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Chapter 4: The Truth Hidden

After June saw his friends and family off he returned to his bedroom to pack but was stopped when he saw a shadow go by "What could that be?" June said to himself, he quickly jumped out the window and followed what he saw, it led him to the edge of the island, and then it suddenly disappeared. June proceeded back to his room and went back to packing his bag.

The next morning June made his way to see Asami Sato his friend that he met through Mako, He began to ask her about how thing were, June then said, "Asami, I have a favor to ask??" Asami looked puzzled about what June was going to ask she replied "Sure June Anything for you, what can I do huh?" June pulled the letter from his pocket and told Asami of the Predicament he was in "I can't trust anyone but you" June replied with passion. Asami began to wonder and think about what to say to June, after a long pause she replied "June why didn't you tell Korra or Mako or even Bolin they could have helped you more??" June replied "Because, everyone is searching for this person, and if I told them or my family about what my grandpa asked me to do they would have wanted to help and I can't put them through that right now, so will you help me??" Asami Replied "June I'll help you, your going to need someone there with you okay, I'm going to go pack okay." June Replied with excitement "All right I have a few more errands to attend to meet me at the air temple okay." June left in a hurry and made his way out of the house.

while finally reaching the street June was stopped by three thugs of the triple threat triad, "Well, well if isn't the Airbender??" a man wearing red said, June turned around and looked at the three men obviously the man was a fire bender and his two goons were water benders, June Replied with Anger "Seriously, you guys again, Didn't Korra knock you out last time" the man in red replied with anger heated by hate for the Avatar, he replied "were going to teach you a lesson, air boy" Suddenly the man in red threw a fire burst at June, June dodged it and fire back with a blast of air, the water bender goons shielded the man in red with a shield of ice, the man in red leaped over the ice shield and threw a lighting blast at a man on the street trying to escape the fight, June Leaped over in front of the man and adsorbed the lighting into his body and released it into another direction, June then went into the air with an air sprout and made his way towards the three benders he used his move the air bomb and hit the two water benders out of the way, June then landed and swished his fingers in a circular motion and threw a bolt of lighting at the man in red, I landed and the man in red fell, June replied "Never harm anyone again you got that??" the three men got up and ran away.

June got up and made his way towards the police station, he came to a door that said Captain Aiyame on it, June knocked and entered, his sister Stood and Said to June "June Why aren't you at home, I'm very busy I have to leave soon and look for the one, you know" June replied "sister why can't everyone just stop and listen huh, I'm going to be taking Asami with me for awhile I have some business to attend to and I really need some help" Aiyame replied "That's fine just be sure to take care of that all right, oh and one more thing can you take this package to Nana please, it showed up it says its from Zuko okay thanks" June then left the office with guilt he began to think to himself "Sister doesn't even have time to listen, when I get there I'm going to show them what I've learned."

June then made his way back towards the air temple and went into the inner part to meditate, there while meditating he began to feel like he was dreaming, June opened his eyes and found himself in a strange room he immediately stood up and saw a woman with black hair and a long red outfit on talking to what looked like a male Firelord, he listened to the conversation, "Sozin why don't we wait for him to return??" the woman said, June thought to himself "Sozin...Firelord...Sozin..the one that..started the hundred year war.." June Listened back to the conversation "Tsusa You are the leader and you have to step to benefit the Fire Nation now that Roku isn't here" June thought to himself tried to process the name Tsusa and the whole conversation he had just heard, Immediately, June felt a nudge and awoke from his meditation standing in front of him was his little cousin Meelo, Meelo said, "June, Will you play air ball with me" June was shocked and brushed off what he was thinking about and said, "Sure, Meelo, I'll play with you." June picked Meelo up and made his way out of the temple and began to play airball.

To be continued in chapter 5

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