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The Letters
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Avatar: Tales of the World


Book 1: Lineage



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May 30, 2013

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The Reunion

Chapter 1: The Letters

"It's been 17 years since you've passed, my old friend," Shizo said as she sat down.

"Nana, you here?" A voice echoed.

Suddenly, a young woman came in. She was wearing traditional Southern Water Tribe garb. "Nana, I came like you asked. What is it?" The young lady said as she sat down by the elderly lady.

"Dear, thank you for coming on such short notice," Shizo said. "I have something that you must take to your Uncle Tenzin in Republic City." Shizo stood up and made her way to a box that was sitting on the fireplace mantle.

"Nana, why are you carrying that box?" Said the girl as she stood up in a hurry.

"Kana, you must deliver this." Shizo sat down and pulled out a necklace from around her neck, then proceeded to hand the box over to her granddaughter. "You must take this box and to Republic City and deliver it to your uncle; stay there until you have further instructions."

Kana then stood up with box in hand. "Nana, why is it so important that this box get delivered to Uncle?" Kana began to ask.

Shizo let out a giant sigh and began to think of what to tell her young granddaughter. "The box is from your grandfather, Avatar Aang." She stood up and began to tell her granddaughter a story.

"Long before any of you grandchildren were born, your grandfather started to write a book. He didn't tell anyone of what was inside the book or what knowledge the book may contain." Shizo began to pace. "Aang left me with that box along with a key and 4 letters. He said that each letter was to be opened 4 years apart from each other and when all the letters were finally open, to give the box to your uncle."

Kana proceeded to her grandmother and hugged her. "All right, Nana, I'll give this box to uncle and stay there until you tell me what else to do." Kana then left the house and proceeded to Republic City with the mysterious box.

Shizo looked at the fire. "Aang, why did you wait all this time to make me search? I'm old."

Three days passed and Kana finally arrived in Republic City, only to be greeted by the Avatar herself. "Kana, there you are!!" Avatar Korra said as she proceeded to her friend.

"Oh, Avatar Korra!!" Kana said with surprise.

"Hey, Tenzin asked me to come and get you since he couldn't," Korra began to explain with passion. "What's with the box??" Korra asked.

Kana then began to explain the very same story she was told. "And that's why I have to deliver this box and letter to Uncle, Korra!!"

Korra began to get excited. "A box from Aang? That's so interesting. Well, we might as well and head back to the air temple."

Kana and Korra started to proceed to the air temple, passing all types of Satomobiles on the way. They eventually arrived at the air temple where Kana proceeded to her uncle's office. "Uncle Tenzin, you here?" Kana said as she made her way into the office.

As she entered, she saw an older man with a bald head and blue arrow tattoos on his forehead. "Kana, your grandmother told me that you would be arriving," Tenzin said as he got up to greet his niece. "Now, what is it that you have for me?"

Kana then proceeded to hand her uncle the box with the key and letter. "Nana told me to give this to you and to tell you it's from Grandfather."

Tenzin then began to inspect the box and letter. "A letter from my father," he began to say.

Kana then said as she was leaving. "Nana also told me to tell you not to leave and that she would be arriving with some people in three days."

Tenzin looked at the box and letter and then opened the letter.

To be continued in chapter 2. ^_^

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