Three Beginnings
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Avatar: The Evil Rises



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December 17, 2014

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Avatar: The Evil Rises - Prequel

12 years later, after the prequel.

In the Fire Nation Capital.

Naku: Hey, idiot.

Saburo: Stop calling me that, Naku.

Naku: What are you gonna do? Mom and Dad love me more 'cause I'm their natural child! If you will jump at fighting again, I wonder who will get the blame.

Saburo: ...

Naku: Heh, you can't do anything Saburo. That means I can burn "the headband".

Saburo: DON'T YOU DARE! That's all I have left from my natural family.

Naku: And? It's not I'll get the blame.

Saburo throws fire at Naku.


Mom and Dad came in the room.

Mom: What's going on here?

Naku: Bad Saburo hurt me with fire.


Saburo: For once, BLAME HIM! It's his fault, it always is. He wanted to burn the headband, the last thing I got from my parents.

Naku: That isn't true! I just wanted to wear it for a bit, and he made it look more dramatic than it is.

Mom: Saburo, this is the third time this week!

Saburo: But he....


At the Fire Lord's Palace.

General Nyokuma: Fire Lord Zuko, the Water Commander wants to speak to you.

Zuko: Let him in!

Water Commander Zuvir enters the room.

Zuvir: Fire Lord Zuko, the Northern Water Tribe's ice barrier isn't gonna last much longer. The United Empire, as they recently started calling themselves, will soon manage to break in.

Zuko: This isn't good. We can't stay defensive 'till the end of the time, but we can't either attack, because they have benders of every type.

Zuvir: What is your suggestion, Fire Lord Zuko?

Zuko: It's time to start the searching for the new Avatar, the reincarnation of Aang. He is 12 by now. Even if the Avatar must be 16 when he will know his identity, Aang was 12 when he found out too, so it's not such a big deal. Commander Zuvir, you take your people and search for the new Avatar in the Fire Nation and the Northern Water Tribe. My people will look in the big Earth Kingdom.

Zuvir: But Fire Lord, the next Avatar will be born as a waterbender, because Avatar Aang was an airbender. Shouldn't we focus all we've got into the Northern Water Tribe?

Zuko: The new Avatar is a waterbender, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he must live in the Northern Water Tribe. Maybe his family moved, or a waterbender married another bender, that's not water, and the kid turned out to be water. He could be anywhere.

Zuvir: I'll let my people know right away.

Zuko: I will too.

Later that day, at a meeting in front of the Fire Nation Palace.

Zuko: Thanks to every citizen who is here. It is time to start looking for the new Avatar! The Northern Water Tribe will search for him in the Fire Nation and on the Northern Water Tribe, while we will search for him on the Earth Kingdom. I already contacted the Earth King to send his people to look for the Avatar in the Earth Kingdom too, because just us isn't enough to cover the entire Earth Kingdom. We need volunteers to join the troops in the Avatar search.

Saburo, Nako, and their family was in the bunch.

Saburo: (Volunteers? Oh, anything just to get away from Nako). I'll go!

Nako: ME TOO!

Saburo: What?

Nako: He-he!

Zuko: Okay. Anybody else?

A few more people joined, and the meeting was over. At Saburo and Nako's house.

Mom: Stay around the troops, Nako. I don't want you to get lost.

Dad: I'm so proud of you, son! Being one of the people who will go to look for the Avatar.

Saburo: Hey, won't I get any encouraging?

Dad: None. You won't need them at home.

Saburo: AT HOME??

Mom: You are punished for burning Nako by staying at home!

Saburo: I CAN'T GO? It's not fair!

Dad: It is very fair! If you don't get punished, you're just gonna burn Nako again and again.

Saburo: FINE! Go and continue praising your "perfect son". He's your favorite anyway!!!

Saburo goes angry in his room. Later that day, after Nako left with the troopers.

Mom: Should we go talk to him?

Dad: Yea, I think we should.

They go in his room, but Saburo's not there.

Dad: Saburo?

In a forest.

Saburo: It's time I do something! I always lived in Nako's shadow. He always got all he wanted, while I stayed home, punished, because Nako's parents believe every single word he says. Not this time! EARTH KINGDOM, HERE I COME!

In the Northern Water Tribe.

Haru's mom: Son, I think you should go with the Water Tribe troops in search of the Avatar. It's a perfect occasion for you to see the world.

Haru: No. I can't trust anyone from out there!

(This Haru is NOT the Haru from the actual series)

Haru's mom: You started recovering from the "I don't trust anyone" period 2 years ago. What's wrong now?

Haru: It's different. I started trusting people around here. Outside it's too dangerous. I don't want to go through what I did years ago when my sister...

Haru's mom: I know... You sure you don't want to go?

Haru: There are enough people going already anyway.

Haru's mom: You know... maybe it would be exactly you to find the Avatar. But if you're not going, he may never be found, and our tribe would fall too.

Haru: You can't know for sure that I will find the Avatar, you're just guessing. Stop trying to make me want to go. I'M NOT GOING!

Haru's mom: Okay... The troops are leaving in 5 hours. If you ever change your mind..

Haru: Trust me, I won't.

In Uberu Town.

Akira: Ugh, I'm hungry again, but I'm too tired to go stealing again. I can't believe what kind of life I have to live because of those United idiots. I'M SO SICK OF THIS! Stupid Avatar Aang! If he would have won that battle, I wouldn't have this miserable life. THANK YOU AVATAR AANG... For freaking nothing!

A jet of water suddenly hits Akira in her face.


???: Me.

A mysterious kid shows up.

Akira: Oh, you're gonna regret it!

Akira earthbends at him, but the boy evades it easily.

Akira: What? Nobody evaded my attacks before.

???: Because you didn't have who to use them on. You're lonely here.

Akira: And? What do you care?

???: I care, because you threw the blame on me.

Akira: Um, no. I threw the blame on the.....Oooooooooooh!

???: Hey! :)

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