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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The First Skybender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The First Skybender
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Master Ratava


Volumen Primum: Paradiso (天堂) Volumen Secundum: Purgatorio (煉獄) Volumen Tertium: Inferno (地獄)


Brazil/Brazilian Portuguese/English

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January 16 2012


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Avatar: The First Skybender.

Water () - Earth () - Fire () - Air () - Sky ()

One of the very old stories that run in my family tells about my great-grandmother's ancestor's ancient days: times of peace when the Last Airbender Avatar kept the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation united. And also stories about how he has turned to be my own ancestor himself.

Only the Avatar was able to manage all four elements, however, after his death, there were just a few airbenders, part of my family. And through time, airbending became extinguished.

Nevertheless, the next Avatars whom came from Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation could learn airbending from the Last Airbender Avatar Spirit, now which is time to an Air Nomad becomes the Avatar. There aren't any of them to be.

Many years' passed, since airbending skills have died and the balance among the elements became unstable. And now there is no Air into the four.

A Storm is coming from the Southwest; the Sky Parliament desires to take over the last three territories, and the Republic of Nations.

Now that the world needs a new Avatar, there is no Air Nomads to bring us one.

Some people say that this Southwest Storm will bring a reborn civilization of Air Nomads. Other people say that it will bring only destruction.

But I believe the Sky Parliament will bring a brand new Avatar into the world.

What I plan on doing with Avatar: The First Skybender?

Actually it really depends on its acceptance, and how you (I hope will be my readers) are going to interact with the story itself. Because, first things first, I don't want to be predictable by any chance, so, giving me some feedback comments. That's gonna be awesome!

At this moment I do not have anything that I'd had written before (in Portuguese), so from now on everything that I'll post will be directly in English. Please, have patience, because it's my first time actually writing, instead of just translating.

Right now I'm doing a little research on the base topics [Feng Shui (風水), Wu Xing (五行), I Ching (易經), Ba Gua (八卦)], that are needed to keep my ideas straight forward. And also asking for some friends' advices. Please, if you are already reading the first and the almost completed second chapter (yes, it isn't finished yet), do some commenting, so I can get some feedback.

I promise, the next chapters will be only published when the only changings needed would be inserting new pages' links (characters, places, objects, animals, etc.).

If you have some appointment to make me, send a message on the talk page. ^_~v

Production Story Plot

Avatar: The First Skybender is my (Master Ratava) first Avatar fan fiction project. I've started thinking about it a few years ago, when I finished watching ATLA. As you may all think, my idea of The First Skybender came to me before the announcement of Legend of Korra, so I am having some issues about changing a few aspects of my original plot (LOL, that envolved a kind of a Republic, also). Beside these path turnings, it'll be fun to come back on writing. And I hope you all for support, and guidance, because I've never read any Avatar fan fiction (my 'original' fandom is Harry Potter's).

Original Story Plot

My original plot (that I'll try to keep this way) talked about a new menace against the already unbalanced world, that we know well, of Avatar. After so many years, and past through the Avatars that came after Aang (Korra, and some random Earth and Fire Avatars), we're finding ourselves in a world where if there are still Air Nomads, they're not capable of bending.

Writing Process

Then, googling about Chinese Martial Arts, Feng Shui (風水), Wu Xing (五行), I Ching (易經), Ba Gua (八卦)... I've made a few notes, and even tried to drawn/write the super small kanjis of the pictures I found at that time.

So, as I am a practitioner of Choy Lay Fut (蔡李佛) myself (not yet a black belt)... I've decided that the Skybender movements are going to be based on my Kung Fu style.

First Step

Avatar: The First Skybender very first chapter was sent to an Avatar Forum Friend of mine, so that She could give me some help with β-reading(beta-reading). Unfortunately I was still at college at that time, and writing (fanon or my own projects) became second-third-fourth place priority.

Now that Korra is coming, I've got enthusiastic about coming back to this story. I do not promise to post fast and periodically, but I'll do my best.


I've just finished doing the biggest decision about this fan fiction. Dividing the story (that's starting to grow up in my mind) into sets of books. After passing a very long time thinking about how many books this journey is going to have, and by deciding that I'd have to search for so much information... It's done.

Avatar: The First Skybender is going to gain three volumes, based on the names of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy on backwards. Each volume with eight books, each with an element name [Feng Shui (風水), Wu Xing (五行), I Ching (易經), Ba Gua (八卦), Wicca; an even some my own originals]. Now the great doubt: How many Chapters each Book is going to have?

I really cannot make a commitment to do it canon-ly (20 Chapters each), but I WILL TRY.

I do hope you all like what's coming. And I ask for your supporting, by commenting.

Setting Places

As the story goes on, we'll be able to see how the three territories will have become after the years succeeding Avatars that were born within the original elements' circle (Air, Water, Earth and Fire).

Both Water Tribes (North and South), the entire Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation itself, and also how the Republic of Nations should develop (about this specific one everything will be speculations, since Korra isn't being aired until this very moment).

As a very important matter to the story, the Air Nomads Temples will have their participation as well. And of course the Sky Parliament history and origin will take place at some point of the whole story line.

Territories Governments

At this time of Avatar World's History there are four structured Factions: the Water Tribes (North Pole's, South Pole's; and, Foggy Swamp's), Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and the Republic of Nations.

Like the elements, the governments are unbalanced, and the tension among them is getting pumped, 'cause it has been more than a decade that the last Avatar (A female Fire Nation one) has passed away.

Water Tribes

The social differences between the North and the South Water Tribes have became near zero. On the present day there are also on the South Pole a developed city, must alike what we can watch on the original series.

Earth Kingdom

The greatest territory now is in intense crisis: too many people, desertification, austere locations for the most needed to live. The Kingdom is cracking down, and conspiracy takes place both at Ba Sing Se and Omashu. The most safe land of it is Kyoshi Island.

Fire Nation

The Fire Nation had already paid their debts on behalf of the One Hundred Year War at the missing time of Avatar Aang. Nevertheless, it's setting is the closest to the Southwestern Storm that day by day is covering all sky expansion. Turning the days shorter, and by doing that weakening firebending skills.

Air Nomads' Temples

The five temples' locations (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and the Air Temple Island) are in different conditions. But as Nomads, their inhabitants don't stay still, except maybe (let's see what comes to my mind) the ones from the Island Temple.

United Republic of Nations

The Republic City is the safest place of the URN. However it's not applied to other locations.

Sky Parliament

Very few information is known about what the Parliament is, or from where it came, or where it's going. Many just sees it as a very large dark tempestuous storming cloud covering all the horizon.

Skybending Chinese Writing

  • Skybending: 神術空創 (Shén shù kōng chuàng) (Divine/God - Sky/Space/Empty - Creation/Invasive - Art/Technique/Ability)

Some Questioning

It's been known that there are not any airbender living nomore. But, it doesn't make the affirmative of non existence of Air Nomads. Here lies the question: Where have they gone after all miscegination process that the Republic of Nations had prevent? In a certain way, all that's factual is that only Aang's family-line would have inherited the ability of airbending. But how about the others Avatars, like Korra's line and successors'? Would theirs also being able the generate airbenders? If that shall be true, why until this time hadn't been born different element benders among the others nations through time before Aang's?


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