'Episode 1- 'SBA Tournament, here we come!


It was a busy day in Ba Sing Se. There was a lot of hustle-and-bustle in the middle ring. Team Avatar, which included Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Zuko, were walking around with Hakoda, Katara and Sokka's dad. It had been a year since the end of the War, and the gang had all grown a year older. Aang and Toph were had turned 13; Katara was 15; Sokka was 16; Zuko, the oldest of the group, was 17.

After the end of the War, no big events had happened, and the team were enjoying themselves in the city. Even though no big events had happened, they still practiced their fighting skills. As they walked the streets of the middle ring, they came to a halt outside of an apartment building.

"Um, Dad?" Sokka said. "What are we doing here?"

"You have a list of odd jobs to do today, and right now, you need to help an old women find her cat," Hakoda answered.

The others just stared at him bug-eyed. "Aw, man," Toph said, "we haven't had any REAL action in a year! And you want us to find a cat for some old lady?"

Hakoda sighed. "I know that ever since the War ended, nothing exciting has happened. You guys want some action, but right now, that can't happen. Still, these odd jobs will be a good start for you."

Katara thought for a moment. "I guess your right, Dad. We can't go on some crazy adventure, but we do have a job available to us." She turned to her team-mates. "So who's with me? We got some work to do."

"Oh," said Hakoda, "and after you find the cat, go to the Ba Sing Se zoo to help clean up the habitats. When you're finished with that, I made some plans for you go to that place called Wu's restaurant to help wash the dishes in the kitchen. When you're done with all that, meet me at the Council of Five's meeting room."

Suddenly the front door of the apartment building opened, and out came a short old woman with white hair up in a bun, wearing a light green robe, and she had a little smile on her face.

"Hello, young folks," she greeted. "Are you here to help find my cat, Mr. Mittens? I think he might be at the the Ba Sing Se park and climbed up a tree."

Katara, who was usually polite to the elderly, such as Yugonda and Kanna, her grandmother, put a hand on the old woman's shoulder and smiled saying, "Don't worry, we'll find your cat and bring him back to you."

"Well, while you are doing your jobs, I'll be on my way," said Hakoda, and began walking down the street.

At the Ba Sing Se park, Team Avatar started walking along, looking at the trees to see if there was a cat. Suddenly, there was a meooow sound. They all turned to where the sound was. It was coming from a large old tree, and up high, there was a small animal. They had found Mr. Mittens. He was an orange and white tabby cat. He was on top of a high branch and had his claws hanging onto the bark.

"Here, Kitty-kitty-kitty," Aang called up. He took out his bison whistle and blew through it. Mr. Mittens still didn't come down.

"Coaxing doesn't work, so we'll physically have to get him down."

Katara thought for a moment. "I know what to do!" she said. She started plantbending, moving the water inside the tree, and the branch started bending down to the ground. But about half-way there, Mr. Mittens yelped and jumped off the branch, falling.

"I got him!" Aang cried. He quickly formed an air ball and pushed it up in the air. The cat landed on it, and Aang guided the ball back to the ground.

"Okay, we got the cat now," Toph said, "so let's pick up the pace and go clean up elephant poop and scrub food grime off of dishes."

Hakoda walked into the Council of Five's room. The council of five wasn't there, but instead, the newly re-ascended Earth King Kuei, Iroh, a woman with dark brown eyes and long black hair called Rin, Bato, Tyro, and a young-looking blonde haired woman named Tsunade. He sat down and said, "What is this meeting about?"

Kuei said, "This is Tsunade, the fifth hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village."

Hakoda looked puzzled. "Hidden Leaf Village? What do you mean?"

"Well, two months ago, a professor from Ba Sing Se university went on a journey, when they discovered that there was a continent of people. He met them and learned about how there were hidden villages that had shinobi, also known as ninjas. They didn't use bending, but had skills called jutsu. We think that long ago when the world split up and discovered their own techniques, that people traveled far away and developed ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. Since that visit, we have developed relations with them."

"And we've decided to strengthen our relations and learn more about each other by having a tournament," Tsunade added.

"What's this tournament called?" Hakoda asked.

"The SBA tournament. It stands for the Shinobi Bender Alliance. Now I'll tell you how this works. Teams of three people can enter, and each of the teams can have one sensei. I am aware that the bender world doesn't make teams, so you will be able to organize your own. Do you recommend three young people?"

"Yeah, if it is teams of three, then I recommend Avatar Aang, Katara of the Southern Water Tribe, and Toph BeiFong."

Rin said, "I would recommend Suki of Kyoshi Island, Ty lee of the Fire Nation, and Mai of the Fire Nation."

Iroh thought for a moment. "I would recomment my nephew Zuko, but I am not a warrior since I am old."

Tyro said, "My son Haru is a skilled earthbender, but I am a little old myself, and wouldn't be able to be physically active with him."

"I would recommend Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe," said Bato. "And since Iroh and Tyro can't be active, I'll take Zuko and Haru for them."

Tsunade had a satisfied look on her face. "So then it's official. Hakoda, you will be the sensei of Aang, Katara, and Toph. Rin, you are the sensei for Ty lee, Mai, and Suki. And Bato, you are Sokka, Zuko, and Haru's sensei."

"When does the tournament start?" Hakoda asked. "And when would the teams have to leave?"

"The tournament starts in 7 days, on May 1st. You should probably leave sometime this week, so when you arrive at the Hidden Leaf Village, you will get to settle down at an apartment. You all will need to give each of your students the application form for them to fill out."

Tsunade began to pass out the application forms, three to each of the senseis.

"Now," she said, with her arms crossed, "you can go, but remember that the tournament is on May 1st in the Hidden Leaf village. You will take your team to the Konoha Ninja Academy for registration, where you will turn your applications in. The tournament will begin with an exam. This is all the information that you need to know so far."

Hakoda and the others left the meeting. Since Team Avatar hadn't gotten back yet, he sat down on the curb and waited for them to arrive. He thought about the meeting; how there actually was a continent of other countries on the other side of the earth; the tournament.

After he was finished thinking about all of that, he just watched the traffic go past him for about three minutes. Then Team Avatar comes walking up the street to him.

"Hey, you finished?" he asked them.

"Yeah," they all said together. "Surprisingly," Toph said, "the Ba Sing See Zoo wasn't that filthy. We didn't have to clean elephant poop up afterall. We were just filling the habitats up with food and water." Katara added, "And it was pretty easy to clean the dishes at Wu's. I waterbended some soapy water around the dishes to get them clean. Then I took all the water away and it was completely dry."

"So the odd jobs were pretty much a snap, right?"


"Then let's get back to the apartment, shall we?"

Maybe I should just tell them about the tournament right now, Hakoda thought. But then again, maybe I should wait until tomorrow when I give the application forms to them. Yeah that's what I'll do.

Nobody on Team Avatar was aware of this, but as they walked back home, a mysterious figure, crouching on top of a building up above, was watching them.

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