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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 3, 2013

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Chapter 2 - The Chores


After Yakone's trial, Aang, Sokka, and Toph go back to Air Temple Island. During the evening, Aang and Katara receive a letter from an old friend.

It's a tense, late afternoon in Republic City. Avatar Aang has just taken away the bending of Republic City's most feared man, Yakone. Aang slowly backs away from Yakone after taking away his bending.

Aang: It's over.

Toph starts running towards Aang with her guards following behind her. She points to Yakone.

Toph: Guards, arrest Yakone! 

One of the guards earthbends Yakone out of the earth-like shell Aang surrounded him with. Another guard puts handcuffs on Yakone and they take him away.

Aang: Yakone will never be able to terrorize this town ever again.

Toph: Nice

Toph punches Aang in his upper left arm

Toph: going twinkle toes!

Aang starts rubbing his upper arm from Toph's punch

Aang: Toph, please stop calling me that. It was funny when we were kids, but we're not kids anymore.

Toph: Well you are technically 140 years old, nah, you're still twinkle toes!

Aang makes an annoyed facial expression. In the distance, Sokka starts running towards Aang and Toph.

Sokka: Guys! I just had this horrible dream where we all got bloodbended by this guy and--oh wait, that just happened didn't it?

Toph: Uh, yeah. By the way, thanks for mentioning my metalbending discovery, though your story about Combustion Man was slightly not needed to say.

Sokka: But he could firebend with his mind! Do you know anyone else that could do that? No you don't.

Aang: We better get home, Katara's going to start getting worried.

The three run back to City Hall where Appa is waiting for them outside the building. The three climb aboard the giant beast. 

Aang: Yip yip!

Appa takes off and flies across Republic City and Yue Bay. He then lands on Air Temple Island and the three get off of Appa. Katara runs from outside the temple to greet them.

Katara: Aang!

Katara wraps her arms around Aang and hugs him tightly. She leans her head in a gives him a quick kiss.

Katara: How did the trial go?

Aang: We sentenced him to life in prison--

Sokka: I sentenced him to life in prison.

Aang: R-right, and then he started bloodbending the whole court. I was able to catch up to him, and right before he was able to bloodbend me to sleep for good, I went into the Avatar State and took his bending away.

Katara: Thank goodness you're all okay.

Katara hugs Aang tightly again.

Sokka: Well actually I'm pretty sore. We all collapsed after Yakone stopped bloodbending us.

Toph: Yeah, I feel internal pain and it does not feel good. 

Katara: I'll heal all of you after dinner, Aang, I believe you have a huge story to tell the kids. 

Aang: I do. I almost died today, I'm glad I'm still here with all of you.

The Gaang walks inside the house where Aang is greeted by Kya and Bumi. The two jump on Aang.

Aang: Woah! Kids be careful, I just got bloodbended by Yakone big time.

Tenzin comes from around the corner.

Tenzin: Daddy! You're home!

Aang: Yes, I am. I had a long day in court. 

Bumi: What happened?

Aang: Well, your Uncle Sokka sentenced Yakone to life in prison and then he bloodbended everyone in the court. I eventually caught up to him, but he bloodbended me, almost taking my life! Then I got into the Avatar State and took his bending away. 

Tenzin: Is he in prison now?

Aang: Yes, he is. And even if he wasn't, he wouldn't be able to bloodbend anyone ever again!

Katara: Dinner is ready!

The Gaang and kids are all at the dinner table. 

Sokka: It was like being bloodbended by Hama all over again except ten times worse! You did the right thing taking his bending away, Aang.

Toph: Would you have taken his bending away before he went to jail if he didn't bloodbend the courtroom?

Aang: Yes. He was able to bloodbend with his mind at anytime. If we had known that before the trial, he would have had his bending taken from the start.

Sokka: I knew talking about Combustion Man was the right thing to bring up.

Toph: Yeah, but "trusty boomerang"? 

Sokka: Yes, it was my trusty boomerang that I bested him with! He would have killed us if I didn't use my boomerang to get an angle on him!

Katara: Sounds like the trial wasn't fun.

Aang: It wasn't, but we got a horrible person in jail.

Sokka: The worst part about being a representative and chairman is being serious a lot. It's hard not to crack a joke, I miss being a kid.

Toph: I still think all of us are kids. Isn't that right twinkle toes?

Aang: I'd wish you'd stop calling me that! You were right Sokka, it's not manly at all!

