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The Legend of Korra


Avatar: The Story of Miki

Avatar: The Adventure of Thoyrn takes place 14 years after Avatar Korra's death, 87 years after the series The Legend of Korra. The story is set in the 21st century giving us the modern Avatar World with modern technology such as colored television and cell phones as well as the internet where they also have social networking now and since the year 238 AG about 20 years previous to the series.


Spirit Realm City: a city in the Spirit World; home to humans spirits and crossbreeds who are discriminated against dearly and decide to rebel against the system and the main location in Book Three: Rebellion.

Republic City: the city home to Avatar Thoyrn and a major location throughout the series.

Yu Dao: originally the first Fire Nation colony and the oldest city in the United Republic. This city is where Avatar Thoyrn finds Crimsa Morika, a newcomer who is there for student loans for a prep school in Republic City and is found by Avatar Thoyrn who gets her to be his firebending teacher.

The Northern Water Tribe: the home of Princess Galadriel, great grand daughter of former Chief Eska.

The Plant Province: was once the obscure and unknown foggy swamp tribe although once it had been recognized several Water Tribe citizens decided to continue colonizing the land building well outside the swamp although the swamp is now the capital where the banyan grove tree is now the home of the ruler with a lavish palace made entirely out of plants.

Omashu: the city where Avatar Thoyrn was discovered to be the Avatar at age six and where Thoyrn had lived his early childhood and had returned to Republic City prior to discovery of his being the Avatar.

Ba Sing Se: the capital city of the Earth Democracy, home to the Earth Chancellor himself and a dangerous coup of shadowbenders.

Lotus City: is a city that was built by the White Lotus many years ago and serves as their headquarters. The city is divided into 13 major districts; one for the United Republic, four for the main bending arts and eight for the sub skill colonies. Instead of having a regular police force, they are policed by White Lotus sentries and the most White Lotus members come out of this city. Children in this city are taught Pai Sho and all White Lotus traditions from a young age and as a result they have the most Grand Lotuses in the world.


Protagonists and Allies

Team Avatar

  • Avatar Thoyrn: the current Avatar (well Avatar-in-training) born in Republic City to a wealthy earthbender and his mother, a firebender and former pro-bending champion. Thoyrn keeps his Avatar identity a secret and trains in airbending from Master Jinora twice a week after school so he can live a normal life he goes to school (Asami Sato High School) he has a part-time job at a shopping mall and does what he can to live life like a normal teenager.
  • Celina: a transfer student from the Southern Water Tribe where she is the rightful princess, but due to her parents' divorce, she, her older brother, and her grandmother moved to Republic City where her mother runs Ummi's Computer Co. Celina and her family move a lot because of her mother's business. Celina is a skilled pro-bender. When she transfers to Avatar Thoyrn's school, she joins Avatar Thoyrn's pro-bending team and later joins Team Avatar. Celina is responsible for Thoyrn's waterbending training. She has a crush on Thoyrn.
  • Jun: Jun is Avatar Thoyrn's best friend and a skilled firebender and a member of Avatar Thoyrn's pro-bending team. He later joins Team Avatar.
  • Chang and Fang: are twin brothers, an earthbender and a non-bender, who are two of Thoyrn's best friends, second and third to Jun. Fang is slightly jealous of his brother's bending abilities, although he is a skilled archer and never misses a target, being a descendant of Longshot and Smellerbee.
  • Crimsa Morika: a firebender native to the Fire Nation. She is the only notable member of Team Avatar with a disability: Crimsa needs braces on her legs to walk and is missing part of her left arm. Crimsa got this disability when her city was seeming attacked a barbarian tribe of bloodbenders, when in reality she was attacked by energybenders who tried to remove her from existence. She is responsible for Thoyrn's firebending training. As a way to overcome her disability she uses jet propulsion to transport her self through long distances due to her trouble walking. She is also a lesbian and not afraid to show it.
  • Una: is an airbender and descendant of Avatar Aang and the youngest of ten siblings. She learns airbending with Thoyrn with her great-grand mother as their instructor. She is a member of Team Avatar, who temporarily turns on the team when she reveals her shadowbending abilities, but later rejoins the group.
  • Drip: Drip is an immigrant to Republic City from the Northern Water Tribe. she is introduced in book two energy. Drip lives with her sister and grandmother, whom she hates with a burning passion because she was the only person in her family who tried to help rescue her family from their burning mansion when barbarians attacked her village when she was eight. Drip used to be a waterbender until  one of the supposed barbarians took away her bending. Ever since then Drip has kept herself on emotional lockdown as according to her her mother's betrothal necklace is the only family she has left.
  • Masou: Masso is a plantbender born from a very wealthy family that ruled one of the plant colonies that surrounds the Foggy Swamp and is given many luxuries with being wealthy but doesn't care about money or power; she still wants independence from the Water Tribe because she wants to one day go on the internet and buy something made in the Earth Kingdom. Her dream is to be a mover star one day and joins Team Avatar to escape her overbearing servants whom contrast to her neglectful parents of whom she has given up on earning their love let alone their trust.
  • Dola: Dola is Avatar Thoyrn's spirit animal; a winged mountain liger. Dola is loyal and brave and she always does what she finds is right and is a loyal companion to Thoyrn.
  • Hota: Hota is Celina's pet squirrel-rabbit she bought at a pet store in Yu Dao when she was four. Hota is a mischievous and curious pet always getting himself into trouble. Despite his mischievous manner, he is a loyal companion and best friend to Celina.


