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Chapter 5: The Search Continues

After Playing air ball with his Meelo, June was approached by his aunt Pema she asked, "June, are you going after your uncle??" June was shocked by his aunts question, June made his way to his aunt and said, "Yes, tomorrow I have to deliver this package to Nana and Uncle Tenzin" Pema went and picked up Meelo, she then started to make her way towards the kitchen she turned to her Nephew and Said "June, I understand, Dinner will be ready soon so get ready okay" Pema entered the Dining hall, June looked the setting sun and said to himself "tomorrow Grandfather I start my journey for the truth okay"

June started to walk towards the kitchen and helped his aunt make dinner for his cousins and then washed his hands in the sink to get ready to eat also, But before he entered the dining room he stopped because he heard a voice outside he listened," Anyways June has that letter and now hes going to go to the air temple Aiyame and look for the valley by himself," June Knew it was Asami Talking to Aiyame at that point June then listened some More "My Younger brother will do anything to help others, but if it is a task given to him by Aang then he will stop at nothing to fulfill it, I have to stop him" Aiyame said, After hearing the words of his sister June Ran towards his room and got his bag and Ran towards his Bison Ingy and flew off. Aiyame had reached to the stables too late and said to Asami "Hes going to search until the tasks are completed, I have to start my search here, there are rumors that there is a person that fits the description of the spirit leader here in Republic City."

2 days Passed and June a had made his way to Kyoshi Island he landed and let Ingy rest, he made his way towards the Kyoshi Warrior Training site, He made his way up the steps and entered the room and sat down and watched them train, after about 2 hours the Warriors had begun to leave and June was greeted by the Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors A Girl named Minori "June, What are you doing here huh" Minori asked in curiosity, "I'm on a journey Nori and I'm just stopping by until I get ready to got the Southern Air Temple" June replied with anxiety, he began to make his way out the door and asked Minori "is it true even the Kyoshi Warriors are searching the world for this person now too" Minori walked down the steps and looked back at June and said, "yes its our duty, we have to help the Avatar and this person to make the world an even better place" June walked down and stood beside Minori he took he hand and said, "You know I've missed you, Nori" Minori Blushed and said, "I missed you too Juny, now come on you can stay with me until I leave tomorrow okay" She took June by the hand and made their way towards her house.

Morning had finally come and June Saw the Kyoshi Warriors off on their Journey to Fine the Spirit Leader, Minori took June and pulled him aside she looked and him and said, "Now don't do anything stupid okay, I'm sure you'll find what your looking for" She hugged June and kissed him goodbye, June took Minori's Hand and said, "I love you, Nori, be safe" Minori left and said, "I love you too ill be waiting for you when I get back okay" June saw the Kyoshi Warriors off until they became little specs in the distance.

June then made his way to Ingy and stopped to meditate he came to where Kyoshi had split the island off the mainland and where the former Avatars belongings were. he sat down and began to meditate deeply, while Meditating June heard a voice he opened his eyes and found himself in the village, he stood up and saw what looked like people watching something, he made his way through the crowd without effort but saw someone wearing a waterbender garb run by, June Immediately Followed this person he caught up to her but saw she was talking to a Woman in a Kyoshi Warriors Garb except this woman was taller than everyone, June hid behind a tree and listened to the conversation "Kyoshi Why Do we have to Listen to everyone why not just Go after Chin now I mean were going to fight him anyways" the woman wearing the Waterbenders garb said, Immediately June thought to himself "Kyoshi...Avatar Kyoshi...Chin...Chin the Conquer...why" June Heard them talking more he listened "Nauja, I keep telling you, I will fight him I am the Avatar you are" suddenly June was awoken from his meditation by Ingy, June got up and said, "Come on Ingy let get going to the Southern Air Temple" June thought to himself "why am I having the thought of past events" June and Ingy left Kyoshi Island And made there way South.

To be continued in chapter 6

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