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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Tales of a Forgotten Time


During the history of the Avatar, there have always been people there to guide the Avatar on the right path. However, during the creation of the world, the spirits chose the Avatar to be the protector and keep balance in the nations, but there was another destined to help the Avatar in times of need. Reincarnated alongside the Avatar, this person is born like the Avatar to help keep balance. This person can be born into any nation.

The spirit is different from the Avatar. Unable to bend all four elements, the Spiritual Leader is gifted in sub-abilities and remembers key bending techniques from past lives. They also become the most powerful bender in their home element under the Avatar, and are able to keep balance by having visions shown through sleep and dreams and meditation. The spirit leader can communicate with the Spirit World and past lives and by doing so  is given the tools to help ease stress the Avatar may encounter. 17 years after the death of Avatar Aang, fire master Shizo receives a letter from Avatar Aang written before his death with the instructions to find this person and tell them of their lineage. Little does the world know that a certain Airbender is about to step in a world of knowledge as they help keep balance. In "Book 1 - Lineage", watch June discover his past, present, and future, during the time of the Anti-bending Revolution. As time passes and Amon falls and Korra continues her airbending training, June travels the world in search of answers and training.

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Spirit Leader

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Sisters of the Sunflower

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Spirit Sages

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Valley of Relics


Book 1

  • Korra: the Avatar after Aang. She is a hot-headed and rebellious young woman from the Southern Water Tribe, who is "ready to take on the world". She is June's best friend and makes him come out of his shell.
  • June: Son of Kya and grandson to Avatar Aang and fire master Shizo, June is the eldest airbending grandchild of Aang and Katara. He lives on Air Temple Island with his Uncle Tenzin, Aunt Pema and his four cousins. Although June knows a lot about the past, his grandmother, Shizo, feels he is destined for more and than airbending. He is Avatar Korra's oldest friend aside from Naga.
  • Shizo: Shizo is a firebender that settled down in the South Pole after the Hundred Year War, where she married a waterbender named Jetta. Shizo and Jetta's son married Avatar Aang's daughter and had 5 children. Shizo ran away from home three years prior to Aang's discovery in the iceberg. She was later found by Zuko and Iroh while she was trying to find the Avatar. After she ran away again, she met Aang and later joined his party to help put an end to the Hundred Year War.
  • Kaitomi: Kaitomi is the eldest son of Kya and Jetta, and is the eldest grandchild to Avatar Aang and Katara.
  • Aiyame: Aiyame is the second oldest out of the five children that Kya and Jetta have. She is a person of peace that keeps all of those that oppose world peace in check. She lives in Republic City and keeps a close watch on her younger brother June. Aiyame is a firebender, so she is trained in how to fight off enemies when needed.
  • Mako: a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. Mako always wears his signature red scarf that was once his father's, who was murdered along with his mother when he was a boy. He formed a pro-bending team with his brother and Hasook, but eventually, Avatar Korra joined the team and took the Waterbending position from Hasook. Mako, with the help of his teammates, was able to lead the team to second place in the championship. After the pro-bending matches were over, Mako joined Korra in her efforts to stop the Equalists. Sometime during the six months following the defeat of Amon and the end of the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako left the Fire Ferrets and became a policeman. Riding his motorcycle, he patrolled the streets of Republic City in order to apprehend criminals. In one instance, he chased a delivery truck with hostile waterbender thieves trying to evade him. After a lengthy chase which included a jump, he utilized a fire blast, which caused the truck to crash and flip over. He now helps Korra in anyway he can.
  • Bolin: Is an earthbender who, along with his brother, Mako, becomes friends with Korra. He shares a deep bond with his brother and keeps a fire ferret named Pabu. Bolin is enthusiastic and optimistic and, as a pro-bender, enjoys all the attention he receives from his female fans. Six months after the defeat of Amon and the end of the Anti-bending Revolution, Bolin became the new captain of the Fire Ferrets, following Mako and Korra's departure from the team. He struggled to motivate his new teammates. Shortly after the pep talk, all three were promptly defeated in a knockout moments after the starting bell, setting a new record for the fastest knockout in pro-bending history. He helps Korra and Mako and June in anyway he can.
