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The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Gems of Life is fan-sequel made by PrincessAire that focuses on the next Avatar after Korra. A century after the events of The Legend of Korra, some characters from the previous show are either dead or too old to contribute greatly in the story.

Avatar Korra had done exceptionally well in doing her duties as the Avatar. She helped the United Republic grow further, opened the Spirit Portals and helped the humans live with spirits in harmony, brought back the airbenders and helped in recreating the Earth Kingdom.

However, like most Avatars, Korra made some mistakes in her life, mistakes that may one day be a burden for her reincarnation.

Shin, adventurous and daredevil as he is, still hasn't completely felt the responsibility of being an Avatar. Nothing has been bothering the world for the past 18 years, but things are about to change. Shin will meet friends and defeat enemies that are a threat to world peace, and in order to grow as a fully-realized Avatar, Shin must understand his true power, his true potential. Being indecisive has proven to be a great obstacle to all past Avatars, and if Shin does not become decisive to take drastic measures, the world might just fall into chaos slowly, without anyone saving it, and one day, the term Avatar may cease to exist.


Book 1: Guardians (守护者)

Legends say that the Avatar always has his friends beside him, helping him in his duties as the Avatar. These friends have the Elemental Gems, gems that came from Raava herself. Like the Avatar, once the Guardian dies, the Guardian is reincarnated into a new Guardian, who is destined to help the Avatar in his duty to bring the world into peace and balance.

If the Elemental Gems were to fall into the wrong hands, the Avatar will be in grave danger. Once the Elemental Gems are held by a single being, it allows the holder to bend all 4 elements, like the Avatar. It could be used to oppose the Avatar itself, or it could be used for something much more worse.

In the present day, a century after Avatar Korra's reign as Avatar, she is reincarnated into the Earth Kingdom boy named Shin. Shin is destined to meet the Guardians and become his greatest allies. Albeit unknown to the Guardians themselves, Yōna, Yuzuki Aishi and Wēn all hold three of the Elemental Crystals, Fire, Water and Air, respectively, and they quickly become friends with the Avatar.

Together, they must stop the Red Lotus and its leader, Hiresh from once again throwing the world out of balance.

Book 2: Energy (能源)

A month after the events with the Red Lotus, the sudden spread of spiritual energy in the world has led to the discovery of an ancient nation that has long been since forgotten. Shin now faces three of the nations fighting each other in order to access all of the ancient nation's hidden wealth; something that should belong to the nation's people, not to the world.

A secret society that has been hiding under the shadows of the four nations rises, attempting to claim back their nation. Without any proof however, the society is left with suspicion as they take drastic actions to take back what is theirs.

Will war once again prevail over the world or will the Avatar be able to keep peace and balance?

Book 3: Connection (连接)

Ever since Avatar Korra had lost her connection to her past lives, this affected her successor, Shin, in many different ways. Shin has had to do things on his own accord, seeking advice from Jinora and close friends. However, with a new threat rising, threatening to eliminate world leaders and appoint themselves as new ones, Shin needs real advice from his past lives, like Korra or Aang.

Assaulting this group is like no other; attacking this secret organization without a plan can lead to Shin's demise, or worse.

Darkness falls, yet light always prevails. Peace always overcomes chaos, no matter how difficult it is, and disconnected relationships can be mended. Will Shin be able to reconnect with his past lives or will he have to defeat the secret organization on his own?

Book 4: Gods (神)

Raava is the Light Goddess and Vaatu is the Dark God. The spirits worship Raava and Vaatu, yet they also worship four more minor gods and goddesses, each of them representing one element. The Elemental Gods helped Raava in creating the Elemental Gems, which would be held by their current incarnations, Yōna, Yuzuki and Wēn.

When the Spirit Portals were closed and with Raava permanently fusing with Wan, this left the Spirit World with the four minor gods, all of whom felt betrayed because their highest goddess, Raava, had left them for the sake of helping humans by creating the Avatar.

When Avatar Korra opened the Spirit Portals once more, this allowed the Elemental Gods to enter the human world and look for the Avatar and consequently, their high goddess Raava. Seeing as how the physical world has changed, the Elemental Gods decided to claim back the Physical World for spirits and attempts to restore the world back to the prehistoric times, the time where the Lion Turtles were abundant and when the Spirit Wilds existed.

Shin must now face another big threat, but he would not face it alone, as Raava will be with him for the rest of the fight. Will Shin be able to save the world from the Elemental Gods who are trying to return the world to its prehistoric times or will the Spirit Wilds return to the Physical World once more?



