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Aang after battling Ozai You should have seen yourself! It was amazing!

This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
If you are interested by the information in this article, feel free to read the chapters.

Pearl dagger
Avatar: The Assassin's Essence
"So, you're good at killing and good at staying alive. What are you?"
General information

Action, Drama




Agent Slash





Original run

January 21, 2014 - March 2, 2014


Agent Slash


Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow


The Adventures of Team Avatar




The year is 94 AG. Ten years have passed since Hong Wu and Ming were tragically separated. Now, having severed his ties to Jun, Hong Wu has been recruited by Fire Lord Azulon to track down and eliminate a group of Fire Nation separatists known as the Kang Ho who wish to secede from the Fire Nation. With nothing left to live for, Hong Wu accepts and is accompanied by some old, familiar faces along the way as the events that lead to his becoming one of Team Avatar's biggest foes unfold. The final story in The Assassin's Trilogy and the final prequel to the Slash Trilogy's The Adventures of Team Avatar is here. After this, Hong Wu's life will never be the same again


  • Hong Wu (Steve Blum): The main protagonist of the story. He is now a sad, selfish, and broken man who has hit rock bottom. He now wanders alone after severing his ties with Jun.
  • Hoku (Joshua Keaton): Hong Wu's best friend. He has left the military and is now a member of the Dai Li.
  • Mongke (Richard McGonagle): The leader of the Rough Rhinos. He is forced to accompany Hong Wu on his mission.
  • Mera (Nika Futterman): Hong Wu's sister who is being held hostage by Fire Lord Azulon. She is an expert assassin with a heart of fire.
  • Imori (BD Wong): The leader of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the city of Xinzhi. He is a righteous man who wants nothing to do with the Fire Nation and wants only peace for his people.
  • Kenta (Robert Costanzo): A member of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the city of Qiangying. He is a very blunt and confrontational man who hates the Fire Nation government.
  • Yuu (Kim Mai Guest): A member of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the town of Hira'a. She is a peaceful woman who is saddened by the Fire Nation's cruelty to its people.
  • Osamu (Patrick St. Esprit): A member of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the town of Shi'er. He is a military veteran who is disgusted with the way the Fire Nation treats it's military. He is a very explosive yet disciplined person.
  • Zong (Rob Paulsen): A member of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the village of Dongwu. He is a very eccentric man who is furious with the Fire Nation's treatment of wildlife.
  • Sora (Kate Higgins): A member of the Kang Ho Separatists who represents the village of Jang Hui. She is an easy-going woman who is unhappy with the Fire Nation's pollution of Jang Hui's water and the poisoning of their food.
  • Azulon (Greg Baldwin): The current Fire Lord. He is a ruthless warlord who wants the idea of rebellion or separation silenced. He has hired Hong Wu to kill all of the Kang Ho Separatists.


  1. Day 3,650
  2. A Bloody Bond
  3. The Dragon's Song
  4. The Summit


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