  • Yukoda: Youngest son of Kya and a third generation waterbender. He lives in the Southern Water Tribe with his grandmother, Katara. He dreams of one day soon becoming a master like his brother. Yukoda is named after Katara's father Hakoda, and Princess Yue, former girlfriend of his uncle Sokka who became the Moon Spirit. Yukoda looks to June for guidance and understanding about the spiritual side to bending. Yukoda has a twin sister who is younger than him by 10 minutes. Now 16, he sets out with his older brother Kaitomi to search for the one that their grandfather mentioned.
  • Kana: Kana is a daughter to Kya and Jetta and is the youngest out of all her brothers. Kana is Yukoda's twin sister. Kana Left home at age twelve to work in the South Pole to become a waterbending master. She felt that her mother and grandmother's training was not enough, so she went to the Northern Water Tribe to learn more techniques and become a better bender. She looks up to June for confidence and wisdom when needed.
  • Katara: Katara married Aang and gave birth to three children; Kya, a waterbender, Bumi, a non-bender, and Tenzin, who was an airbender like his father. After training Avatar Korra she relaxed, she now enjoys spending time with her 9 grandchildren.
  • Jetta Jr.: Kya's husband, Jetta, is a general in the United Forces and is constantly away on world affairs. Jetta is also the son of fire master Shizo. Jetta is named after his father, Jetta Senior. Jetta married Kya and they had 5 children: Kaitomi and Aiyame, both firebenders, June, an airbender, and Yukoda and Kana, who are waterbenders.
  • Tenzin: the youngest son of Aang and Katara and an airbending master. A calm and serious man, he carries a great burden to protect not only Korra, but also Republic City. Tenzin resides on Air Temple Island with his wife, Pema, and his four children, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan, along with his nephew, June.
  • Minori: Minori was born on Kyoshi Island, where she trained to become a Kyoshi Warrior. During her early years, she was forced to go to earthbending training with her master, Pai long, who taught her how to use a style of earthbending called Mystic Earth. She later went to Republic City to learn how to metalbend from Lin Beifong. She stayed at the Air Temple while she trained and became good friends with June. She then went back to Kyoshi Island to finish her training and is now a Kyoshi Warrior.
  • Asami Sato: the only child of the former wealthy industrialist, Hiroshi Sato. Although a non-bender, when she discovered that her father was working with the Equalists and he invited her to join him, she stuck to her beliefs and turned against him. She has now become the new leader of Future Inc., planning to bring the company back to the peak of economic dominance and restore its reputation.
  • Haruko: Haruko's family abandoned her while they were out at a party one day. They left her and told her not to move from where she was standing. She stood there for three days, until Mirra came and took her to the Fire Nation. She is an earthbender that loves to help others in need. She moved back to Republic City and now has a secret crush on Yukoda.
  • Takuma: Born into a feud, Takuma's family was killed in Republic City's gang war. Never knowing what could have been, Takuma ran away to the Fire Nation at the age of 5, where he was taken in by Mirra, a woman who took care of children in Buton Village. Takuma moved back to Republic City on a whim and the dream of being a pro-bender, although he does have a secret crush on Kana, June's younger sister.


BOOK 1: Lineage

Chapter 1: The Letters

Chapter 2: The Reunion

Chapter 3: Family Gathering

Chapter 4: The Truth Hidden

Chapter 5: The Search Continues

Chapter 6: Journey to the Southern Air Temple

Chapter 7: The Valley

Chapter 8: Spirit Leader June

Chapter 9: The Spirit State

Chapter 10: Knowledge Training

BOOK 2: Knowledge

Chapter 1: The Glacier Spirit Festival

Chapter 2: Arrival of the Spirit Leader

Chapter 3: Turning Tides

Chapter 4: Guru Shamuua

Chapter 5: Neutral Parties

Chapter 6: Return To Republic City

Chapter 7: Threatening Forces

Chapter 7: Lunar Eclipse Part 1

Chapter 8: Lunar Eclipse Part 2

Chapter 8: The Battle in the Storm

Chapter 9: Jinora And June

Chapter 10: Bringing Balance

Chapter 11: Freedom

Chapter 12: Eternal Darkness 

Chapter 13: The Ultimate Choice

Chapter 14: The Choice of the Avatar

BOOK 3: Connections

BOOK 4: Hope

BOOK 5: Destiny


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