  • Princess Galadriel: Princess Galadriel is half spirit and half human or "halfbreed". Her father is chief of the Northern Water Tribe. Galadriel is the most powerful waterbender in the world and is the military general of the ice brigade soldiers. Being only fourteen years old, she is the youngest military general in the world, as well as one of the most successful. Galadriel doesn't want to be looked at like a helpless stuffy daddy's girl princess and often escapes that image and leaves to Republic City with her koala otter on a supposed military leave in order to seem normal. She had always gone to public schools, but was given special treatment which Galadriel cannot stand; she even says, "I eat and sleep like everyone else, what makes me so different?!" showing she doesn't really want to be a princess, but she wants to be a rockstar. She is introduced in Book Three: Rebellion.
  • Master Jinora: Jinora, introduced in the Legend of Korra as an 11-year-old girl with strong spiritual connections and abilities, is now Avatar Thoryn's airbending teacher and spiritual trainer. She is now 98 years old and great-grandmother to Una. She is very calm and knowledgeable of spiritual matters and resides on Air Temple Island in Republic City, but later moves to a new air temple in the mountains of Spirit Realm City.
  • Chief Seiko: is the human chief of the Northern Water Tribe and father to Princess Galadriel. He is seen as no more than a figurehead to the citizens of the South. Here, the queen holds much more power in government, even though they are always equal with all citizens no matter what their gender, saying they have gender equality, but the queen is a spirit, so she is automatically more powerful than her husband although she loves him with all her heart. Seiko means success in Japanese and that is his only goal for his people and he expects nothing less of Galadriel. Although he is an overbearing father, he still loves his family very, very dearly and makes them his top priority.
  • Teiko Rida: is a crossbreed native to Spirit Realm City. Teiko Rida means resistance leader in Japanese because Teiko is the leader of the crossbreed rebellion of Book Three: Rebellion. Although Teiko is a crossbreed, she is still considered one of the most beautiful women in all of Spirit Realm City. Teiko may be the leader of a rebellion, but Teiko still has the responsibility to her job at a minimum wage a coffee shop in the Western River borough (a crossbreed ghetto of Spirit Realm City) named Teiko's Tea and Coffee, which she her parents run she is leading the rebellion. Teiko is also highly skilled with her magical abilities and her firebending abilities of which she is considered a prodigy. Teiko believes in equality among all the people of both worlds ever since her crossbreed father was mugged by human oppressors and began a quest to make Spirit Realm City equal as it once was.

