Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Balance of Power in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Republic City under attack
Avatar: The Balance of Power
'-The world will not reach proper balance if there are over 100 nations,100 interests and infinite conflict- Avatar Korra'
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The Story takes place in 199 AG, nearly 18 years after the sudden death of Avatar Korra. The world spiraled out of control. The Industrial Revolution had changed and shaped the world with more and more dangerous weapons, while the old institution of the Earth Kingdom was unable to sustain its size after many warlords, corporations and revolutionaries openly declared their independence from the Kingdom. The world stood divided with over 100 nations, and ever since the day Korra died, these nations have warred each other, with no one being able to have ultimate supremacy over the other or being able to reach a compromise.

Our story starts in a village of the Northern Earth Kingdom rogue state, the Kingdom of Qomawyn, where mass industry is abusing the poor factory workers of District 3. Hiroshi is a firebender tasked with the job of "Tea-potting" boilers at an old power plant. His life and the life of his father and friends is miserable, until the new Avatar; Tetsuo, arrives at the village.

But his visit has far more darker intents than what Hiroshi could ever imagine, and it becomes Hiroshi's sole mission to see order and peace properly restored, even if he is not the Avatar.


Note: Pictures of the main character will be added later, once the Author finds some that suit them

Hiroshi: Hiroshi is a young man and an inexperienced Firebender, scratching the age of 18, who currently lives on a Communal house with his father and Heng's family. Heng has been Hiroshi's closest friend since the civil war began. Overall, Hiroshi has a lot of unresolved issues from his past, such as the death of his mother and the neglection of his father, but thanks to his friends and the hard situation he's been put through, He is capable of enduring massive amounts of effort, though he isn't capable of great strength. Mentally, he's been dulled down to little more than a narrowminded ignorant, which keeps him mentally safe from the brutallity that surrounds him


Little more than a tool for heating, Hiroshi ponders of what could be and actually can be

Iroh: Iroh is Hiroshi's father, a none-bender and nearly senile man, who works as a mechanic at the same factory with his son. Even though he spends nearly all day long of every year near Hiroshi, Iroh has demonstrated severe neglection towards his son, and simply goes as far as ignoring him most of the time.

Akira: Akira is growing late teenager, a year younger than Hiroshi; and like him, she's also a firebender. Akira has been Hiroshi's oldest friend, ever since they both had memories, they've taken care of each other and formed a strong Brother-sister tie between themselves. Akira tends to show compassion and understanding, but she's scared easily and though she may seem independent and capable, she needs the constant presence of family.

Heng: He is an earthbending young man, with Hiroshi's same age, but unlike him, Heng used to form part of a large and extensive family living on the farmlands of the Northern Earth Kingdom, and it was whole during most of the time during the civil war, but he soon became slave of the King of Qomawyn, and slowly, lost his entire family to famine and war. His normal cheerful and daring attitude has been clouded by despair and confusion, which left him with an unstable "bipolar" mentality.

Tetsuo: Tetsuo is revealed as the world's new Avatar. At first, he shows his capabilities to master Air and Firebending, but he comes to District 3, not as its savior, but to make deals with the corrupted King. Tetsuo tends to his necessities first, his unsatisfied desires of vanity lead him to making horrible choices for his own personal benefit. It is unclear of his actual origin, nobody recalls hearing of a "Tetsuo" since the death of Korra


Tetsuo arguing with the populace of District 1

Hiroto I: Hiroto is a world wide successful man, CEO of Qomawyn Enterprises and King of the de facto kingdom of Qomawyn. Little is known about him, other than his constant paranoia and his massive intellect and specialization on the weapons field helped him gather enough followers for a declaration of independence during the Earth Kingdom's crisis.

Tarrlok smirking

Jianjei II

Jianjei II: Jianjei is the king of the kingdom of Jiatsu, he appears as a humble and kind king, worried for the wellbeing of his nation, concentrating on improving the economy rather than fighting the other nations. With his passive-aggressive stance, he has managed to annex most of the northern kingdoms, mainly because these wished to join under his kind feudal rule .

Katara angry

The Closest thing the author could think of as to Kyra's looks is, for the moment, Katara

Kyra: A young waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe, with a great spirit of care and kindness to those whom are important, yet sensitive over those who have passed away, especially in her hands. Hiroshi meets her at a hospital on the front lines and immediately connects her personality to that of Akira, but unlike her, Kyra hasn't suffered any life changing tragedies, so she tends to be far more confident and self-centered than Akira.

