Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Forgotten Bender in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: The forgotten bending
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Hundred years ago a village was settled in Wu long forest, a village who have their own earthbending style. They called it Shanon style bending. It was created in the year 312 BG; it was said that Avatar Kyoshi banned the way of the shanon because the shanon style bending has a lot of difference in ordinary earthbending, the shanon style is more powerful than what common earth benders can do. Shanon style technique has 5 stages of leveling up for what they call shanon process state: The Patience, Respect, Love, Courage, and Balance is the pillars that you'll see in that state. Patience is the pillar to the left, Respect is the pillar on the right, Love is on the upper left, Courage is on the upper right and Balance is on the top it look like the insignia of the Earth Kingdom. Once the process is completed the bender will have the power to limit the Avatar. That's why Avatar Kyoshi murdered all the shanon benders after knowing that the shanon benders were teaching the warlord Chin the shanon style, and murdered all the benders who knew about it. The only information left about the shanon style is the scroll of Shanon where you can learn all about it, it is now at the hands of the 10 Grand Masters who mastered the scroll.

Hundred years have passed the villagers grew tired of their village. Some leave, some stay, and some died in that village, one of the deserters who left the village is Wu Chan, one of the shanon style Grand Masters, along with 4 other Grand Masters. The 5 remaining Grand Masters stayed and died in their village.

After the Hundred Year War, a boy was born in that small village named Mau Sor Ia.

The story follows a woman who tell her grandchildren a story about Mau, The last Shanon style earthbender who is taught by his father, after his father's death, he travels to teach and learn about the shanon style and find all remaining Grand Masters of shanon style bending to unlock its true power. Even the authorities are opposed to him.

and seek justice to his village


  • Mau Sur Ia
  • Zao Lee
  • Zwon Sur Ia
  • Shanon
  • Ming Ho
  • Znek tota
  • Renek tota
  • Wu chan
  • Han Ming Chi


Chapter 1 Chapter one: Patience The day has come. Mau is ready to go travel the world but first he must face his last test from his father Zwon Sur Ia, but a group of Rogue attacks the village. Mau's father was killed by the Tota Brothers and his anger unleashes his shanon process technique, but he can't control it due to his lack of practice to control it! The village was in chaos and all of the rogues were killed, except the Tota Brothers. They manage to escape thanks to Grand Master Zao Lee, he stops Mau from his rage. After the chaos, Mau's father was buried and the other victims, Zao promised Mau to teach him to control his shanon process, can Mau can really control it?!
Chapter 2 Chapter two: Respect After the devastation and tragedy Mau met a woman who's a wife of the grandchild of grand master Shun Lee that holds the respect scrolls, named Shuka, can shuka teach Mau the second lower pillar of Shanon process state can Mau learn from her? with love is around?, and a new ally is coming there way but first they must know the dark secret of shuka, But Han's has send his assassin to kill the gang, but lets just hope that this assassin has a kind heart!
Chapter 3 Chapter three: Love (In progress) It's done: the respect scroll has been destroyed by Han, Mau is desperate to learn how to control the Respect pillar!, Dying Shuka said respect is in the heart so that means respect is in love can Mau pass this test? with his new two ally they travel Earth Kingdom heading their way to Wan shi tongs library but first they must stop to Ba Sing Se, Ming is ready to tell her feelings to Mau? Can Mau really past this test with Love is all around?
Chapter 4 Chapter four: Change of plans In progress
Chapter 5 Chapter five: Courage In progress
Chapter 6 Chapter six: Balance In progress

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