Villains and enemies

  • Raivolka: is the major antagonist of book two energy and the most powerful energybender in the world. Raivolka is a true sadist but only to his enemies and very self-centered but has true concern for his allies and friends. Raivolka believes he is the most superior human being on the planet. Raivolka is over twenty thousand years old. Due to the fact that he is an energybender when he begins to grows old he finds a strong bender of considerable age. They should be who he can detect of being able to live to be over one hundred and forty. Raivolka will then use energybending to drain them of their life and their strength. He will live all the years they have lived times five. He will also live the amount of years they could have lived times ten. Raivolka is the mastermind who figured out how to bend the energy in other things besides people. Raivolka also learned how to bend energy in everything possible which is why he is leader.
  • Mayor Akuno Kyoi: is mayor of Spirit Realm City and the main villain in Book Three: Rebellion. Akuno is very conceited and believes she is perfect in all ways as well as the thought that she is unstoppable. Akuno is very prejudiced to the crossbreed citizens of Spirit Realm City and uses their power to her advantage. Akuno also wants to take close the spirit portals and restore humanity to a "pure" existence. She believes what she is doing would bring peace to the world as it has brought peace to her extent while enslaving crossbreeds whom rebel for the right reasons and are forbidden to use their abilities on humans or spirits in the city limits so she can take them down one by one to create a new world where she rules with an iron fist and nobody is brave enough to stand against her will. "Akuno Kyoi" means "evil menace" in Japanese, which is just what Akuno Kyoi is. Akuno is a firebending master with the ability to create both blue and white fire and has the ability to heatbend as well as generate lightning.
  • Elder Shana: is the major antagonist of Book One: Nations and she is the vengeful overarching leader of the Air Nomads and is the very person who wants revenge on all the other nations for not aiding her people and trying to kill all of her people. Shana is vengeful, short-tempered and believes she has to destroy all of the other nations in order to live in a perfect world. Shana rules with a very oppressive iron fist and is possibly one of the most corrupted leaders of all time and will stop at nothing until she gets the revenge she believes the other nations deserve.
  • Teiko Rida: is a crossbreed native to Spirit Realm City. Teiko Rida means resistance leader in Japanese because Teiko is the leader of the crossbreed rebellion of Book Three: Rebellion. Teiko has shown to be passionate of what she believes in and will happily use dark tactics to get what she wants. She also highly skilled with her spirit abilities and her waterbending abilities of which she is considered a prodigy. Teiko believes in equality among all the people of both worlds ever since her crossbreed father was mugged by human oppressors and began a quest to make Spirit Realm City equal as it once was. however after book three her darker intentions are realized when she is book four: shadows main antagonist.
  • Combustion Baroness Bukon: is the secondary antagonist of Book Three: Rebellion. "Bukon" means "tyrant" in Japanese and that is exactly what she is. Bukon overthrew the newly instated prime minister of the Combustion county, who just happened to be her sister who has always been her mortal enemy until the Avatar came to free her nation of slaves. Bukon is a highly skilled combustionbender, who stops at nothing to get what she wants.
  • Mitsuki Fukushu: is the secondary antagonist of Book Two: Energy. Mitsuki at first acts as if she is an ally to Team Avatar but quickly betrays the team revealing who she really is. Mitsuki may be a non-bender but that doesn't stop her from trying to destroy the team being one of the best long-range weapons master save for archery and has the highest skill with swords and knives. Mitsuki is the leader of the "new order" group who is supposed to be the energybender resistance but really want to use this opportunity to take the world as their own.
  • Secretary Hiro shiro: is the secretary of communications in the United Republic and is the secondary antagonist of Book One who wants to use the opportunity of the Air Nomad war to take control of the president and enforces very harsh laws on all the airbenders living in the United Republic by stripping them of all their technology and many necessities and is very racist against people who aren't of Ba Sing Se descent and is an amazing earthbender and has the extremely rare ability of bonebending and idolizes Councilman Tarrlok seeing him as a role model and is really a fugitive from Ba Sing Se taking upon a false identity and is a major enemy of the Earth Kingdom who was sentenced to death for his heinous crimes.
  • Kaya and Sohan: are the secondary antagonists of Book Five: People. Kaya is an armless waterbender and Sohan is a legless waterbender. Both of them use water tendrils as prosthesis for their missing limbs. The two of them are engaged and plan on getting married. Due to each of them only having one set of limbs each they typically fight as a pair using their tendrils to bind themselves together using the limbs they each have. Kaya is a bloodbender and Sohan is a spiritbender.
  • Grand Secretariat Ling Du Tong: Ling is the secondary antagonist of Book Four: Shadows. Ling is a very sadistic and aggressive woman who will use ruthless underhanded tactic to accomplish her goals and has no problem letting people starve and die. She has no issues with the suffering in the Lower Ring and enforces it, being the grand secretariat of the city. She uses the Dai Li in even worse ways than Earth Queen Hou-Ting, Princess Azula and Long Feng combined.
  • Hanbai Wu: is the primary antagonist of Book Five: People. Hanbai is a blind earthbender who uses seismic sense on a level superior to even Toph Beifong herself. He leads a criminal rebellion of disabled benders who want to create more of them and do not believe the able-bodied should have bending. Hanbai an extremely dangerous fighter with his abilities with chi-blocking, mixed martial arts and weapons similar to Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Book One: Nations

