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After witnessing the colony, the team was immobilized in disbelief. Finally, after several moments of silence, Aang spoke. "There are too many to defeat on our own. We have to wait for the others." Aang was feeling a very strange energy in his surroundings, and recalled that Kyoshi said that this was the place she first entered the Avatar State. Perhaps the area had a deep spiritual connection with the past Avatar.

"Aang, I'm usually with you, but we can't wait any longer. We don't even know if the others will make it back," said Sokka before realizing that would mean his father was killed.

Before Aang had time to respond, Suki cut in. "Sokka's right! We have to attack now! For the good of these villagers, we must take action!"

The group was a bit taken back by Suki's energy, but didn't make much of it. "Alright," said Aang. "But we need a plan."

Everyone looked at Sokka, waiting for the plan guy to work his magic. After some thought, he spoke. "We need to free the three villages simultaneously and make sure no one escapes to warn the base or the colony. Then we'll meet up and destroy the base, along with the barracks and the messenger hawk coop. It will be crucial that we do not allow anyone to send word by messenger hawk during this operation. Now, as for the villages, the Kyoshi Warriors and I will take Oak Village. Toph and Aang will free Phond, and Katara and Torek will go to Siper."

"And after that?" Interrupted Torek impatiently.

"After that, we meet back here. Make sure nobody sees you."

With that, the team split up. Flopsie and Appa hid in a cave, and Toph sealed off the entrance.

Sokka and the Kyoshi Warriors arrived at their town first. Things were quiet; they wondered why they didn't see any villagers or Firebenders. Aang and Toph also found their village to seem completely abandoned; Aang, having seen this kind of thing before, knew what it meant. It seemed impossible, but it was the only explanation. "They knew," he said as if all the life had been sucked out of him.

"Someone's coming fast!" shouted Toph.

Aang whipped his head around to confront the enemy, to see three Fire Rhinos charging towards him. They weren't wearing Fire Nation uniforms, but they were fully equipped with arrows and small bombs. After all, the village of Phond's main export was explosives.

The man on the middle Rhino fired an arrow towards Toph and Aang. They instinctively raised an Earth wall for protection, but what they did not expect was for the arrow to explode when it hit the wall. Toph flew back, crashing in the ground some twenty feet behind. Aang used his Airbending to land more easily and shot back with a strong cyclone, taking out the middle Rhino. The one on the left rhino threw a bomb, but Aang used Airbending to deflect it back at them. He then turned to see Toph taking out four Firebenders with an Earth Wave. An archer a short distance behind her fired another explosive arrow, a move Toph couldn't sense through the ground. Aang sent a powerful gust that knocked her back. The arrow ended up hitting and destroying a tank. Aang worried about how many tanks they might have. He didn't have the time for that, though, as a fireball headed directly for his face. He blocked it with his hands and shot back a fireball of his own. After twenty minutes of fighting, Aang and Toph had miraculously defeated the last Firebender. They found the villagers locked in a dungeon-type room in one of the buildings, who informed them that there were more guards at their metal base. Aang and Toph left immediately, taking some brave villagers with them.

Katara and Torek had the longest walk. The entire way, Torek was thinking about Ty Lee. She was so pretty and very funny. Katara was thinking about Aang; though when wasn't she? She is always so worried about the safety of the boy. He started out like a brother to her, and now is the boy she loves.

After a long trek, the two finally arrived at the wealthiest village, Siper. The villagers and Firebenders were carrying out their daily lives. They had not received the warning. The two heroes acted quickly. Katara sent icicles into the backs and chests of the five nearest Firebenders. Then Torek launched bullets from his Earth hands, the technique the Dai Li used. This took out eleven Firebenders easily. An older looking Firebender retaliated with a with double-handed fire blast. Torek brought Katara with him underground. When they emerged, Katara took the man out with the water canon move that Hama had used against her. At that moment, the villagers saw their opportunity to revolt. They started to attack the nearest Firebenders. A squad of seven tanks was now approaching. Torek launched himself in the air and landed. creating an Earth wave similar to the one Aang used against the Ba Sing Se Palace guards. This killed several Firebenders and flipped over tanks, but to Torek's surprise, the tanks were unharmed and continued upside down. Expecting this, Katara blocked fire coming from the tanks and destroyed them using their weakness of water. Seeing that the villagers now had the upper hand, Katara and Torek left to help their friends.

Sokka and the Kyoshi Warriors began to walk through the fishing town of Oak Village. Suki noticed that the necklace she was wearing, the same one that she bought in Ba Sing Se from the mysterious woman, was shaking. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, when an arrow whizzed past her head. Arrows continued to fire from a small building across the road from them. The Kyoshi Warriors blocked them with their round shields, and Sokka, who was a short distance away, blocked the single arrow that came at him with his sword. The warriors climbed up to the rooftops, dodging and blocking arrows as they ran towards the small building. As Suki was running, two Firebenders climbed up on the roof in front of her. One shot flames from his fist and Suki dodged it, falling off the roof. She fell on the outer side of the village, close to the lake. Her necklace was now tugging towards the large body of water. The other Firebender then shot a powerful fire blast at her, and, although she blocked it with her shield, she fell back into Lake Zorlin. Seeing this happen, Ty Lee rushed to her aide. Suki slowly emerged from the lake, her back facing Ty Lee. "Using the power of the Flaming Stone, I demand to return to the spot I first entered the Avatar State!" Suki roared.

She turned around to expose her glowing eyes. Ty Lee realized that the figure in the water wasn't Suki. It was Avatar Kyoshi!

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