  • Shin - Shin is the new Avatar after Korra, who, by the latter's request, be protected by the Order of the White Lotus. Shin is a very kind, generous and adventurous, like all the other Earth Kingdom people. Shin's family is very renowned, as his father, Girada, was once the President of the United Republic of Nations.
  • Yōna - Yōna is the Guardian of the Gem of Fire, and had exceptional abilities as a firebender. She is very kind, slightly hot-headed, bossy, yet motherly and loving. She is also skilled to using two katanas at once.
  • Yuzuki Aishi - Yuzuki is the Guardian of the Gem of Water, and is known for his abilities as a waterbender. Yuzuki is the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe, holding a great status. She is quite different from the other waterbenders in her time, as she still uses traditional waterbending instead of the modern waterbending.
  • Kurah Aishi - Kurah is the older brother of Yuzuki, and was an enemy in Book 3, until he finally realized his mistakes and his way of treating his sister. Like Yuzuki, he is an excellent waterbender, utilizing both traditional and modern day style waterbending to fit the terrain.
  • Wēn - Wēn is the Guardian of the Gem of Air, and he is the son of Kai and Jinora, the grandson of Tenzin, and the great-grandson of Aang. Like his great-grandfather, he is a funny, cheerful and a resourceful guy. He even improved his great-grandfather's airball technique.
  • Akihiro - Akihiro is Shin's best friend, and is very skilled at gadgets and computers. He is a skilled hacker, evident by how he once worked for Republic City when it was under attack by rebelling people who were using robots. He is also an inventive guy, as he could create things out of stuff just lying in the ground. He even made his own robotic exoskeleton he uses in fights. Overall, he's a nice, adventurous and a sarcastic guy.


Book 1

  • Hiresh - The new leader of the Red Lotus, Hiresh was the new owner of the Gem of Earth after he stole it from its original owner. During spring of 273 AG, Hiresh kidnapped Team Avatar and put Shin under his control after blackmailing him about his friends. Later, after revealing that he had stolen the gems from his friends despite Shin agreeing with his terms, he possessed Shin's body, killing the Earth King after Shin didn't follow his orders to do so. He was defeated by Team Avatar and left Shin's body, and the two had their final fight resulting in Hiresh's ultimate defeat.

Supporting Characters

  • Suhila – Yōna found Suhila in the Fire Sages temple and later on found out that Suhila was an orphan. Suhila was impressed by Yōna's Firebending abilities and wanted to learn from her. Yōna gladly accepted, and later on, she learned the ancient style of firebending called the Dancing Dragon.
  • Chaisuge – Chaisuge is Shin's mother and is very caring towards her family. She is a Master Waterbender and Icebender. She is a known architect and was responsible for the construction of many roads and canals in Republic City.
  • Girada - Girada was once the President of the United Republic of Nations. He was an earthbender, but he showed more focus in his politician life than his bending abilities, and even tried to force Shin to enter politics. Shin, however, did not show any interest in politics, causing them to have a complicated relationship. Girada still supports his son, however.
  • Korra – She was the predecessor of Shin, and a fully-realized Avatar. She usually helps Shin whenever he is troubled over something.
  • Asami Sato – The widowed wife of the previous Avatar and the former President of Future Industries. She has decided to spend her days in the Sato Estate and is secretly a member of the Order of the White Lotus.
  • Corrisande Sato – The President of Future Industries in Book 1. Corrisande is the adopted daughter of Korra and Asami, and she is a very intelligent and hard-working woman. She is responsible for the fast modernization of Republic City during the past years. In Book 2, she retires and gives her title to her son, Takahara Sato, and she spends her days in the Sato Estate with her mother.
  • Takahara Sato – The official heir of Future Industries in Book 1. Takahara does not play a major role in Book 1, but his inventions helped the world greatly during the disaster. He loves to invent things and is usually unorganized. In Book 2, he becomes the official President of Future Industries, and he fully supports Team Avatar in any way he can. He is also best friends with Akihiro.
  • Opal Beifong – She is the widowed wife of Bolin, and she was Wēn's Airbending instructor, until Wēn became a prodigy.
  • Kokuma – He is a member of the 'Neo Fighters' and is attracted to Suhila very much.
  • Kai – He is the widowed husband of Jinora and an airbending prodigy in his younger years. Jinora also taught him her technique of spiritual projection, after Kai has achieved inner peace inside of himself. His son is Wēn.


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Book 1: Guardians (守护者)

  1. Chapter 1: Coming of Age
  2. Chapter 2: Elemental Arts
  3. Chapter 3: A New Teacher
  4. Chapter 4: Team Avatar


  • Book 4: Gods is the only book that has one mandarin text out of all the Books in the series.

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