Book One: Nations is the first book in the series. Book One deals with the return of the Air Nomads, who are in a civil war with the Air Nation. The Air Nomads no longer want to be the other nations' servants and want sovereignty and independence and have no problem conquering along with enforcing spirituality to the conquered. Along with this, there are problems in the United Republic senate on whether or not to act against the crisis, leaving it all up to Thoyrn.

Book Two: Energy

Book Two: Energy is the second book in the series of the Adventure of Thoyrn. Book Two deals with the attacks of supposed barbarian tribes who reveal themselves as the "originals" as the first benders who have lived in the shadows for over twenty thousand years and want to take down all the separated and non-unified nations and create global unity but is Thoyrn ready to stand up and put everything at risk just to defeat the society's evil leader Raivolka and with the help of his friends and allies Thoyrn realizes he is not alone. Along with the chaos of the energybender conspiracy, the Fire Nation's resistance to the energybenders are taking over the nation and transforming and corrupting the government making the energybenders seem okay causing is a civil war between the supporters of their resistance that may become a complete distraction to Thoyrn's real problem.

Book Three: Rebellion

Book Three: Rebellion deals with rebellion of most sub-skill element benders who want to be seen as equal to "primary benders" as they call the major four elements. but those aren't the only rebellions in the world as Thoyrn realizes when he visits the Spirit World for the first time. ever since Avatar Korra left the spirit portals open people had moved into and built settlements in the Spirit World most notably spirit realm city. in the Spirit World marriage between humans and spirits is common and they give birth to a new species that is half human and half spirit the many people call "halfbreeds" who are discriminated against dearly in the Spirit World and are forced to live as lower class citizens and are viewed as monsters and they are feed up with and are ready to rebel against the system.

Book Four: Shadows

Book Four: Shadows deals with Teiko Rita who has now gained control of spirit realm city and spirit realm center and has started to conquer other regions of the Spirit World modernizing it and also expelling humans from it to restore the Spirit World to what it was before humans "ruined" it as well as purge the material world and remains of the Spirit World of the remaining crossbreeds and spirits in order to create a super army that will take the material world by storm.

Book Five: People

Book Five: People is the final installment of the adventure of Thoyrn, where he has to defeat a society of disabled benders. The United Republic government has recently proposed a bill that will bar the disabled citizens from being able to hold any rights and power that an able bodied bender could. So they revolt. The revolution is made up of Blind Earthbenders, paralyzed Firebenders, deaf Airbenders and Waterbenders missing limbs who want to be realized as able bodied and given their rightful opportunities and to do so, they want to exterminate all able bodied benders in order to be the equals they desire and will destroy anybody who stands in their way no matter what the sacrifice is.


