Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Destinybender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Destinybender
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: Legend of Korra


Azula has escaped from the Boiling Rock and has changed the destiny of all. Only Hikari, Aang's sister can stop her!
With the help of Kajiki, an inexperienced Waterbender, his cousin Sokka and the components of the past Team Avatar, she will bring the flow of time to normal...

Main Characters:

Air Nomads:

Hikari: Hikari is Aang's stepsister and Koki's legit sister. She is the Destinybender, a special ability for Avatar, who can see the future.

Aang: Aang is the current Avatar and Hikari and Koki's stepbrother. Aang has erased memories about their brothers to protect them from the threat of war; but while Koki emigrated to Fire Nation, Aang had to froze Hikari because she is the Destinybender and she could be in danger. He's imprisoned in the Mirror Dimension along with Momo and Katara. Aang will soon transfer his vital essence to Momo to protect Hikari.

Momo: Momo is Aang's winged-lemur. He's imprisoned with his friend and Katara in the Mirror Dimension, but Aang will transfers his vital essence to him to fly away and protect Hikari.

Appa: Appa is Aang's sky bison. During the Fire Nation's new raid in the Southern Water Tribe, he saved Sokka and Kajiki with the help of Iroh.


Kajiki: Kajiki is Sokka and Katara's cousin. He's an inexperienced Waterbender, but he wants to be the best Waterbender ever. His brother Gyaruki was killed by Azula. Kajiki joins Hikari's mission to found his cousin Katara and increase his Waterbender's powers.

Sokka: Sokka is Katara's brother and Kajiki's cousin. He's the new Sword Master of the Southern Water Tribe. He joins Hikari's mission to find his sister and his friends. He will discover that Suki and Princess Yue's souls were joined by the Destinymirror in Yuki.

Katara: Katara is Sokka's sister and Kajiki's cousin. She's imprisoned in the Mirror Dimension with Aang and Momo, but she will escape after.


Azula: Azula is Zuko's sister and the new Fire Lord. She has erased her brother's memory, but especially she has changed the destiny of the Team Avatar. Now she has discovered about Aang's sister powers and she wants to defeat her and her friends.

Zuko: Azula's brother and the past Fire Lord. Azula has completely erased his memory, so now he believes to be a Fire Nation's Commander. His primary mission is to find Hiakri and bring her to the Fire Lord.

Iroh: Iroh is Zuko and Azula's uncle. During the Fire Nation's new raid in the Southern Water Tribe, he saved Sokka and Kajiki with the help of Aang's sky bison.


Toph: Toph is the most powerful Earthbender and Metalbender ever and the chief of the Resistance against Azula. She joins Hikari's mission to get revenge on Azula and to find her friends.


Koki: Koki is Hikari's legit brother and Aang's stepbrother. He escaped the Air Nomad Genocide because he was frozen like his sister. He's an hermit Firebender. In fact, he's the Firedominion, the guardian of the fire element.

Yuki: Yuki is Kokoro's stepsister. She's the fusion of Suki and Princess Yue's souls which was caused by the using of the Destinymirror. She's also the Ventusdominion, the guardian of the air element. She's described by one of the Kyoshi Warriors as "an amazing warrior, maybe the best Kyoshi Warrior ever." Yuki joins the team after Sokka saves her sister. She's the only Kyoshi Warrior that not wears the traditional makeup.

Kokoro: Kokoro is Yuki's stepsister. She is the Vitadominion, the guardian of the vital essence of everyone. She's a determined little girl, and she wants to protect her bigger sister. She was found by Yuki during a storm.

Alastor: Alastor is the Aquadominion, the guardian of the water element. He lives in the Northern Water Tribe. Alastor was the best friend of Princess Yue and he recognises her in Yuki, causing jealousy in Sokka.

Junishi: Junishi is the Lucedominion, the guardian of the light element. He's a very eccentric boy, with a strange sense of humor. Junishi hates the darkness and he's very afraid of it.

Demetra: Demetra is the Terradominion, the guardian of the earth element. She's very calm and polite; her only defect is the fear of the flying lemurs.

Minor Characters:

Gyaruki: Gyaruki is Kajiki's brother and Katara and Sokka's cousin. He was a warrior of the Northern Water Tribe, but he was killed by Azula. He's mentioned by Kajiki in various chapters.

Grandma Lavender: Grandma Lavender is Hikari and Koki's curatrix. She's the only female Mother Superior of the Air Nomads that have defeated an entire Fire Nation's army only with her Airbending.


First Sphere: Air

Kajiki and his cousin Sokka discovers that Azula has changed the destiny of their world, so they decided to return everything to normal. On their trip, they meet a girl, Hikari, who joined the team. Later, she will give evidence to be the Destinybender. The three guys decided to found the seven Dominions, the guardians of the elements, to broke the spell of the Destinymirror.

Second Sphere: Fire

Hikari, Kajiki and Sokka, with the help of Yuki, the Ventusdominion, and her sister Kokoro, the Vitadominion, arrived in the Earth Kingdom to searching for Toph. But on their way they will confront with Zuko and him soldiers.

Third Sphere: Earth

The Team DestinyAvatar now moved to the Fire Nation to searching for Aang, Katara and Momo. They have found two Dominions: Junishi, the Lucedominion, and Koki, Hikari's legit brother who's the Firedominion. Now their problems have increased: where are the last three Dominions? In the meantime, Azula is preparing a plan for destroying her enemies forever...

Fourth Sphere: Water

Finally, the Team have founded Alastor, the Aquadominion, and Demetra, the Terradominion. The final clash with Azula is approaching... but is this the real end? The light must still show its power, and a final surprise is waiting for all...


This fanon story will be set in the original World of Avatar.

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