Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Beast Wars in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Beast Wars
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Cackling Shadow


On a dark and desolate continent sprawls the Kimarehto Empire. United under the rule of their herediatary monarch, the Kimarehto can bend their forms blood, muscle and bone alike, twisting themselves into terrifying half animal forms to wage war on all they encounter. The Kimarehto are ruthless, pain being completely foreign to them, and those who feel it being weaklings in their eyes, nothing has ever been able to withstand the onslaught of their hordes.

Ruled with an iron fist by the nigh invincible Ten Knights of the Kimarehto, their armies spread like (and sometimes as) a plague of locusts across any new lands they encounter. The most vicious of all the Kimarehto is Lycaon, the Wolf Knight. His favored form is that of an immense gray wolf with viciously barbed spikes and fur like razor wire. Lycaon is feared even by the other Knights, for his healing abilities and skill in battle surpass even those of the Kimarehto king, who has lived for over two hundred years and won dozens of duels, often with his own rebellious knights, with never a scar to show for it.

Lycaon is known for his cruel and manipulative nature, being a master of deceit and the leading authority on war, and slaughter. When ghosts wish to scare themselves they tell Kimarehto stories. When Kimarehto wish to scare themselves, they tell Lycaon stories, for Lycaon is the dread wolf with no bane.

Only poisons without cures can slow a Kimarehto for long, and as they are immune to the poisons of animals, they stamp out vegetation wherever they find it, and use the smoke to cloud the skies of their enemies, rendering the lands they conquer lands of eternal night, giving their red eyed nocturnal warriors the advantage. There are wounds which even Kimarehto cannot heal from, although no warrior except those of the Kimerahto has ever managed killed a Kimarehto. They will not harm animals, for they view these as their kin and ancestors, but all else which enters their gaze is stamped out of existence, for they have never met a civilization powerful enough to fight them as equals, rather than as rodents to be exterminated. The concept of elemental bending is the stuff of fairy tales to them, so how they would react to a nation of elemental benders is unknown, although a fair bet could be made for it being a hostile reaction.


Azula: Princess of the Fire Nation, recently escaped from a Fire Nation Mental Hospital

Lycaon: Knight Lord of the Kimarehto Wolf Clan, the most widely feared and ruthless of the Kimarehto Knights

Xex: Lycaon's most trusted lieutenant

Gristle: Lycaon's chief interrogator

Fire Lord Zuko: The reigning Fire Lord, friend of Avatar Aang

Suki: Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee: Kyoshi Warrior, old friend of Azula

Ming: Kyoshi Warrior

Lei: Kyoshi Warrior

Zozi: A guardsman

Aang: The Avatar

Katara: The Avatar's girlfriend and waterbending teacher

Sokka: Brother of the Avatar's girlfriend, Boyfriend of Suki

Toph: Master Earthbender, personal friend and Earthbending teacher of the Avatar, Inventor of Metal Bending

King Kyvon III: King of Kimar

Lady Mya Wild-Heart: Younger Sister of King Kyvon III

Iroh: The uncle of Fire Lord Zuko and Azula, proprietor of the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop

Jin: One-time fling of Fire Lord Zuko, employee at the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop

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Chapter 1: The Princess and The Wolves

Chapter 2: Lycaon Stone-Heart

Chapter 3: The Search

Chapter 4: Unlikely Friends

Chapter 5: Messages,_Messages

Chapter 6: The First to Fall

Chapter 7: Reunions

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