Journey to the Southern Air Temple
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Chapter 6: Journey To The Southern Air Temple

After what seemed like hours June and Ingy Began to Ascend towards the Mountains of the Southern Air Temple "Ingy there it is buddy, that's where grandpa grew up at sort of" June said with passion, Ingy let out a big growl and began to go even higher until June saw the air temple before him, below he saw his uncles Bison Oggie below "Ingy lets land by Oggie okay so you won't be lonely." Ingy began to make his descent to his fellow air bison Oggie.

June got off and look back at Oogie and Ingy and said, "You two stay safe I'm going now" June began to make his way across the bridge to the inner temple and looked down at what seemed like an abyss below "Man if you fell down there you would be goner" June said with Anxiety, he finally made it across the bridge and stared at the buildings and walls around him they were overgrown with all types of plant life and insects, June began to think to himself "This is where many of the airbenders lived before the genocide, the Fire Nation wiped out my people, but that;s in the past my nana is a firebender, and I trust and love her, and I should not worry about it anymore."

June made his way to the door of where the Avatar Temple was and saw that it was already open he proceeded into the inner sanctum and saw all the statues of past Avatars, he looked above and saw that the Avatar went all the way to the top of the ceiling and by chance he saw a light glowing at the top, he knew it was his uncle and grandma he proceeded to make his way to the top when he started to think about what the letter said, "Go to the Avatar Temple at the Southern Air Temple and there you will be surround by people of the past and people you love" June thought of this very sentence over and over again as he ascended towards the top, he eventually came to the top and saw his uncle and grandmother standing at a door reading a riddle on the wall June proceeded To say "What are you doing" June said as He walked towards the door to take a look at the riddle. Tenzin, Shizo and Korra looked shocked to see June standing before them, June continued to look at the door and studied the riddle.

Tenzin came towards his nephew and Said "June Why are you here, you're supposed to be back at home." June Look at his uncle and then reached into his robe and pulled out the package that his sister Aiyame had given him and told his uncle "This is why I'm here Aiyame asked me to bring this to nana, I was on my way to the south pole anyways to see my mom, so she asked to stop here and deliver it." Shizo Came forward and asked June for the package and June handed it over to her, Tenzin Continued to ask his nephew questions "June, well at least you came on a request and not on your own whim." Korra proceeded forward and Said "June, Do you think you could help us with this riddle?" June replied, "sure I can give it a try" already knowing what the riddle meant June proceeded toward the door and said, "in the stone you must present the four presents in the slots according through the events." June looked at Korra and his uncle and said, "All it means is that the Avatar has to bend the 4 elements to open the door."

Tenzin looked at June with surprise and said, "June how where you able to Decipher it?" June Replied "I saw it in a dream I think" Shizo Proceeded forward and said, "Korra why don't you open the door then." Korra replied, "Sure Master" Korra left Mako behind who remained quiet for most of the conversation said, "Be Careful okay." Korra proceeded to the door and began to fire bend, she let out a burst of flames that hit the door the clot towards the upper right began to glow, to her surprise she proceeded to water bend with the water from he pouch she used the water whip and the slot in the lower right corner began to glow, she then airbended with an air blast and the upper right slot began to glow, she then bended earth and hit the doors last slot it glowed and then a Large sound that sounded like a bell rang and the door began to slide open, Everyone looked in awe as the door opened, once opened everyone began to proceed into the room inside was a staircase that led up to a wall with a map on it there was another riddle, everyone tried for hours to Decipher the riddle but without any luck they could not get the answer, June of course thought of the answer right away but did not tell anyone of it because of the task he was given by Aang, Shizo looked to Tenzin and said, "Tenzin dear since we can't get it why not go to the south pole and rest for awhile and then come back after everyone has rested?" Tenzin replied, "Yes that would be the best answer and Everyone could use some rest" everyone proceeded out and except June Shizo asked, "June are you coming dear?" Jun replied, "I'm going to stay here and then ill meet up with you later all right." Shizo said okay and everyone left.

June waited until he heard Oogie take off and he sat down and began to meditate he began to get deeper into thought and Was awoken by the smell of sweet fruit, June woke up and found himself in a room, he saw what looked like an Airbender run by, June got up and said, "Uncle Tenzin is that you" June immediately got up and ran after the man he began to realize that it wasn't his uncle he continued to run after the man and was stopped when he saw a man wearing a water benders garb June looked outside a window and saw many airbenders training in the ways of airbending he then hid behind a wall and began to Listen "Sonam, you are always running you got to stop" The Man wearing the Waterbenders Garb said the airbender replied, "Kuruk you're the one that is always fighting and challenging people for no apparent reason, you fight just to show off." June began to think to himself "Kuruk...the" June listened to the conversation again "Sonam, you're my one and only true friend, you the..spi..Leader and you've got to man up." The airbender replied, "I know Kuruk I'm going to try my best." The two men proceeded out the door and June stood up and tried to follow them, but awoke in the room in the Avatar Temple, he stood up and ran out of the temple scared and confused and ran towards Ingy he thought to himself, "the valley I know where it's at I've got to go to it" ignoring the visions he kept having during meditating he left the Southern Air Temple and proceeded towards the direction of Ba Sing Se.

To be continued in chapter 7

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