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Chapter 3: Family Gathering

June was stunned and unable to speak thinking to himself he thought, "what could grandfather have written a letter for me for" out of nowhere June began to run towards the direction of his room, leaving his brothers and sisters and the Avatar behind.

upon reaching his room June sat down on his bed and proceeded to open the letter inside the were two pieces of paper which he began to unfold, he began to read the letter it said, "To my wonderful first born Airbending grandchild, I may have not been able to meet you in person but remember I am always with you in spirit, I know it must be hard being the grandchild of the Avatar, but I know you are strong and well, I must ask you to do 3 tasks for me that only a skilled young one like yourself can do, I'm sure by now you have been taught the traditions by your uncle Tenzin, you must go to the Southern Air Temple and make your way to the the Avatar temple, there you will be reunited with people of the past, and people you know and love, I can't tell you anymore than that, after you reach the room you must find the valley described on that wall, you alone must find the valley and proceed to the place described on the map, your last task to understand the history of the valley and the spirit leader that resides along side the Avatar, after finding the valley tell no one of its location for it is a sanctuary, I leave you with the riddle, 'in the cave of relics past you will be deemed one of few to see the mass.' I love you and tell your grandmother Shizo that I'm sorry to have made her wait so long."

After reading the letter and the length of the message June Began to say "Aang why must I be the one to find the valley, I mean Nana and Uncle must have some idea about the room at the Air Temple?" June began to think about his grandpa said in the riddle "In the cave of relics past you will be deemed one of few to see the mass" June began to say the riddle over in his for a while until a knock came from the door, June Quickly hid the letter and proceeded to answer "you may enter."

his Grandmother Shizo was at the door and she made her way to June "June dear, I heard from you siblings that you received a letter also may I see it?" June began to hand over the crumpled paper but instead of handing her the letter he handed his grandmother the riddle instead, June said to Shizo "Nana all grandpa gave me was a Riddle it was addressed to the first born airbending grandchild."

Shizo began to read the riddle and after reading it for a couple of minutes she told June this "June, you are all right, it's nothing, I'm sure it was meant to be given to me in the first place, now dear come on you must come and see everyone they are all worried about how you ran off so fast" June then got up and said, "All Right Nana I will." June put the letter in his pocket and made his way back out side where he was greeted by his father Jetta and His mother Kya.

"Mom, Dad, you're here!" June ran towards his mother and father and began to give them a hug. Kya began to say, "June, dear, you look thin are you eating enough." June began to answer, "Yes, Mom, I'm fine." June's father, Jetta, began to say, "June, my boy, come here. I must introduce you to my friends Admiral Kiyu and General Hue." June bowed in respect to the two older gentlemen while Jetta began to say, "This is my airbender son, June. He's my airbending master."

Hue said, "It's an honor to meet the grandchild of the late Avatar," while kiyu began to say, "yes, it is an honor." June then began to say, "Thank you for coming, Father, I must go and see uncle and Gran Gran, alright."

June bowed to his father and proceeded to make his way to the inner Chamber of the temple, but before opening the door June was stopped when he heard Voice he began to follow to see if he could hear the voice but was stopped at a his uncles office door and he began to listen "You know mother that I've already informed Avatar Korra of the situation and that we have to begin the search for this person even more and now it even has the sisters of the sunflowers involved" Tenzin said to Katara " and not only that, why didn't father tell us sooner" Katara began to reply "Tenzin, I'm sure your father had good reasons and not telling us, but I'm sure all the answers are at the Southern Air Temple" Katara said as she began to it down.

June was stunned by his uncles reaction he knew that Korra had learned about the Spirit leader and that his family was going to start looking for the Spirit Leader also so now all he had to do was search for this valley and some how sneak off to the Southern Air Temple. June touched his pocket and began to make his way to the inner chamber to begin his meditation, while meditating he heard footsteps approaching he thought nothing of it and began to meditate more deeply soon two feet where in front of him he looked up and saw it was the Avatar.

"June Everyone off doing their own things do you mind if we talk" Korra said as she sat down, "Sure Korra I'm always here for you, you know that, what's on your mind" June said with Compassion, "Well, Tenzin informed me of another person called the spirit leader, and that everyone is going to be searching for this person" Korra said with anxiety, June then began to think of a way to ease the thought that his friend was having he replied, "Korra? I know that it's hard to think about, but don't worry I'm sure this person is good and will help you once we find them all right" June put ease into the conversation like always and the Avatar began to meditate with June.

Threes days passed and Everyone of June's Family except him and his Aunt Pema and cousins left to began searching the world for this person Shizo approached June and said, "Don't worry, June, your uncle and I along with Korra and Mako are going to the Southern air temple we will be back as soon as we can all right" The group left and everyone began to go there separate ways and Tenzin left his bison towards the air temple.

June Began to think "Don't Worry Grandpa I will make sure I do what you asked."

To be continued in chapter 4

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