Major Nations of the World

Earth Empire: The Earth Empire is the direct descendant from the Earth Kingdom, it is ruled by the Earth King/Emperor, whom after attempting to centralize and increase his power, which angered warlords and shattered his nation; is attempting to restore order on it and is officially at war with all De facto kingdoms.

Kingdom of Qomawyn: Like some other nations, Qomawyn originated from an overpowered corporation with big pockets, otherwise known as the capability to hire many elite mercenary armies, capable of fighting independence for the CEO. Qomawyn is the 2nd most industrialized nation on the Earth Kingdom, mainly because the Earth King was encouraging a modernization of the industry, in order to keep up with the Fire Nation.

The Si Wong Khanate: Originated from the Sand benders from Si Wong; the Khanate has inspired many people to join under its flag and fight for a unified entity. Little is known of how the Khanate fights the war, mainly because the Khanate has won every single battle and defeated every foe it has come across with, which has made the Khan a legendary man who strikes fear at those who threaten him. Still, the Khanate occupies the majority of the Earth Kingdom, but most of its land is barren and is impossible to settle on them permanently, which leads to the Khanate's economic weakness and its reliability of conquering and looting. Upon that, many of the Generals of the Khanate have their own personal army, and only use their supposed "Loyalty" to their nation as an excuse to conquer cities for their own

Kingdom of Jiatsu: The Jiatsians have been a very understanding and calm culture; and were the first nation to split off the Earth Empire. Its Culture has been a very important factor on its success, since Jiatsu is formed mainly by ex-Fire Nation colonies and Republic City, now renamed "Jenka". The Jiatsians have also expanded into the Western Air Temple territories and have made official diplomatic ties with the Fire Nation and the Northern Water Tribes, receiving their aid in order to fight and win the war.

The Ironguard Empire: The Ironguard originated as a direct opposition of Equalism. The Ironguard occupies the least populated area of the Earth Empire; their lands ravaged by plague and genocide, people from the Ironguard are, pretty much, all Earthbenders. There's still a small portion of the population who are none-benders, but only none-benders who have a bender on their family, are allowed to live; but it's safe to say, they're not safe from Prosecution from the state. The Ironguard proved to be extremely effective at defense, but their isolation has created a great technological disadvantage with other kingdoms

Kingdom of Tselyonarsk: Like some other nations, Tselyonarsk originated from an overpowered corporation with big pockets, otherwise known as the capability to hire many elite mercenary armies, capable of fighting independence for the CEO. Tselyonarsk is the most industrialized nation on the Earth Kingdom, mainly because the Earth King was encouraging a modernization of the industry, in order to keep up with the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation: The past 75 Years have been prosperous for the Fire Nation. After the 100 years of war, the Fire Nation was seen as a defeated Monster, humiliated and wounded. But after amazing Economic and diplomatic reforms with the past 4 Fire Lords, the Fire Nation has become once again the most industrialized and most advanced nation in the planet. Recent events, such as plagues, liberal thoughts and bad crops, have slowed down growth and thrown the Fire Nation into a steep depression. What's worse is that Fire Lord Feng is sick and dying, and his son, Zouzen, is not the desired heir for the Fire Nation throne, threatening the balance of the Monarchy

Book 1: Fire

The Story during this first book concentrates on Hiroshi's attempt to escape the Earth Kingdom and reach the Fire Nation in order for him to become a better Firebender and help out on the restoration of order on the planet, even if the Avatar is against him"

1: The Factory BoyYes check Done

2: Ignis IncognitaYes check Done

3: The Qomawyn ArmyYes check Done

4: Battle for District 1 Yes check Done

5: On the run Is Cooking

6: The Firebending MasterNo check Not done

7: Unfriendly Fire No check Not done

8: The Kingdom of Ezhiung (Part 1: Arrival) No check Not done

9: The Kingdom of Ezhiung (Part 2: The Khanate) No check Not done

10: Escaping the Khanate No check Not done

11: Firebending No check Not done

12: Kingdom of Jiatsu No check Not done

13: King Jianjei II No check Not done

14: The Siege of Narvae No check Not done

15: The Fire Nation No check Not done

16: Digging out the roots No check Not done

17: Confrontation on Crescent Island No check Not done

18: Coup d'état No check Not done

19: Tetsuo No check Not done

To avoid spoilers, the Author will reveal later chapters once Book 1 is finished completely

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