Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The 4 stones in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: The 4 stones
The Four Stones
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: The 4 stones takes place a month after Sozin's Comet and tells the story of Team Avatar, Callibus, a weak waterbender, and Fortis, a strong firebender who lost his memory. The adventure starts when Fortis and Calllibus meet and become friends. They journeyed to Fire Nation together where they were blamed for the attempted murderer on Fire Lord Zuko and General Iroh. Meanwhile, Azula and a man named Ignis are after Fortis because he has a power to locate all 4 stones; once all 4 stones are united, Azula and Ignis will have unbelievable powers which they will use to destroy Fortis, Callibus, Aang and the rest of Team Avatar.

Will The Fire Nation capture Fortis and Callibus before Azula unties all 4 stones? Will this be end of Team Avatar?


Team Avatar

  • Aang: 12 year old Avatar who just defeated Fire Lord Ozai. He is Katara's love interest.
  • Katara: 14 year old who just defeated Azula. She's Aang's waterbending teacher, and his love interest.
  • Sokka: 15 year old, leader of Team Avatar, who is dating Suki.
  • Toph: 12 year old girl who invented metalbending, and taught Aang earthbending. She now occupies herself with teaching other earthbenders how to bend metal.
  • Zuko: The 16 year old new Fire Lord who deals with Fire Nation stuff, and teaching the Avatar firebending. He was almost killed by Fortis and Callibus.
  • Suki: 15 year old Kyoshi Warrior who is dating Sokka.

Fire Nation

  • Rixa: The man who blamed Fortis and Callibus, and who now hunts them down.
  • Ignis: Working with Azula, trying to find all 4 stones.
  • Mai: Zuko's boyfriend, friends with Ty Lee.
  • Ty Lee: 2nd in command of Kyoshi Warriors, when Suki is away she is the leader.
  • Azula: Working with Ignis, she wants revenge on Team Avatar.

Earth Kingdom

  • Earth King: The leader of the Earth Kingdom who gets visits from the Avatar a lot.
  • Terra Team: A team of elite earthbenders who help Rixa get Fortis and Callibus.
  • Earth Kingdom Soldiers: Also trying to find Fortis and Callibus

Water Tribes

  • Callibus, a weak waterbender, was given to Pakku to study waterbending
  • Callibus's Mom: Her name is not given, but she lost her husband during the war, thus raised Callibus on her own.
  • Pakku: Callibus's mentor and Katara's step-grandfather
  • Bullies: A group of waterbenders who like to tease Callibus for his weak waterbending skills

Air Nomads

  • Appa: Aang's flying bison, helpful to Team Avatar.
  • Momo: Friends with Appa; he loves to make everyone laugh.
  • Appa the 2nd: New race of flying bison, found by Aang, First owners are Fortis and Callibus

Unknown Nation

  • Fortis: He is a strong and good firebender, and very intelligent; truly a person you don't want to mess with.

Avatar: the 4 stones chapters

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1: Right at the end of Sozin Comet (still in development)

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