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Dark forest
Avatar: The Assassin's Legend
Before the good went bad.
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Agent Slash





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October 8, 2012 - November 19, 2012


Agent Slash


Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow



Plot Edit

The year is 82, AG. The Hundred Year War is still raging. The Fire Nation is closer to victory in the war than the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. In the midst of the chaos, a small unit of Earth Kingdom soldiers is deployed into the Fire Nation to take out one of their most dangerous military officials: General Reiko, who has a plan to cut through to the heart of the Earth Kingdom, and bring down it's walls for good. Among these soldiers is the mercenary known as Hong Wu. Hong Wu and his friends must do what it takes to stop Reiko and save the Earth Kingdom from destruction in this short prequel to the first fanon of the Slashverse.

Characters Edit

  • Hong Wu (Steve Blum): The 18-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a mercenary who will later be one of Team Avatar's greatest enemies.
  • Ming (Susan Eisenberg): Hong Wu's teammate and love interest. She uses her charms to easily outsmart her enemies.
  • Hoku (Joshua Keaton): Hong Wu's best friend, who is very serious and is fascinated with the military.
  • Konghe (Carlos Alazraqui): A member of Hong Wu's unit, who is the awkward, normal guy in the group.
  • Reiko (Jamieson Price): The main antagonist of the story. He is a Fire Nation General with a ruthless attitude. He cares very little for his soldiers and always puts his objectives first.
  • Xiang (Fred Tatasciore): Hong Wu's old mentor, who is a former Earth Kingdom soldier.
  • Mongke (Malachi Throne): One of Raiko's top men and the leader of the Rough Rhinos.

Chapters Edit

  1. The Rays of the Sun
  2. Initiating the Mission
  3. Secrets From Within
  4. Escaping the Prison
  5. The Spark That Lit the Fire

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