, if specified as such, can be considered canon within the Heir of Ban continuity. Please ask any and all questions you have! I (manzai) will do my best to answer them as long (as long as they aren't flames or something).

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Q: Where else is Heir of Ban being hosted?

A: In addition to this wiki, it's posted on here, and Distant Horizons [1]


Q: Where did you get the brilliant idea about the story? I mean, source of your fanon.

A: I talked a little bit about this in an interview I gave in the White Lotus Sentinel a few issues ago. I had toyed around with just making up OCs and plot ideas and stuff several years ago when I wrote "Enemies and Traitors." One thing I thought of for an OC contest was this con artist character, and I thought there should be a criminal underworld that produced those sort of people. I thought of Star Wars and other sci-fi/fantasy franchises I liked (and I do consider Avatar to technically be a fantasy world), and a lot of them had criminal underworld aspects even when a war or some other world-wide disaster is the main focus. So I thought of how that would be in the Avatar world, and that became the Hei Chaoliu. At that time A:tLA was ending and a lot of people were doing "after the war" stories. I didn't want to do another one of those, but I thought a really powerful crime syndicate was another threat that would be big enough to challenge an Avatar. That was the beginning of the idea, and the rest of my ideas flowed from that. It was relatively easy to flesh out the Hei Chaoliu because I could just draw a lot of it from research on the Triads and Yakuza. I made Zhengyi be born into the Hei Chaoliu because heroes are more compelling when they have a unique connection to their villains, and I think it's more interesting to have him start off with questionable morals so he can learn to be a better person over time and therefore have a well-defined character arc. You can see the interview where I talk more about it here.

Q: Will you ever dedicate a chapter to a past life's story?

A: Meaning one of Zhengyi's past Avatar lives? Yes. I haven't finished the synopsis yet, but Chapter 11 will spend a lot of time on the life of Avatar Maiara, the Water Tribe Avatar before Zhengyi, similar to "The Avatar and the Fire Lord". Also, in chapter 8 Zhengyi meets Avatar Rinpoche, the Air Nomad Avatar who preceded Maiara. He plays a major role in the plot of that chapter, but it doesn't go into his whole life story like chapter 11 will with Maiara. In addition to that, Maiara pops up several times to give him advice, like Roku does in A:tLA.

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