Fire, Air, Water, Earth I've watched documentaries and movers about Avatar Korra's adventures and how she did many remarkable things in order to bring peace to the world. Like how she had defeated the Anti-Bending Revolution. Or how she had defeated Vaatu and Dark Avatar Unalaq during the Harmonic Convergence and ended the war of the Water Tribes. And with the help of her friends, after leaving the spirit portals open, many people had moved into the Spirit World where she had founded Spirit Realm City. The city that served as the new bridge between the two worlds after she renounced the role. Spirit Realm City was a city where humans and spirits lived together in peace and harmony. But as all good things must come to an end, Avatar Korra's time in this world has come to an end and the search for the new Avatar has begun.


Book One: Nations

  • Chapter 1: The Brand New Avatar
  • Chapter 2: A New Master
  • Chapter 3: The Dancing Dragon
  • Chapter 4: The Assault
  • Chapter 5: Return of the Air Nomads, Part 1
  • Chapter 6: Return of the Air Nomads, Part 2
  • Chapter 7: Death of a Master
  • Chapter 8: Crimsa
  • Chapter 9: The Evil Elder, Part 1
  • Chapter 10: The Evil Elder, Part 2
  • Chapter 11: The Battle
  • Chapter 12: Chakras
  • Chapter 13: Origin of the Air Acolytes
  • Chapter 14: Disguised
  • Chapter 15: The Question
  • Chapter 16: The Answer

Book Two: Energy

  • Chapter One: Focused Minds
  • Chapter Two: The Test
  • Chapter Three: Barbarians
  • Chapter Four: Severed
  • Chapter Five: Raivolka
  • Chapter Six: Drip
  • Chapter Seven: Blank
  • Chapter Eight: The Spirit of Energy
  • Chapter Nine: Corrupted
  • Chapter Ten: Competition
  • Chapter Eleven: Legends, Part One
  • Chapter Twelve: Legends, Part Two
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Backstory
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Ruins
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Final Battle, Part One
  • Chapter Sixteen: The Final Battle, Part Two

Book Three: Rebellion

  • Chapter One: Sub Skill
  • Chapter Two: Elements
  • Chapter Three: The Republic City Portal
  • Chapter Four: Spirit Realm City, Part One
  • Chapter Five: Spirit Realm City, Part Two
  • Chapter Six: The Uprising
  • Chapter Seven: Plant heiress
  • Chapter Eight: The Ball
  • Chapter Nine: The Ally
  • Chapter Ten: The Enemy
  • Chapter Eleven: Return to the north
  • Chapter Twelve: The Princess
  • Chapter Thirteen: Welcome to the Turning Point
  • Chapter Fourteen: Battle for Spirit Realm City
  • Chapter Fifteen: President Turned Lunatic
  • Chapter Sixteen: The New Way of Doing Things

Book Four: Shadows

  • Chapter One: Welcome to Ba Sing Se
  • Chapter Two: The Earth Chancellor
  • Chapter Three: Secrets and Lies
  • Chapter Four: Betrayal
  • Chapter Five: Revealed
  • Chapter Six: Spirits and crossbreeds
  • Chapter Seven: A bad omen
  • Chapter Eight: The toxic environment
  • Chapter Nine: The Secret Meeting
  • Chapter Ten: in the shadows
  • Chapter Eleven: The Coup
  • Chapter Twelve: The President
  • Chapter Thirteen: Escape the Prison
  • Chapter Fourteen: Into the War Part One, Readying the forces
  • Chapter Fifteen: Into the War Part Two, Teiko's troops
  • Chapter Sixteen: Out of the War Part One, Teiko's game
  • Chapter Seventeen: Out of the War Part Two, The Avatar's Victory

Book Five: People

  • Chapter One: Back on Your Feet
  • Chapter Two: Another Day for an Adventure
  • Chapter Three: The Visit
  • Chapter Four: Equality Among The People
  • Chapter Five: Kaya and Sohan
  • Chapter Six: More than the Surface
  • Chapter Seven: Under the Wilds
  • Chapter Eight: Crimsa Alone
  • Chapter Nine: You Think You Know a Person
  • Chapter Ten: Drastic Measures Call for Drastic Actions
  • Chapter Eleven: Who Knows What You May Find

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