After dinner, Aang and Katara go up to their bedroom. Katara gets some water and brings it over to heal Aang

Katara: You're pretty badly damaged! I would rest for a few days.

Aang: The Avatar doesn't get a chance to rest. If I could, I would, but I can't because I need to keep to world safe.

Katara: Aang, you just put Yakone in jail, there shouldn't be another person like him hurting anyone again.

Aang: I know Katara, but the city needs me. I need to make sure everything is safe.

Katara gives Aang a side hug

Katara: I know, but even the Avatar deserves a few days where he can have a break.

Aang: I guess I could have a few days to spend with my family. It's been awhile. 

Katara: I can't wait to spend more time with you. It will be like the good ol' days.

Aang and Katara lean their heads in and share a kiss. Suddenly, there's a knock at the bedroom door. 

Katara: Who is it?

The door opens and Sokka starts walking in.

Sokka: Just me. How you healing up buddy?

Aang: I'm doing fine Sokka. I'm guessing you're here for healing too.

Sokka: Yeah, but I can wait. You almost died today, if Katara needs to heal you more, I understand.

Aang: *sigh* I can't believe I almost lost my life today. I could have lost both of you, my kids, and my friends. 

Katara: The important thing is that you defeated Yakone and that you're still here.

Katara gives Aang another side hug

Sokka: I'm proud of you, Aang.

Sokka wraps his arms around Aang and Katara, joining in the hug. Tenzin runs into his parents room.

Tenzin: Hi mommy, daddy and Uncle Sokka!

Katara: What do you need Tenzin?

Tenzin: Daddy, do you think you could teach me an airbending lesson tonight?

Katara: Now Tenzin, your father almost lost his life today, I think we should wait a couple days.

Aang: It's fine Katara, I can show Tenzin some moves that won't use so much body use.

Aang and Tenzin walk out of the temple, to outside to the airbending training area.

Aang: Now this move is the move I invented to get my arrow tattoos.  It's called the Air Scooter. You just form an airball in your hands and you jump on it and sit down.

Tenzin: So like this.

Tenzin forms a ball of air in his hands and jumps on it, but he looses his balance and falls off and lands on the ground

Tenzin: Woah!

Aang starts laughing

Aang: I failed at sitting the first time I tried too Tenzin, but eventually you'll get it, and when you get around my age, you can make the airball bigger so you can stand on it instead like this *spins around on his airball*

Aang forms an airball in his hands and jumps on it. He starts to spin around on his airball. Katara walks outside to the area and notices Aang on the air scooter

Katara: Aang! 

Aang gets off his airball quickly

Katara: I thought I told you not to teach Tenzin anything with a lot of body use until you're healed up better. 

Aang: All I'm doing is standing on an airball, it's not like it's my first time doing it.

Aang forms another airball and jumps on it. While riding, he grabs Katara and stands on the airball while holding her romantically

Aang: See? Isn't this nice?

Katara: Well, I guess it is safe and you do know what you're doing.

Aang stops tha airball and Aang lets go of Katara. Toph runs up to Aang and Katara

Toph: Hey, I got your mail! 

Katara: Thanks Toph, at least we know you can't read it.

Katara starts to laugh and Toph makes an annoyed face at her. Katara's laugh fades and she opens the letter

Katara: Oh my.

Aang: What is it sweetie?

Katara: Zuko or should I say Firelord Zuko is coming to visit us for a few days!

Sokka somehow comes from nowhere behind Aang and Katara

Sokka: Really? It's been so long since we've seen our Fire Nation buddy! 

Katara: It also says he's bringing his daughter with him to meet us! Great so our kids, plus Toph's daughter and Zuko's daughter will all get to play with each other!

Sokka: Yeah, maybe they'll be the next Team Avatar! 

Toph: Doesn't there have to be an Avatar in the group though?...

Sokka: Hey, Tenzin is Air, Kya is Water, Lin is Earth, Zuko's daughter is fire and those are the elements for an Avatar, plus Bumi is a nonbender like me, it's the same basically...

Aang: We better get ready for Zuko's arrival, I wonder what he has to tell us, it's been so long.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Fire Nation Palace, Firelord Zuko is sitting on his throne talking to himself

Zuko: I can't wait to see all my good friends, I have to tell them so much! But I have to warn them about the danger that Aang could be in...he'll be devastated....


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