Episode 2- Encounters and messages: Join the tournament

SBA Tournament Arc


Once Team Avatar was back at their apartment, they were about to make some tea.

Katara opened up the cabinets to look for the ingredients needed to make it, but they were used up.

"Aang, can you run down to the market to buy some tea leaves?" she asked.

"Sure, Katara," he said with a smile. "I'll just put the tea kennel on the stove first." He knelt down and opened up a drawer with a shiny silver tea pot in it. For a moment, he observed the reflections that appeared on the shiney metal. Suddenly, he noticed something on the reflection of the window.

"Huh?" he wondered, and turned to the window to see if anyone was there, but there was nothing.

Aang just shrugged it off and went out the door, clomping down the stairs, and out the front door of the apartment building. Once he hopped off the curb and onto the street, he immediately became part of a river of people, flowing through the middle of town; cruising around and between buildings.

When Aang arrived at the market, he lingered near the herb/fruit and vegetable stands, trying to spot out the tea leaves. His eyes wandered from the right to the left. As they moved, Aang did a double-take, and looked back to a stand with light greenish leaves.

As he negotiated with the stand owner, he saw something from the corner of his eye. It was across the street and behind a stand; a person. By the time Aang glanced over at it, the person was gone.

"Did you see somebody behind that stand?" he asked the stand owner, pointing at where the person had once been.

The owner bit his lip, and shook his head slowly.

So Aang just went on his way up the street. He decided to take a detour and turned on an alley. It was dark and quiet.


Aang looked down to his left. There was a kunai sword sticking in the ground. Behind him was the person who was following him. It was a man with bandages on his arms and chest; he wore a gray long-sleeved shirt and had gray and black army pants and black boots.

Aand readied himself for an attack. "What do you want?"

The man crossed his arms and leaned his back on the wall of a building. "I just wanted to see you."

"For what?" Aang demanded.

The man shrugged and looked at the ground. "I just wanted to see..." he said, then eyed Aang, "your skills."

"My skills? For what?"

"I want to know, what is faster, you," he lifted his left sleeve up revealing a metal rectangular thing with many small holes, and then unraveled some of his bandages on his hand, revealing a larger gray hole, "or my sound."

He reached the hand out towards Aang, the fingers spread apart, and then suddenly, a gust of sound waves blew out of the hole and was coming towards Aang.

Aang immediately reacted by grabbing his staff, tapping it on the ground and the glider wings popped out, and then he shot up in the air before the waves hit him. As he was in midair, he took the glider and swung it, blowing air toward the man in gray. The man in gray jumped out of the way in a flash. He was fast, fast as sound.

"I see you use that glider to boost your air power," the man observed. "Very clever."

The man put the metal thing on his forearm in the direction of Aang. Then he blew air through the holes and the air came out of the hole in the direction of Aang. He could see the sound waves, but there was a low pitched hollow sound, and the waves weren't in a straight wind gust, they were in large circles.

Just as the waves were about to hit him, Aang moved his arms in a circular motion, redirecting the sound waves toward the man. The man barely saw it coming to him, he managed to jump to the side, but his legs were hit by the waves, and he plummited back to the end of the alley.

When the man in gray got back on his feet, a smirk was on his face. "You do have interesting skills, I say. You are certainly fit to enter the SBA tournament."

Aang's curiosity sprouted. "What is the SBA tournament?" But the man didn't answer. In a flash, he jumped up in the air at the speed of sound and started hopping building-to-building.

Before Aang left to go back, he glanced in the direction that the man left in, but he wasn't in sight.

He started walking back up the street to the apartment, not looking back.

The man was hiding on top of a building. Suddenly, there was a puff of smoke and Tsunade was there instead of the man.

"Transformation jutsu," she said. "Nobody expected it. Now I know that Aang and his team are fit for the tournament."

The next day, Team Avatar was in the living room with Hakoda.

"Today," he said, "Zuko and Sokka are going to be spending the day with Bato. Aang, Katara, and Toph will stay with me."

"Fine with me," Sokka said, laying back in a chair.

"Bato will be meeting you at the balcony of the Earthbending Academy. You should go there now."

Zuko and Sokka left.

"Now, I need to show you guys something," Hakoda said. He took the three application forms for the SBA tournament out.

"This might be hard to explain, so I'll just cut to the chase; I recommended you three for the SBA tournament, which stands for Shinobi Bender Alliance. It is a competition in the Hidden Leaf Village. It starts on May 1st at the Konaha NInja Academy. So you would need to fill out these application forms in order to compete. After you fill these forms out, we will leave tonight to travel to the Leaf Village."

"Woah, there!" Toph said. "Hidden Leaf Village? Konoha? What do you mean?"

"Well, when the world split up into seperate countries and learned their own techniques and skills, people went to a continent and they trained to be ninjas. They live a little farther away from the four bender nations, so our contact was lost. A scholar at Ba Sing Se University traveled there and we now have formed relations with the people of the continent. So fill these forms out and the day when we get to the Leaf Village, you will go send these in and register."

Hakoda passed out the forms and Katara, Aand, and Toph started reading them and filling them out.

Bato was with Sokka, Haru, and Zuko. He already explained the tournament to the boys, and he gave the forms to them. Sokka was hesitant of entering.

I don't have any powerful skills like bending, he thought. Then again, I am good at sword fighting, weaponry, and making battle plans, so I will enter.

Rin made it back to Kyoshi Island and had explained the tournament to her team also. It didn't take long for them to decide they wanted to enter. Ty lee was a skilled acrobat, hand-to-hand combat, and chi blocking. Suki was the leader and long time veteran of the Kyoshi Warriors. She had been training to be a warrior since she was eight and was skilled at hand-to-hand combat, traditional Kyoshi Warrior war fans, and the katana sword. As for Mai, she was skilled at throwing-weapons, such as stilettos, knives, and sai. She was also one of the first to fill out the form, it would give her even more to do before she would have to go back to her parents house in the Fire Nation.

Later that night, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Hakoda packed up their clothes and got on Appa. They would have a journey that would last through the night before they reached the Leaf Village the next morning.

Hakoda sat on Appa's head and graps the harnass.

"Appa, yip-yip!" he called, and they were off into the sky, flying east toward the Hidden Leaf Village.

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