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Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow
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Agent Slash


Avatar: The Assassin's Legend


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Plot Edit

It's been two years since Hong Wu and Ming defeated General Reiko and the two decided to turn a new leaf. Now they work for the despicable Jun, a madman bent on finding and killing Avatar Aang. In order for the couple to continue working for Jun, they must pass three tests to prove they are worthy. Both Hong Wu and Ming find themselves plunged into deep sorrow as their destinies unfold and their lives are changed forever in the two-part second prequel to the first fanon of the Slashverse.

Characters Edit

  • Hong Wu (Steve Blum): The main protagonist of the story. He has now become selfish and bad-natured and is in a deep relationship with Ming. He will later be one of Team Avatar's greatest enemies.
  • Ming (Susan Eisenberg): The secondary protagonist of the story. She is not as selfish as Hong Wu, but more thrill-seeking instead. She loves Hong Wu deeply.
  • Jun (Fred Tatasciore): The evil masked man from Avatar's past. He is Hong Wu and Ming's boss and sees them both as valuable apprentices. He is ruthless and sadistic in nature and wishes to find and kill Avatar Aang for reasons unknown to Hong Wu and Ming.
  • Mitsuki (Ming-Na Wen): A drifter who works as a freelance assassin. She is a free spirit who loves what she does, but wants something more from life.
  • Mangkr (Tony Todd): A Fire Nation commander and cousin of Mongke stationed in an area of the Fire Nation known as the Tanamera Valley.
  • Bujing (Daniel Riordan): A Fire Nation soldier who works for Mangkr.
  • Mongke (Richard McGonagle): The leader of the Rough Rhinos. He works for his cousin, Mangkr.

Chapters Edit

  1. The Beams of the Moon
  2. Plunged Into Sorrow

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