The Reunion
The Reunion
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Avatar: Tales of the World


Book 1: Lineage


Chapter 2: The Reunion

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June 5, 2013

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The Letters

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Chapter 3: Family Gathering

Chapter 2: The Reunion

Tenzin proceeded to his desk where he sat down and let out a big sigh. "Here goes nothing," Tenzin said. He proceeded to open the letter, which he began to read carefully, After reading the letter, Tenzin made his way to the window, where he looked out at the ocean. "Father, why must we look for this person and this place?"

Suddenly, a knock came from the door. Tenzin then turned around and said, "You may enter." A young man wearing the same clothing as Tenzin entered the room, but his garb had shades of blue and red in it. "Uncle, Aunt Pema said you wanted to see me," the young man said with anxiety.

Tenzin then proceeded to sit down. "June, your grandparents are coming to Republic City," Tenzin said.

June made his way to one of the seats in front of Tenzin's desk and sat down and said, "Really Uncle, why are Nana and Grandpa coming, huh?"

Tenzin looked worried about the information that the letter contained. "June, the reason is because of something that has to do with Grandfather Aang," Tenzin said.

June's tone went from being excited to being serious. "Uncle, did something happen? Does it have anything to do with Korra, does it have to do with anything bad?" June asked.

Tenzin began to worry that the information was to much for his nephew to handle. He then thought of some excuse to cover for the whole situation. "June, it's nothing that important, it's just something that has to do with this box. Your Nana and Grandpa and your Gran Gran and I must discuss the contents of what's in the box, alright?" Tenzin said to put June at ease.

June then got up and made his way for the door. Before he left, he turned to his uncle and said, "Uncle, please tell me when they get here, all right." Tenzin looked at June and said, "I will June, don't worry, besides, they will be here in three days, alright?"

June left his uncle's office and proceeded to his daily routine. Tenzin backed down and said, "That boy is always excited to hear about anything to do with the Avatar."

3 days passed and the Avatar and her friends went to pick up her best friend; June's family members. Avatar Korra was holding the hand of her boyfriend Mako, young firebending police officer who was their escort. Korra proceeded to two elderly women and one elderly man. "Avatar Korra, you came to get us? Where's June?" one elderly lady said.

"Firemaster Shizo, June couldn't be here so he asked me to come and get you," Korra said passionately.

The other elderly woman then proceeded to the Avatar. "Korra dear, that's all right, thanks for seeing us to the air temple."

Korra then proceeded to bow to the elderly lady with respect. "No, Katara, the pleasure is all mine, I must do this for not only June but for Aang also." Korra said with honor.

Suddenly, two young men came down carrying the luggage of Shizo and Katara. "Kaito, Yukoda, be sure not to break anything all right?" The elderly man said.

Both replied, "We won't, Grandpa Jett."

Mako then proceeded forward and said, "We must get you to the air temple, I have a schedule you know."

Suddenly, Korra said, "We will, jeez, lay back." The whole party proceeded to the air temple.

Meanwhile, at the police office, June was waiting for his sister, Aiyame, to get done with her paper work. "Yame, come on, we have to go. Gran Gran and the others are all probably at the air temple already," June said.

A woman with long black hair stood up and said, "June, if you're in such a hurry, why don't you go ahead?"

June then got up and proceeded to the door and said, "Fine, I will see you at the temple." June rushed out like a leaf in the wind.

At the air temple, everyone who was not Katara, Shizo or Tenzin left the temple's main room. Shizo then proceeded forward and told Tenzin of what she had learned. "As you know, Tenzin, your father left me that box as well as a letter. When I opened my letter 17 years after his death, I was shocked to learn of what he was telling me. He told me to go the Southern Air Temple, and proceed to the Avatar Temple, and go to the very top to where the statute of the very first Avatar is, and there I will find something. What did yours say, Katara??"

Katara then proceeded to tell what she had received in her letter. "All Aang left me with was a quote: 'In the Celestial time you will find the Valley of Relics.'" Tenzin looked worried as he got ready to tell his mother and elder what his letter said. "My letter said to remain true to the ways of old, for that what you look for is within your hold. What can it mean?" The three looked puzzled as to what Avatar Aang had wanted to say.

Meanwhile, June had just returned to the Air Temple; he was greeted by Avatar Korra and Mako, along with his brothers, Kaito and Yukoda. Korra proceeded to June and said, "June, why are you late?"

Before June could reply, he was interrupted by Kaito. "Little brother, why are you so sad?"

June tried to answer both questions before he was interrupted by Yukoda. "June, can you show me some martial arts, huh?"

June again to tried to answer all the questions but was interrupted this time with a tap on his shoulder. June turned around; standing before him was a member of the White Lotus. The White Lotus member said, "Air Master June, Grandson to Avatar Aang?"

June said, "yes."

The White Lotus member proceeded to say, "we have a letter to give you, addressed From Avatar Aang himself." The White Lotus member gave June the letter and left.

June held the letter in hand and looked at it in awe and said, "a letter from Grandfather."

To Be continued in Chapter 3.

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