Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Flaming Stone in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Azula fires lightning
Avatar: The Flaming Stone
The tale of what happens after the 100 year war
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Hundred Year War has ended, yet Earth King Kuei has failed to return to Ba Sing Se and has no heirs. As a result, the capital of the Earth Kingdom is shifted to Omashu with Bumi as the Earth King. He and Firelord Zuko attempt establish a healthy, trustworthy, and peaceful relationship between their two nations, but not every citizen is satisfied. Rebellious firebenders form the Ozai Movement, dedicated to overthrowing Zuko, mysterious Watebenders arise, a past Avatar returns, and spirits battle for good and wrong. All of this is due to one ancient piece of jewelry, a necklace called the flaming stone. Team Avatar must confront these growing problems while facing both old and new enemies, such as the insane Azula, the infamous Long Feng, the twisted Hama, and the mysterious Cloaks. They will reunite with friends including Zuko, The Mechanist, Song, as well as some new ones. In this series, destinies will unfold, battles will be fought, people will be betrayed, spirits will be unleashed, and lives will be lost.


Team Avatar:

  • Aang-the last airbender
  • Katara-the loving waterbender
  • Sokka-the brave warrior
  • Toph-the blind earthbender
  • Suki-the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors
  • Ty Lee-the chi blocking circus freak
  • Torek-the future Earth King
  • Keb-the handsome and talented northern waterbender


  • Azula-the crafty firebender
  • Hama-the bloodbender
  • Ozai-the fallen Firelord and Phoenix King
  • Long Feng-the leader of the Dai Li
  • General Mung-A Fire Nation Leader
  • Krangli-The evil spirit of death by fire
  • Pac Jing-The executioner
  • Zedmao-The twisted fire master
  • Liock-The mysterious leader of the Cloaks
  • Emika-The troubled Cloak member

White Lotus:

  • General Iroh- The wise Fire Nation General
  • Master Piandao-The sword master
  • Master Jeong Jeong-The deserter
  • Master Pakku-The worlds best waterbender
  • Earth King Bumi-The leader of the rising Earth Kingdom
  • Firelord Zuko and Mai-The leaders of the unsteady Fire Nation


  • Kyoshi Warriors-Dedicated to defending the Avatar
  • Ba Sing Se Palace Guards-only Team Avatar has managed to defeat them
  • Omashu Guards-The Protectors of the Earth Kingdom's capital
  • Council of Five-The Five highest Earth Kingdom generals
  • Rough Rhinos-An elite Fire Nation squad of five
  • Imperial Firebenders-The protectors of the Firelord
  • Souther Water Tribe Warriors-The bravest fighters on the planet
  • Ozai Movement-Coalition dedicated to bringing Ozai back to the throne
  • The Cloaks-Mysterious new waterbenders


Things To Look For

  • references to television series
  • signs of betrayal
  • secret help from previous Avatars
  • similarities between Torek and Azula
  • foreshadowing


Side Stories

These are chapters that have no relevance to the plot-just for fun!


"A very bright future."
— Bahjy1

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